Drowning In Its Own … (No, It’s Not “Tears”)

Five years later, there can be no doubt that Francis’ papacy is drowning in its own excrement. It is not only that the continued heresy has now reached the mainstream, in such a way that whatever new “innovation” Francis tries to introduce is now doomed to failure from the start. It is not even the astonishing incompetence of the people Francis has around him – as the very recent “lettergate” abundantly shows -. It is, finally, not necessarily the scandal of the 25 million USD (boy, this is a heck if a lot of black shoes…) Francis wanted to rob from the Papal Foundation in order to give them to a shady institution with a criminal past.


The best indication that Francis’ Papacy is drowning in its own excrement is the tacit admission of the fact from the Vatican press office.

What kind of Pope needs external validation from other senior clergy? When has a Pope ever felt it necessary to support his reputation on the (true or assumed) integrity and prestige of other members of the Church hierarchy? Who does he think he is, the Prime Minister of TinPotLandia?

Certainly, the head of government of a small European State will draw prestige from being received at the White House, because the receiving institution is so much more prestigious and powerful than the received one. But a Pope has no earthly equivalent. If his reputation is in tatters, he is completely screwed. Not even a former or emeritus Pontiff can save him, because when a Pope is drowning the vortex is so strong that it will swallow even a pontiff emeritus!

It must be so, because Popes don’t become as impresentable as Francis is merely because they lack sense of humour, or are not photogenic, or are not good at making little children smile. They can only become so hated because they are heretics, and at that point there is no emeritus on earth that can save their papacy.

Francis is exactly there: to the point where his papacy has become a pretty vulgar joke, and the panic is clearly – if, again, tacitly – admitted by the same Vatican office that should protect his reputation.

For those, like me, who have been observing the public perception of this Pontificate as a direct indication of the harm it can cause, the latest implosions of these multiple-catastrophe pontificate are a source of great satisfaction and a moderate source of hope for the future: then the more this pontificate drowns in its own excrement, the more probable it is that the Cardinals in the next conclave, cowardly and corrupt as they all are, gather all together and shout , as loud as they can:

“never again!”


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  1. sixlittlerabbits

    St. Joseph, pray for the Church on your feast day and every day. Yes, it’s a good sign that Francis is aware of and complains about his justly earned “bad press.”

  2. Marco Pernechele

    I’ll be immensely happy if in the next conclave the Cardinals will shout ” never again! ” ,as you wrote , but something ( my sensus fidei ? ) suggests me that this won’t happen. Am I too pessimist(ic) ?

  3. But hopefully not, “Who can do the same but do it with more finesse!”.

  4. He is ‘running scared’. He knows that he wouldn’t ever have been elected if they had known what an idiot he is. They wanted a ‘quiet revolution’ and they got the noisiest, nastiest, crudest one imaginable which is obvious to all real Catholics (though it took a very long time for some to admit it). Now his supporters are evidently expressing dissatisfaction (there was a report that some ‘senior cardinal’ was heard shouting at him, ‘You were supposed to reform the Church not destroy it’.) I can believe this.

  5. Thanks God for cleaning house. Remember Francis and his minions were chosen by the dark prince due to their idiocy that is quite easy to control and manipulated. Priests with brain and solid faith don’t join evil Illuminati group, never allow Hell enslaves them and put total trust on Jesus who will lead His Church to victory.

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