Will This Endless, Pathetic Meowing Ever Stop?

I could not trust my eyes as I first saw that Cardinal Brandmueller has given another interview about the Dubia.

Seriously, can you believe this guy?

I have not paid the man the compliment of reading further once I realised what the Cardinal has not done: officially correct the Pope and demand that he retracts or faces the call for a council meant to depose him. But I have perused the article in order to be sure that the correction is not contained therein. I intend to treat every future interview from either him or the other still living kitten in exactly the same way. It's more attention that they deserve.

At this point, it seems fair to me to say that Cardinal Brandmueller is quite happy with his actual position: trying to pose as the orthodox guy and trying to live the rest of his life getting as much press exposure as he can out of his ridiculous, unanswered, half-baked attempt at orthodoxy, even as he has no intention of doing the only thing that would justify him approaching a journalist. He is, truly, like the man who wetted his lips and never whistled, but wants to be praised for his whistling courage anyway.

This behaviour is extremely vain. Vain and shameless. Vain, shameless, and utterly inexcusable.

The Cardinal should, once it is clear that even at his age he is too cowardly to really do anything, at least have the decency to shut the Francis up and live the probably short rest of his life in shame, rather than seeking publicity as if he was a star of conservative Catholicism or even a halfway decent Prelate.

Such a cowardice, and such a vanity, and at such age.

Really, it is no surprise that this disgraceful V II generation has led us to utter chaos.



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  1. Maike Hickson pandering to this elderly inert prelate made me yawn. I didn’t bother to read the article. How much wretched pablum can some consume?

  2. If he did, if he called a council, what makes us think they will depose Bergoglio? The mess makers in the Vatican, the hippie priests ordained in the 60s, the liberation theologists, other enemies within, they don’t want Bergoglio out. They want his chaos and reform, they won’t depose him.

    • Perfectly useless question.
      It is fitting, for the sake of the Truth and of the record, that such a council be called for.
      Let then the coming years and centuries judge those who did not act on this, and praise those who kept faithful and asked from others the same faithfulness.

  3. I suppose I am ‘old’. I cannot continue to read all of the handwringing websites with interest. I am realizing that for now, at least this winter, I just need to read yours and a couple of other websites (some news sites and some funny analyses of the news), while mainly reading the encyclicals and writings that have been pertinent forever. I just don’t have the patience for the drama.

    • Actually you are right, and I should do the same myself. However, I keep dealing with this rubbish because I hope that it will encourage other people to open their eyes.m

      But you are right, the time spent reading Burke and Brandmueller, and many others including the Evil Cliwn, is a total waste.

    • M, I hope you continue to read them! I count on your analysis! 😉

  4. Amen, Mandator! Keep fighting the good fight. Yours is one of the few columns I continue to read. May our Infant King bless you abundantly in the new year.

  5. So sorry about the misspelling of your name. Darn spell-check!

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