Jesus is Not A SJW

Satan is diligently at work here, too….


Today I would like to spread some sober world in the sugary, effeminate, extremely dumb world of FrancisChurch. It won’t be pretty. 

Too many believe – and believed even before Francis; but I think they do more aggressively now – that suffering poverty or injustice opens the gate of heaven. This is utterly and completely wrong. 

The world wants you to think that Jesus is a Social Justice Warrior, utterly enraged by the lack of minimum wage, socialised health care and cradle-to-grave, all-around, taxpayer-sponsored pampering. As to those born in poor regions of the world, they are clearly saints in the making and if they rebel to injustice – real or perceived – in a Liberation Theology way we shouldn’t dare to even judge them, because (cough) White Privilege.

Poor, deluded souls, the ones and the others. 

Now here’s a sobering though for you: the Peruvian peasant born in poverty in the Andes and dying in Communist hatred against the world goes to hell just like the wealthy, refined socialite in New York dying in his unbelief after a life of smug, and extremely comfortable,  Veuve Clicquot-sipping. It may well be that God, in His Goodness, will make the first suffer less than the second; but no amount of injustice will justify, ever, death in enmity with Christ.

God gives sufficient graces to everyone to die at peace with Him and – collaborating with His Grace – merit Paradise. The outer circumstances of one’s life never prevent his inner life to bring his soul to the eternal destination antecedently desired for her. But those who refuse to collaborate with God’s Grace and die in opposition to them must – mind this word again, and dwell on it – be punished with the ultimate punishment and be, subsequently, damned, because a good God does not allow excuses for those who reject Him.

So there we are: a shit life in a shithole*, lived in hatred, and followed by an eternity in a much shittier shithole*, and a much hotter one at that.

Take heed, obese social justice warriors, angry shithole* peasant, and effeminate socialite bishops.

 You have been warned. 


* © Donald J Trump, 2018

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  1. IF we take up our cross, (being destitute, wearing a hair shirt, a crappy job to support your family, poor health, dying painfully, etc.) and follow Christ, offering up these sufferings for the the reparation of our sins and the glory of God, then we too may share in his glory.

    Suffering these things and “being good” by THEMSELVES are not enough. We must do them in God’s name. I’ve had several arguments with extended family members who try to argue that people who deny God, but do good will go to Heaven.

    • The problem is, goodness is defined exclusively by God.
      The “atheist missionary” is still atheist. His “good” is directed away from the Good. His “charity” is mere sentimentalism.
      You are utterly right.
      Your relatives should read this blog more often… 😉

  2. Amen. We are all broken, and but for the saving grace of Christ, damned.

  3. Nicholas Mitchell

    I agree completely and unreservedly of course…it is after all Catholic teaching. One aspect which I admit confuses me is this: how will the eternal destinies differ of two faithful Catholics who both die in a state of grace, the one who lead a life of poverty and suffering, the other a carefree life of wealth and ease? I suppose rewards in heaven do differ and assuming that both die in a state of grace, the sufferings and merits of both would be weighed by God in allotting their reward. At first glance it seems “unfair” in human terms that one can enjoy the best of both worlds….luxury, ease, good health, etc…and heaven just as much as one whose life on earth was unremitting misery (all other things being equal of course). But now I’m sounding leftist so please shoot me….rest assured I am no socialist. I think if one cannot afford something one must do without; in our country we look with horror on the concept of free healthcare, schooling, the dole…charity not taxes must take care of these…but I guess sentimentalism gets to all of ud. God owes us nothing. Zip. Zilch. He could damn us on a whim. “Fairness” is a liberal concept. God rewards those whom He chooses and deprives others as He wills and neither need have any bearing on our heaven or hell. This pains the latent sentimental in me…wanting those with a privileged life to die in mortal sin, or consoling myself that anyway 99% are damned anyway, rich or poor.

    • You are, it seems to me, in the middle between a Catholic conscience and the pollution coming from the socialist world.
      God in His providence has decided that I be born poor, and another rich. I do not have, in virtue of my poverty, any special privilege compared to the rich one; to think so is to think that riches are something one must pay with something else, like less blessing in heaven. But God distributes this according to His plan just as all the rest: beauty, intelligence, inventiveness, and so on.
      God has made everything in the proper way, and in such a way that I am born in the circumstances He has providentially destined for me. And if I, collaborating with His Grace, become a Billionaire, then again it is His Grace that I will praise first, and consider my effort merely the way He allows me – a grace even that – to collaborate in the unmerited wealth he wants to give me.

      Besides, every finite good is infinitely small compared to the infinite good of eternal life. It all sinks into irrelevance. In paradise, you would be thankful for every day of destitution on earth .

  4. Nicholas Mitchell

    Mundabor, I am not defending socialism. I am a full-blooded capitalist. The rich are entitled to their riches even if they were received by accident of birth. I despise the UK NHS and welfare state. If you cannot pay for it (healthcare, schooling etc) you cannot have it at least not from the state. You must hope for charity. I am middle class but I feel a tad sorry for pious Catholics living homeless in grinding poverty without the price of a meal or a roof over their heads. This may be a foreign concept in the West where surely you are poor through your own fault only but this is not the case elsewhere and in a Catholic state of course the good will of the rich (out of charity NOT justice) is the only legitimate source of relief. Perhaps you took exception to my discomfort that two pious Catholics -one rich through luck, birth, etc. and carefree, the other through no fault of their own living a life of pain, poverty and misery, will get to equal heavens equally quickly. Sure, finite misery is nothing compared to eternal bliss…but the human mindset is that seems unfair. I wonder how you or I would fare if our fortunes were reversed, we were reduced to abject poverty and pain, but knew there was no redemptive value at all in these sufferings…that a man of leisure and good health and wealth who was also a devout Catholic would get to the same heaven but with far less effort. But then God isn’t about fairness. And speaking ill of the rich is almost a hallmark of a socialist – all I can say is I believe in capitalism, despise any form of welfare state (including all post-1945 UK forms) and am second to none in my contempt for Pope Bergoglio!

    • Please short messages.
      You should reread my message again.
      The poor going to heaven will be grateful for every day of poverty suffered in charity, which helped him to – by God’s grace – merit hell.

      The poor who has no charity ends up in hell anyway.
      Being poor does not entitled anyone, ceteris paribus, to a better treatment than the rich.

  5. I have been reading your exchange with Nicholas with interest. For myself, Christ’s words, “More is expected to whom more is given” answers the seeming paradox. Yes, it’s wonderful to have riches but along with that comes a responsibility to help others less fortunate – a duty the poor have to a much lesser extent due to their straightened circumstances. I believe Jesus will say to the wealthy, “I blessed you with great wealth. Let’s see what you did with it” and the answer to that question will be a factor in whether you merit heaven or hell.

    • I agree.
      We will be asked what we have done with the graces given to us. But this will be just as true of the poor and the graces given to him.
      Life can’t be reduced to money.

  6. Of course, Mundabor is quite correct that the poor man can fail to save his souls, as can a rich man. However, when it comes to the argument regarding the duties of State, socialism and capitalism, one can do no better than reading the encyclical of Pope Leo XIII, Rerum Novarum. The State should always have the common good, in line with the teaching of the Church, as its ultimate reason of existence. An overbearing State, Socialism and over bridled capitalism has no place in a just Catholic society.
    I have heard that Pope Benedict believes that he is dying. The thought of Pope Francis carrying on dismantling the teaching of the Church and inflicting his secular, socialist agenda much longer, sends shivers down ones spine. It is a pity that he does not digest the wise words of Pope Leo or study Scripture. Let us pray with all our heart for a faithful and wise pope to reverse this Pope’s unrelenting attack on the Church. ASAP!

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