The Usual Suspect

Keyser Soeze was about to “come out”

Kevin Spacey, accused to have molested a 14 years old boy with the clear intent of having sex with him, has decided to, as they say in these disgraceful times, “come out”, which to you and me means “to admit publicly he is a pervert”.

This must have been, in Spacey’s calculation, something similar to Harvey Weinstein’s pathetic and bizarre announcemen the would dedicate his energies to fighting the NRA

in the same way as Weinstein was saying “I am a full-fledged liberal, therefore you should side with me”, Spacey is saying “I officially belong to a more protected species than the Panda, therefore you should leave me alone”. Alas, it did not work, as even the perverts are angry he only “came out” when the entire world knows the new celebrity perv is somethign closely resembling a paedo.

And this is, in fact, the main news that no one mention.

Whenever a paedophile story comes out, the usual suspect (pun intended) is a homosexual.

The brutal facts, confirmed by reality again and again but conveniently ignored by the media, is that whilst not all homos are paedophiles, almost all paedophiles are homos. We have seen this in the countless example of the homosexual paedophile priests scandal, which alone constitutes a huge statistical basis, and we keep seeing it happening day in and day out.

Also, we see here the very thin boundary that runs between the paedophile perversion and the ephebophilia typical of many homos (including Oscar Wilde and Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky). These people likes their males very young, and Spacey is obviously like them.

The man who accuses him was 14 at the time, and at that age one can be from (in rare cases) grown man to, actually, almost a child. We don’t know the details, but I can imagine Spacey has other skeletons in the closet as this episodes is some 30 years old and, as in the case of Weinstein, the dams might be about to break.

Behold, world.

Once again, the quasi-paedo harasser is a homo. Really, they are the usual suspects.

Will you ever learn?







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  1. Of course. perversion and so the perverts cannot stop at one level.
    It’s like a circle on the water, caused by cast stone, which spreads more and more until it breaks down. And so become completely destroyed.
    Not surprisingly, the same goes for their human glory, which celebrities so much love, and the foolish ungodly world feeds them with their own addicted stupidity.

  2. My beloved Mundabor, you are a riot (Panda crack) and dead-on accurate. Keep up the insightful reporting. Thank you.

  3. Who is more likely to engage in sexual depravity – a person who believes that sex is meant to be procreative or one who believes that sex is for pleasure? It is logical that sodomites would tend to be more open-minded, so to speak. What kind of reasoning would convince a connoisseur of anal activities that animals, silicon dolls or children should be out of bounds? Sex to them is not procreative, it is to give them pleasure. This is precisely why sodomites teach young children about the importance of giving consent (legal considerations). This is what sex ed means – normalize self-abuse and abuse of others.

  4. Who here is surprised by this news about Kevin Spacey? I wasn’t. I didn’t know he was a homosexual either.

    I think I have only seen him in one role in the movie “Pay it Forward”. He was the only character who I didn’t like and didn’t seem believable. He never seemed “quite right”.

    Now I know why I felt that way. I do mean “felt”. I try to “think” everything through but mostly I just know when something is wrong with certain people, just as my “spidey-sense” goes off when I hear heresy spouted off from the pulpit. My daughter has an even better sense of people. Where I sense something is off, she knows there is a problem. I’ve learned to trust her read on people.

    There was one time we attended Mass at our parish and we had a guest priest. He seemed “too handsome” and a bit strange. I couldn’t figure it out the issue through out Mass. My daughter thought something was very wrong wth him. The next day I read a local blog post with links to newspaper articles about how several months before he had been arrested for exposing himself in a public park in a city, one hour to the north, in an effort for homosexual encounters. Apparently he used the “usual” method of striking up a “relationship” and someone called the cops. The Archbishop had felt that after several months things were better now and sent him back out into unsuspecting parishes. He still lives at the Cathedral.

  5. It is pederasty, which is part and parcel of the homosexual life for many. The John Jay Study which revealed that 81% of the sexual abuse victims of Catholic priests were/are boys aged around 11 to 17 years old. This is not pedophilia, this is homosexual predation on young males, and this has been going on since, forever, but to see the numbers of victims of Roman Catholic priests is beyond disheartening. Homosexual men like em young, and I have seen the photo of the victim and in this case, he must have appeared to be 9, judging by the size of him now. This vile, perverted, and disgusting predilection for little boys and young men can only be termed sick and Satanic. Hollywood is full of these stories, and it is hoped they all come out.
    Wanda Sykes (lesbian) and Rosie O’Donnell (lesbian) both “condemned” his timing. I doubt very much they will condemn his sexual assault on a young boy, because that would be a first for the gay community, which cannot distance itself from a practice that is full on part and parcel of behavior. That would be to have a standard of moral behavior, a moral code, and the only moral code in place right now is, whatever you do or want to do is alright with them, just don’t criticize homosexuals.
    I know I have stated this here before, but it bears repeating. For heaven’s sake, if this culture does not condemn and do something about the sexual abuse of young boys by men, then it would be better if God sends a meteor and let’s get it over, we’re too evil to continue. It is unimaginable, that our church has done next to nothing about this ongoing horror, that has destroyed so many boys and men so early in life. God help girls AND boys today, it is open season on children.

  6. ilovevictoriasbows

    Headline – Daily Mail
    ‘Kevin Spacey’s father was ‘Nazi child rapist’ who hated Jews and sexually abused his own son for years – and their mother knew, claims actor’s brother’
    Headline – They’re Not Born That Way

  7. Those sodomites if the had chances they would rape young children. This intrinsic evil acts make children cried out to God for revenging and now God has exposed all faggots and pedo rings in Hollywood, government and Catholic Church to save children. God is doing wondrous things.

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