Good Riddance, Weekly Standard

The prominent nevertrumper rag, The Weekly Standard, has finally gone from “failing” to “failed”, and not a day too soon.

Whilst the entire MSM apparatus is suffering, damaged by the growing desire of the readership to actually not be manipulated into doing the bidding of a bunch of cuckolds interested only in looking good in their own social circle, the obvious betrayal of everything that is decent cost the Weekly Standard their own hide.

Make no mistake: the most prominent faces associated with the rag, like the insufferable Bill Kristol, will keep prospering as they sell themselves to leftist outlets to play the part of the “conservative”. However, their “conservative ” credentials will be greatly damaged by their utter failure at being taken seriously by those who are conservative in actual fact.

Kristol & Co. are all part of that universe of sanctimonious Judases I hate more than I do hardline Liberals. Every reverse they have is good for the conservative and, more specifically, Christian values they so obviously ignore, or even despise, even as they pretend to care for them.

The betrayal of 2016, in such a delicate moment, is one from which there can be no recovery and no redemption. It is totally unacceptable to stab the Country in the back and then claim, at some after the stabbing, to have seen the light. It is as if Benedict Arnold would be allowed to join the United States again after Yorktown.

Good riddance, Weekly Standard.

I hope the “Blaze” follows you in the grave soon.


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  1. Interesting.
    Yeah, there is only one explanation I guess, for the reason why, despite having a capable and willing president in the White House, obviously raring to go for the conservative cause, we end up with…bupkiss…or is that bupkuss. Either way, we have long wondered why nothing gets done, who is fighting Trump? As it turns out, it’s not just the Democrats it’s the REPUBLICANS. People said that forever and I never saw it with my own eyes but I do now.
    The Deep State is comprised of the GOP as well as the Dems.

    We’re sunk. Toast. Screwed. Only God can save us now.

    Chances are decent we have until 2020 and then the upcoming Communists (once called our children) will vote in a Socialist and, it’s over. It’s gonna take blood to set it right after that.

    Thanks GOP and nevertrumpers. You bastards.

    • You’re quite the optimist, aren’t you?
      Trump delivered a historic tax reform, dozen of excellent judges, two excellent Justices, the factual end of ISIS, the end of the Individual mandate, the end of the Paris Treaty, the end of the Trans Pacific Partnership, the cutting of a huge amount of red tape, a booming economy, and a lot mnore I haven’t time to mention. Yes, he has enemies within his ranks, but life is never perfect.

  2. sixlittlerabbits

    Mundabor, as we rejoice that the Weekly Standard is no more, let us celebrate Our Lord’s coming birth. This is now acknowledged for the second year in a row by the White House Nativity Scene. Merry Christmas.

  3. Christian values? Kristol is Jewish.

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