Doctrine Does Come Before Mercy

With his most recent piece of rubbish, that “doctrine does not come before mercy”, Francis has once again showed what an ignorant ass he is.

Of course doctrine comes before mercy. Doctrine tells us what (real) mercy is, how it is recognised, and how it is properly exercised.

To admit that there be a mercy that does not depend on doctrine is tantamount to say that everyone can define mercy his own way, and put it in contrast with doctrine. This is, then, exactly like saying that everyone can make his own religion as he goes along, which is what this cretin is doing.

Catholicism is based on immutable truths, not feelings. We instruct ourselves in the proper way of understanding truth. Doctrine is nothing more than taught truth. Everything is understood in its light, because everything is understood in the light of that immutable truth which doctrine, as the word itself says, teaches. Doctrine, not Mercy, tells me what the place of properly intended mercy is. It tells me, in fact, what is real and false mercy.

What an embarrassingly ignorant, stupid pope we have.



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  1. Not sure where he’s getting these ideas from. The big question is, why did God allow this man to be voted pope? and, what conservative cardinals are there that could be elected pope in future?

  2. Final judgment??? – Sheer nonsense.

    There will be no judgment any more, I am dissolving the so called justice system. Mercy comes before the law, so all you rigid legalistic lawyers and judges and accused and alleged victims of crimes – go home (or to the beach) and have fun! [Try to emit minimal CO2 as you are at it, or there will be eternal condemnation.]

    Sadness is un-Christian-like and I pronounce it illegal. Joy is obligatory.

    So say I, the humblest and mercifullest, who humbly discovered mercy in its proper meaning. It is I who humbly defines all concepts and all rules. 2+2 equals 5, freedom is slavery, holiness is judgemntalism, censorship is open dialogue, persecution is love, obedience to God is rigidity,

    disobedience to me is Crime. For. Which. There. Can. Not. Be. Any. Mercy.

    Have I said? – Stupidity is wisdom. Pope is Evil Clown.

  3. I’m totally enjoying your papal commentary. It mirrors my own conclusions and sentiments and I’m sure, many others.
    Please Lord, deliver us from this man and his friends soon!

  4. Doctrine always comes before praxis, even for Francis. His doctrines just are heresies, so it follows his “mercy” also is heretical.

  5. May the Almighty bring this horrible pontificate to a “merciful” end.

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