The Truth About Sodomy (Graphic!)

“We shouldn’t obsess about homosexuality!”


Via the always interesting (even if not always agreed with) Barnhardt blog, a shocking story about the real world of sodomy; courtesy of Joseph Sciambra, a former sodomite willing to expose the astonishingly sordid world of those people whom the world calls, utterly madly, “gay”.  

Some preliminary considerations are in order. Whilst I do not doubt Mr Sciambra’s good faith and sincere repentance, I must warn my readers that they are not reading an orthodox Catholic. The word “gay” is used profusely – not in the sense of the dictionary -, and the subtext of the story is an attempt of explanation of “what made him do it” which has only one answer: Satan. Whilst Mr Sciambra reaches the same conclusion in the end as also showed by his comments and other writings, do not expect the same clarity of thinking and writing you find in Catholic blogs. 

And now to the matter itself. 

I obviously leave it to you whether you want to follow the link and immerse yourself in the description of the – literally – hell on earth lived by those people. The warning I give you is that the most disgusting thing I had ever heard about these people until now – the hospitals in London receiving every day dozen of perverts with things stuck in their rectum, things they cannot take away anymore – literally pales in comparison to the utter filth, depravity, de-humanised and satanical dirt, disease, self-hurt of all sorts going on in the life of what appears to be a fairly “average” – as the world nowadays says – “gay man”.

It is a scale of depravity I could not even imagine, and I think it a blessing that I do not know many of the medical terms or diseases described and was, therefore, spared from the most disturbing imagery. The comments at the end of the post – and the many references throughout the text of the many other people having the same medical issues, and therefore the same practices, as the author –  will also leave you in no doubt that this is not an “extreme” situation, at all.

Still, I think that you should read this. It will never go away, and it will provide you with much stronger ammunition next time you hear your relatives or acquaintances talk about “the gays” as if it was something so very normal and “in” today.

It is time that the utter filth of this satanic perversion is showed to the world for what it is, rather than as the kind of “parallel normalcy” the BBC et alia want you to believe. 

Let’s take sanity back: for the love of God, for our generation, and for the following ones. 

I was always disgusted by sodomy at a normal, sane, common sense level. But even I would have never imagined that the filth would ever reach anywhere near the level of which I have read in the linked text. 

The stupid West must know the truth; and, with God’s grace, the truth will set it free. 


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  1. I am medical. When the AIDS epidemic dawned in the 80s I read accounts of the “gay” scene in San Francisco as the epidemiology (how it was spread) of the disease was described. Truly stunning and unforgettable. Human depravity as close to hell on earth as anything imaginable.

    Dolce and Gabbana are two fashion designer sodomites who themselves are purportedly stunned that society has enshrined the rearing of children by couples such as themselves. They know.

    So many fag hags out there rallying for same sex “marriage”. Ann is doing much to stem the insanity. Much more needs to be done. That our clergy is infiltrated with sodomites is terrifying to contemplate.

  2. We are all corrupted, every one, though we try personally to live apart from the world, we’re in it, and there are times we must even be immersed in it. Heaven is the only place where we will find the peaceful home that has no corruption, please God, let us see that day.
    So I usually avoid reading anything smarmy or nasty, it has a negative impact on me I know, and I do not want graphic images that disgust floating around in my cranium.
    But that article must be widely read. The battle for souls that is reaching such pitch largely includes the topic of homosexuality, and too many people have an erroneous romantic idea in their head that by just removing the woman or man from the pairing, and inserting someone of the same sex, they are not making much of an adjustment to the reality. It is “still love” and “who am I to tell someone who they can LOVE..”. All Satanic lies, and the only way to counter that is to have more and more people READ the description of the, as you rightly say, filthy, practices of homosexuals, how utterly debased they are, how dangerous to the soul and body, how it leaves the man, in this case, lower than the animals, as even animals do not project their naked rear ends so that they may copulate with anything that may come along. It is an obviously diabolical distortion and a sick obsession where one is trying desperately to make a masculine connection to, perhaps, themselves or their own fathers.
    The more people who understand the reality of the homosexual life, the more people will stop thinking of it as just another love choice, which after reading this, it clearly is not.
    God help the people involved in this practice. To think we are encouraging our young people to accept this and throw away their lives and souls in it. Dear God!

  3. Appreciated for a very educational article which is detailing into the deep core of mental sickness of those coprophilic people. God has begun to revenge, starting with high hierarchical sodomites in the Catholic Church.

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