Upside Down

It is funny, in a tragic sort of way, to think of the paradoxes of our time.

We are living an age in which the entire civil society all over Western Europe is, confusedly but still noticeably, starting to pay attention to its Christian heritage even as the Pope and the Vatican try to Islamise the European Continent.

We are witnessing an aggressive push to counter abortion in the US, and possibly get rid of it altogether, even as the sitting Pope tells us not to obsess about abortion.

We are witnessing a Pope calling unchristian what Christians of all ages have done – building walls to defend their boundaries and control entry – even as he lives surrounded by walls bearing the name of a Pope.

We live in an age of absurdity, in which the Holy Church is now disfigured, though obviously not destroyed by sixty years of sodomy and appeasement, and reduced to the biggest planetary force for Socialism, even as countries like Veneuela are ravaged by the same stupidity propagated by the Pope, for everyone to see.

The irony is in this: that the strong Church of the past could change the course of history, start Crusades, stop the Ottomans, shape the West; whilst the homo church of today barely manages to keep her sodopredator cardinals out of jail, and actually only achieves the result of getting people to go against her newly found socialist and environmental ideology.

The sodomites inside the Church push her towards a secular, worldly understanding of life. But the world rejects her. Actually, it slowly moves in the opposite direction, towards those very values she does not protect or even condemns: defence of life in the US, defence of Christian heritage in Europe.

What tragic, utter failure. But what glorious, small ray of hope we see coming from the US and from parts of Europe, firmly decided to March in the opposite direction of a Pope they can, and rightly so, only despise.

In an upside down world, many are learning to stand for decency on their own foot; slowly and confusedly for sure, but without even the help of those who should help them most.

Pray for the recovery of sanity within the Church. When we have that, we will be unstoppable.



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  1. Papa Francisco is the MASTER of reverse psychology. Trump plays 3 dimensional chess (which, actually, he does…very well thank you: Merkel and May are on their last legs and Trudeau is tottering)? HA! Bergoglio plays 4 dimensional chess with one hand tied behind his back. Most brilliant Pope EVAH!

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