Red FrancisChurch Is The Work Of The Devil

First of all, some historical perspective.

The ingerence of the secular power in the appointment of bishops is not new. Everyone who remembers his history lessons at school knows that for several centuries political power (and particularly the Sacred Roman Empire) proceeded to appoint bishops either without opposition from Rome, or with Rome's collaboration. If memory serves, the famous episode of Canossa relates, in fact, to this very question.

Coming to more recent times, we know that the Austro-Hungarian Empire (the last successor of the Sacred Roman Empire of the Germanic Nation) had a one-time “veto right” on the appointment of a Pope until that Empire lasted.

If we look at today, we know that in Countries like Germany the appointment of at least certain Bishops still requires – again, if memory serves – the seal of approval of German political authorities.

In short, it's not that either bishops are appointed by the Pope without any external influence, or the Church is dying/a fraud/not indefectible, etc.

However, what is happening in China is something completely different from the above mentioned situation.

Here, we have a communist government trying to create its own, domesticated, pro-regime church, and we see with astonishment the Vatican, literally, siding with the devil, accepting his candidates and asking orthodox bishops of the Catholic Church to step down and make place for regime puppets.

The deeply Christian countries of Europe could found their power in the appointment of bishop with the deeply Christian mission with which they felt, and were, entrusted. The Habsburgs had their veto right in consequence of their unimpeachable tradition as defenders of the faith. Even the German rules – possibly applicable in other Countries – certainly never had the purpose of allowing a Communist government to control the Church of that Country!

What is happening in China goes beyond the realm of the mediocre political decision, and clearly enters the realm of the satanical. It is not only the scale of the Country, but the ideology governing it that makes it so: an officially atheist hierarchy should have the say in appointing Christ's bishops! Again, this is beyond merely insane.

This is, once again, Francis working for Satan. Once again, the man shows his hatred for the Church by demolishing everything Catholic every time he can. The idea of defending Catholic thinking is so extraneous to him that even giving a Communist regime a huge influence over the Church in China does not faze him at all.

Satan is the Father of Lies. Francis is a petty liar. They seem to work well together.





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  1. How about an “UN-officially atheist hierarchy having the say in appointing Christ’s bishops.” Wurel? Cupich? Tobin?

  2. By siding with the state, he supports forced abortion, torture and murder of dissidents. Oh, he loves the people so! He wants us to believe that it is what Jesus Christ wants – unity. The same man Bergoglio gives each individual conscience unprecedented powers to decide on what is objectively right and wrong.

    It is clear – And individual conscience rules, when it serves the agenda of Bergoglio, which is normalization and even celebration of heresy, blasphemy, adultery and sodomy. At the exact same time, the state rules and overrides individual conscience and even the right to live, when it serves the agenda of Berogoglio, which is an impossible unity with mortal enemy.

    The overriding agenda is unity of all with all, a oneness. There is no bigger offense than opposing Beroglio’s/UN’s salvific plan for the earth and all species on it.

  3. He gives in and goes along with every enemy of Christ and yet refuses to give an inch to Tradition. Now we know who his true enemy is…now we know where Christ is:+) God bless~

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