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All Too Evident Insanity.

The new, uber-Nazi abortion legislation in New York, declaring an evident evil a sort of human right and allowing what was called “very late abortion” has sickened me and, I am sure, anyone with a shred of humanity left in them.

This rabid reaction to a growing anti-abortion movement will backfire. In fact, it will help many people to realise the darkness of the soul of any individual able to propose such measures.

Most people aren’t logical. Emotions drive the way they think, and vote. They are told “reproductive rights”, and they have in front of them the image of the crying girl, made pregnant by a selfish boy who is now drinking beer with his friends, whilst only abortion legislation saves the “poor girl” from a horrible, assured “death by hanger”. The poor unborn baby is not in the picture, because the poor simpletons can’t picture him. But show to the emotional, uninformed and irreligious masses the baby in his own physical aspect, clearly recognisable as a human (in the more and more advanced scanning techniques, or in the absurdity of an abortion basically during the preparation for birth) and things will slowly change; because even a generation unable to think is able to see.

The New York legislation, and the other initiatives now being proposed in Virginia and elsewhere, are no smart moves. They are the satanic reaction of people who feel encircled, as the cause of sanity advances not only in the demographics of the Country, but also in the appointment of judges and justices. It is not a wave. It is a tide rising slowly, but surely. In time, and by the grace of God, it will submerge them all. I pray that it will be in my lifetime, and I feel that the aim is so near now like it has not been in decades. Thank you, Lord, for President Donald John Trump.

I am not worried because Cardinal Dolan is the nincompoop we all know and despise. I was not expecting that the guy discovers Catholicism. I think that the enemy is now unwittingly helping our cause to prosper as the atrociousness of late term abortion is made evident to everyone and further exposed by the technology advancements.

The next push for sanity will come from this all too evident insanity.


The Least Christian, The Better: Francis’ Recipe for Self-Poisoning.

The Unholy Father has given, during the latest Plane Show, another example of hiscutter enmity to the West.

The lewd individual praised Sweden’s moratorium on immigration. It is prudent, he says , to stop importing people from strange Countries and with the wrong religion, at least for a while. When the burning of cars has gone down a bit and the population starts thinking “it’s not quite as bad now as the worst we have seen in the past”, then the next wave of purely economic migrants, criminals, scroungers, and who knows how many future self-exploding nutcases can be taken in.

I have two lessons for Francis, though he is too evil to acknowledge them.

First: if you import people from shithole countries, your country becomes a shithole, too.

Second: Islam does not conceive or countenance integration whenever the strength is there to impose sharia law.

Francis’ recipe is like self-poisoning in instalments. He clearly likes it. “The least Christian, the better” is the unofficial motto of this papacy.

Think of this: when even those cuckolds in Sweden start to understand that they have gone far too far, Francis encourages them to keep destroying their Country after a “prudent” pause.


Evil Francis Not Really Fazed By Paedophilia

We should not have too many hopes about the upcoming homopaedo exercise, says the Evil Clown. Paedos will always be there, you know.

What an evil, evil man.

He never says the same about poverty, or war, or walls. Poverty is our fault, paedo priests are no-one’s.

And if he had at least said that he will do anything that is in his power as long as he breathes, that he is shocked and saddened and does not sleep at night thinking of this terrible evil within the Church, his words, if still wrong, would have had a different nuance.

But no. What Francis is saying is, in very thinly veiled words, ” I am pretending I am doing something merely because I have to; PR and all that, you know; so please let us be done with this fast, and kindly don’t bother me with this stuff again”.

Seriously, if the sins of the fathers shall be visited upon the sons, Francis ‘ parents must have been such that it is not fitting to describe them in a Cathlic blog.


Hell, Sensus Catholicus and XXI Century England

I grew up in a Country whose sensus catholicus led most people to believe that, certainly after a due sojourn in Purgatory, an awful lot of people are saved in the end. This may sound strange to ears raised in Protestant Countries, but it actually seems perfectly orthodox to this little intelligence. It was also a Country in which strong hyperbole was an ok form of communication. The faithful reading the saint’s thundering about hell took the threat as an encouragement, and expected it as a rhetorical instrument and teaching device.

However, we must also consider the following:

1. Catholicism was dominant, and I mean dominant. Whilst the V II Church had already begun the atrocious work of dismantling of Catholicism, the population at large was proving fairly resilient. It was, if not automatic, absolutely normal even for Communists to send their children to doctrine. This is how dominant Catholicism was.

2. The idea that many are saved did not come from the dumb idea that God loves us, in our unbaptised state, because we are such wonderful, perfect, unique snowflakes. It came from a widespread fear of the Lord. Sinners they all were, but – for the most part at least – they did not think that they were right and the Church wrong and took care to do things halfway right. Were there, in those times, also inveterate sinners and vocal atheists? Certainly. But far less in number than today, and far less vocal in their attitude.

I compare with today, and wonder what those people – say: those who were 50 in 1971 – would think of the chances of salvation of the average person in 2019 England. It is not only that atheism is so spread that it has become the new normal. What is possibly even scarier is the casual attitude with which even those who have a shred of faith make their own religion and think it smart. It seems to me that the English religious landscape has become an immense dumping ground, with only here and there some little islands of cleanliness in the midst of an immense ocean of dirt and stink.

What a difference there is between even a prostitute in 1971’s Italy, who still prayed the Lord to have mercy on her soul, and the average, law-abiding, well-combed, “wife, dog and mortgage”- accountant in 2019’s England, to whom the entire Christianity is a superstition, never even thought of having his children baptised, and is absolutely positive that he has no more of a supernatural life in himself than than the squirrel in his garden.

We know that God will save whomever He has decreed that will be saved. However, we also know that that signs of predestination underpin the economy of salvation. Baptism in the first place; confirmation, church attendance, prayer habits, participation in the sacraments, even very infrequent confession are still, however imperfect the person, signs of the right attitude towards God. Even the occasional reflection about one’s own sinfulness might be a start to a developmeng in the right direction. But what shall we think of those who start from a position of complete and utter refusal, and many times even mockery, of God? What signs does God give us to indicate that they might be welcomed in the fold in the end? Are we not, in fact, put in front of a massive revolt against God, made even more atrocious because now become mainstream?

Think of this: the person that would horrify the faithful Italian in, say, 1969, and which was – sinner as everybody was – pretty rare to find, is now the average Brit below Forty.

Let that sink in.

From solidly Christian to indifferent to hostile and mocking in 2 generations.

I think the traditional perception of how many are saved need to be revisited.


The Problem at the Root of Homosexual Clergy

The news has reached yours truly that the Vatican has apparently decided to create “task forces” (sounds good, doesn’t?) to protect minors.

It is already atrocious enough that the Church should create “task forces” to protect minors from…. Her own priests.

What is worse, though, is that this shows the total unwillingness of those in charge to understand the root causes of all problem: homosexuality and its accompanying evil, sodomy.

The real issue is, and it has always been, not the protection of the youth from predatory priests, but the protection of the Church Herself from homosexual priests.

This is clear enough to everyone who has eyes to see. Rather predictably, it is also not really the priority of those who would suffer first from the spring cleaning that has now become indispensable. It would be like the turkeys working to restore Thanksgiving.

This rotten hierarchy will not do anything meaningfrgyul to address the crimes of homosexual priests. They will also not do anything at all to address the problem of homosexuality in the Clergy. What they will do is announce some cosmetic initiative as they go on with their “nighty-night” tweets and Francis-protected Vatican homo orgies.

The solution will come when…. Our Lord has decreed that it should; that is, when He has decreed that the immense, unprecedented rebellion of V II has caused enough problems to those who have started it and, as it is only fitting, to their own children; or, to put it in difference terms, when we have finally been considered worthy of a decent clergy and hierarchy, instead of the bunch of effeminate sodomite, sexual predators and nutty social justice warriors we have called on ourselves and abundantly deserves.

Still, the problem is one and it is very simple: a homosexual and sodomitic mafia has taken (humanly speaking) control of the Church. They will keep it until it pleases the Lord to not allow this anymore. They will also ravage the Church, so that those who betrayed her get to experience the result of their rebellious fantasies on their skin and on the skin of their children. I do not know you, but it all seems so linear to me.

Rebel to God and His Church, get perverted priests and bishops, and a Pope just as bad as them.


Illegality Profiteers

The illegal immigrant centre in Castelnuovo di Porto, near Rome, is now closing. “Home” to 535 illegals, it will shut down completely. The illegals will be moved elsewhere. It is reasonable to assume that the move reflects a general trend: the curbing of the illegals’ business, a very lucrative one as Matteo Salvini himself points out.

Let us see who is crying: the Italian bishops through their newspaper. The horrible un-Catholic magazine which will not be given a link in this blog post. The fake “chariteees” getting fat with the business of illegal immigration.

The very same obscene magazine I do not link to gives you the scale of the cake: the removal of the 535 will cost up to 120 jobs.

Let that sink in.

Every around 4.5 illegals give one taxpayer funded jobs for these damn “chariteeees”, often linked to the diocese in some way or other. An immense source of funding and business. A bonanza for homosexual priests and their predatory friends to do some “charitable” abuse to people who will be too afraid to talk. A sure guarantee of the criminal behaviour being played down and swept under the carpet, lest the business suffers.

This “chariteee” stuff is a very dark part of the Western economies, Italy clearly not excepted; an obvious source of scrounging and corruption polluting the Country under the disguise of “doing good”, as it slowly ruins the entire fabric of the Country (besides costing an awful lot of money) for the benefit of a restricted group of profiteers and their homosexual protectors.

Matteo Salvini is a great man not only because he does what is right, but because he exposes the big business behind it, a business in which the church in Italy has deep interests.

In how many Countries is this going on? How much money is made out of sheer criminal behaviour? How much of if lands in the vicinity of our “progressive” bishops and their “nighty-night” friends?

I hope that enquiring minds will soon know.

This business of illegality has done enough damage already.


Vecchio Malvissuto

Ugly Old Redskin strikes again. It is now confirmed that, together with like-minded retards, he tried to disrupt a Catholic Mass in Washington, D.C.

This is, mind, the same guy who wanted to be received by Frankie.

In the meantime, more details about the wasted life of this sad individual emerge: no veteran and, apparently, no stranger to jail time, either.

The guy is perfectly representative of much of the left nowadays and, not unlikely, of much of the left of all times: losers, scroungers, lazy asses, and all sorts of cretins who never contributed to society and now play victim; claiming that they belong to the “marginalised”, and refusing to acknowledge the obvious fact that they have marginalised themselves.

These people will readily find company: from the “gender studies” woman with a master, $130,000 of debts from which she cannot escape with bankruptcy anymore, and with a brilliant career prospective as Latte Artist at Starbucks, to the pothead who never wanted to learn a useful job, to the spoiled middle class kids who allowed themselves to be brainwashed with tales of “white privilege”, and many others.

Like Ugly Old Redskin, all these people look for a way to feel good with themselves as they seek excuses for their more or less wasted – and faithless – existence. They will play their drum in your face, claiming that there is something like a right to kill an unborn baby in the womb; something so instinctively atrocious that only a godless society can conceive it.

These people are their own religion. They will drum in your face their demand that you worship them at the altar of themselves.

Ugly Old Redskin was prevented from disrupting the Mass; which, methinks, would have procured him his rumoured fourth stretch as inmate. But he still keeps harassing everyone with his victim complex, awaiting from us that we apologise with him for the fact that he is a useless waste of space.

Alessandro Manzoni depicts in his wonderful novel an old man just like that. He calls him vecchio malvissuto, “ill-lived old man”. Quite.

Beware of old wolves in victim’s clothes.

Particularly when they cry “minoriteeee ”


Covington Catholic: All That Is Wrong With The Modern Times

Cool guy, this one. 


The Covington Catholic incident really shows how far the United States have descended into a pit of political correctness and outright stupidity. Let us see all the ways:

  1. Covington Catholic Schools condemned his own students before even knowing the facts. Heads should roll for that fact alone. Don’t hold your breath.
  2. The hoax of the Redskin scumbag and his friends was exposed within hours (no, the Redskin was not attacked o intimidated by anyone; and yes, he was the guy trying to intimidate) and the Redskin scumbag still keeps complaining and playing an entire deck of race cards. 
  3. The poor Catholic boy was, in the end, “acquitted” because he kept an absolutely calm behaviour. It seems nowadays nothing less than perfection is expected from a Catholic. I can’t even think what would have happened if the good boy had started to shout in the face of the damn old redskin. Something I would have done, with relish, and with a very colourful language as a musical accompaniment to the instrument the man is trying to play in my face.
  4. The criticism now revolves around the fact that the boy was… smirking. He was smirking! This is… raciss! You can’t do it as a White Male! Your White Privilege does not entitle you to any smirk! Anything less than perfection will lead to crucifixion. Of course, these people crucified He Who is perfect, too!
  5. Ugly Evil Redskin now wants to meet the Pope. This is an abortion activist, for crying out loud! But no: wallowing in his victim complex, the man wants to meet the Pope to get some form of excuse for us being White and he being Red. Can’t wait to see if Francis is so stupid that he will fall for that. Idiot as the man certainly is, I doubt.

This race madness has to stop. And in order for it to stop, we need young White people who grow proud of their own skin colour, of their own traditions, of their own religion and values, and of the wonderful civilisation Whites have brought to everyone, even the savage Redskin heathens with whom they unavoidably came in contact as they were civilising the American Continent. A people, these redskins, exhibiting such a low form of savagery (I do not even want to call it “civilisation”) that it liquefied at the mere contact with the infinitely superior civilisation of the People of Mozart.

If I were the President of the United States, I would actually institute a White Mercy Day, in which the entire Country thankfully recognises the astonishing kindness showed to the Redskins. Never, before the White Man, had the world seen a clash of civilisations (of which only one advanced) in which the savages got reservations, and tax breaks, and casinos, and in many cases not even the need to work for a living, just for being a bunch of savages and losers; and then get to play victim until the end of times.

Travel to Italy and ask for the Etruscan Reservations. See what you find.







ZanchettaBomb Explodes In Francis’ Face



Lewd and lewder…. 


Pope Francis knew about Zanchetta’s proclivities and acts way before the Vatican admissions.

The scoop is from the Associated Press, and the source has forename and surname:  it is no other than Rev. Juan Jose Manzano, the vicar general of Zanchetta when the latter was bishop in Oran.

The Vatican story was that Zanchetta was persuaded to resign because of his “authoritarian style”, and that they wer einformed about Zanchetta’s abuse o fseminarians and general homo behaviour only at the end of 2018; after, that is, not only his time as a bishop, but also his appointment as the number 2 of APSA, the office that manages the (substantial) real estate of the Vatican.

From the article: “While the Vatican’s annual yearbook lists Zanchetta hierarchically as the top deputy to the APSA president, his exact duties were never clear since the job didn’t previously exist”. Go figure.

So, did Zanchetta resign because his “authoritarian” style was considered not compatible with the “field hospital”? Poppycock, says the Reverend. The Vatican was informed in detail in 2015 the first time and in 2017 the second time. Both times, note, before Zanchetta’s appointment to the new Roman office, very near to Francis’ compassionate heart.

The 2015 attempt to get rid of Zanchetta basically failed. In 2017, with the situation even worse, a new attempt was started, and this time the man in charge was the No. 2 of the Apostolic Nunciature, Monsignor Vincenzo Turturro.

Turturro clearly doesn’t idle about, and takes care that the people responsible know in such a way that they cannot avoid to act.  As a result, Francis summons Zanchetta in Rome, and he announces his decision to resign for health reasons. How on earth can it be believed that Francis still knew nothing? 

Now consider this: Reverend Manzano either does not want to be “Vigano’ed”, or he truly is one of those naive V II Pollyannas. He states that Francis is “a victim of Zanchetta’s manipulation”.

“There was never any intent to hide anything. There was never any intent of the Holy Father to defend him against anything,” says the Reverend. However, this is patently absurd. Zanchetta was forced to resign in 2017 after the first 2015 attempt failed. Even naked selfies were produced as evidence against him. It is completely unrealistic to assume for a moment that mid-2017 at the latest Francis did not know of Zanchetta’s proclivities. 

You know, and I know, and everybody knows, that he knew’ he knew, and did not care for anything else but to save appearances first and let his guy reemerge with a cushioned job some time later.

The easiness with which this man not only surrounds himself with sodomites, but gives them positions of power within the Vatican, clearly signalling to everyone that they are his special protegees, is nothing less than staggering even for a man so deprived of shame like this one.

We have a Pope who chooses to live under the roof of a notorious homosexual and gives him a very lucrative job in the Vatican Bank; then promotes another sodomite to another very prestigious position within the Vatican; another, whom Bergoglio himself apparently considered a kind of “spiritual son”, and promoted to Bishop.

This, among the several other priests he receives in the Vatican and shields in various ways, even if they do not get the jobs he gave to Ricca and Zanchetta.

Francis is the best friend of the enemies of Francis. Already in his tenure in Rome he must have made so many mistakes that, when the whistle blowing begins in seriousness, he will be atomised. What happens if investigations extend to his tenure in Buenos Aires I do not even want to think.

This man is demolishing himself all of his own. Because he is not only evil, but also very stupid.





World Youth Day Without Youth


The incoming World Youth Day in Panama promises to be a fail of epic proportions. Facing with the necessity of having to admit the scale of the problem – probably because it sounds better to find some excuse beforehand than during the event -, the guy in charge told us something of earth-shattering importance: it’s because young people  “in Europe and North America” are at school.

You don’t say?!

Some questions come to mind:

  1. If the genial FrancisOfficials did not know school is open, how can they claim they know the first two things about youth?
  2. If the FrancisOfficials did knew school is open, why would they encourage the youth to skip useful school days without necessity?
  3. Schools are closed in “North America and Europe”. What about Central America, that is: Panama and surrounding Countries? And what about South America? Brazil, or Pope Francis’ own home Country, Argentina?
  4. Let us go back to the old (and, if you ask me, wrong anyway) World Youth Days of JP II’s and Benedict XVI’s rather inglorious Pontificates: were they held with schools open? If yes, how come they attracted (wrongly, as I think) huge crowds? And if they were held with schools closed, how is now suddenly smart to spend a lot of money for people who need to go to school?

I think the truth is much simpler than that, and does not require a long reflection, either.

No one has a use for Francis’ satanical exercises in heresy and demolition of Catholicism. The real Catholics abhor him. The fake Catholics ignore him. All the others are now just embarrassed by this old, lewd guy.

And oh, before I forget: the logo on top is the official logo of the initiative. It truly looks like a serpent about to swallow the Cross. 

These people are of Satan.




A Tale of Two Marches

Huge Crowd in DC Friday at 'March for Life' (Not that You ...

2019 March for Life

As the “women’s march” is in a deep crisis due to the rabid antisemitism of some of the leftist bitches organising it, the 2019 March for Life take place today in Washington, and we know it will be glorious once again.

We see here two worlds clashing against each other. On one hand, the decent people able to see what is right beyond the modern worship of feminism and the easy way out of legality. On the other hand, the enemies of everything that is good and wholesome and beautiful and sacred, taking to the street to demand not only the right to kill their babies in the womb, but the dismantling of every facet of that wonderful, God-willed order called the Patriarchate.

Man and woman God made them.

Witches aren’t mentioned.


Meet Cardinal “I Forgot” Wuerl

Cardinal Wuerl really must think we are all stupid.

Confronted with the evidence that he knew about the allegations against Cardinal McCarrick as early as 2004, he now claims to have… forgotten about it at some point after 2006.

Let us see all the way in which this is atrocious.

Firstly, it is a blatant lie: you just don’t forget that a Cardinal – and a US one at that – has been credibly accused of abuse.

Secondly, if it were true it would show the astonishing hardness of heart of a man for whom a Cardinal being accused of child abuse is something of so little consequence that it gets forgotten.

Thirdly, if if were to be true it would prove that the man is really dumb, not being able to connect dots and observe the man in his own environment- the two must have met fairly frequently – even after being informed of his proclivities. At that point, the eyes of one who wants to see would be wide open, and I can’t imagine that other credible sources were not available to him.

Theregore, the man is either a liar, or an evil man, or a simpleton.

Two and three are, however, obviously absurd. The truth is that the man who now claims forgetfulness is the one rumoured to have been nicknamed “Donna” in the Seminary. Do I see a pattern here?

This pathetic denial is beyond disgraceful. Who does the man think he is, Pope Francis? And by the way, was he not supposed to resign? Has he announced the date of his departure? Or has he… forgotten?

I can’t follow all the details about all the Cardinals now in trouble, and that for sheer lack of time; but if this guy has lied to the authorities in a high-profile child abuse investigation he might soon be swimming in a sea of excrement .

When he resigns, may I suggest Father Guarnizo as his successor; yes, this is the man Wuerl persecuted for explaining to a couple of lesbians some facts of life, and who had to move to Russia because, clearly, Wuerl and his US colleagues had a well-functioning memory at that time.

Watch out, Donna.

This may well be, as far as the job is concerned, the last nail in your shameless coffin.


Very Privileged, Notoriously Ill RBG Very Much “Pro Own Life”

Ruth Bader Ginsburg has cancelled a planned event for the 29 January, as she is still recovering from her fall in November and subsequent cancer removal in December. She may be free from cancer now, but in good health she is certainly not.

Atheist, feminist and of Jewish background, the woman is, at least from what the world can see, as far from Christ as anyone can make himself. It is no surprise that her position on the unborn baby finds… warm approval in hell.

I wonder whether the woman is, by now, the only one who has not understood that she is not fit for the job. Countless leftists certainly know it, but they would prefer to keep her on the Supreme Court in a vegetative state rather than having to deal with the consequences of her departure. The jokes with the old movie “weekend at Bernie’s” are not only automatic, but very apposite.

I make a prediction, that the woman will not live to see Hanukkah. And if I am wrong I will add, not without some cynicism, that we have several more months’ time after that.

Mind, I am not wishing her death, merely looking at facts. She might do the decent thing and dresign, too, but rabid leftists are not really known for doing the decent thing, so I think it will have to be the undertaker.

However, I notice this: for a woman who denies the right to live of an innocent unborn child, she is holding on to life with great tenacity. She must be very aware of the value of her own life, then.

Pity that 60 million others, in the US alone, did not have the same privilege.


The Father.

In the stupid world in which we live – perfectly exemplified by the stupid Pope with whom we have live – the difference between paternal love and maternal love is more and more overlooked. This is not merely a religious phenomenon. Rather, I would say that it is the result of the “emancipation” movement, which has made the average man less masculine as it made the average woman less feminine.

There is a fundamental difference between the love of a father and of a mother. In short, it consists in this: that whilst the love of the mother is unconditional and unconditionally forgiving, the love of the father is generally not unconditional and, more important still, not averse to necessary harsh punishment, up to the point of rejection.

It is no coincidence at all that the Christian religion has always identified God as Father not only from a Scriptural, but from an everyday point of view; there, where religion is lived by the men and women working the fields and nurturing their children. Similarly, it is no coincidence that other religions identify God as Mother.

Christianity has always taught that God’s love for us does not exclude the ultimate, infinitely harsh punishment. This concept is, I must say, manly to the core and, therefore, consciously or instinctively hated by all the feminist nutcases out there, and by effeminate priests and prelates the world over. Francis himself hat, on several occasions, spoken of an all-forgiving, unconditionally devoted God that our ancestors would barely recognise as Christian.

This is deeply unchristian and, therefore, utterly wrong. It flies in the face of two thousand years of Christianity. It is a sad, pathetic, but highly corrosive parody of our religion. It is a monstrous deformation of the Most Holy Trinity. It corrupts the perception of God, destroys the fear of Him, and translates into an utterly effeminate vision of right and wrong. This effeminate vision of right and wrong then proceeds to do damage everywhere, as everything Christian from death penalty to just war, and from marriage to… walls is questioned as “too harsh” .

Pope Francis is not the one who caused the problem here. He is merely one of the very many who have lost the basic concepts of God, Justice and Truth.

But we need to condemn him especially, because he betrays Christ in an especially grave way.


Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus, Or: Inconvenient Catholic Truths

It seems that being called Catholic is getting more and more difficult for, erm, Catholics. Look at this Remnant article.

We are not discussing fine theological points here. This is 1-0-1. From Cantate Domino ( Council of Florence):

“The most Holy Roman Church firmly believes, professes and preaches that none of those existing outside the Catholic Church, not only pagans, but also Jews and heretics and schismatics, can have a share in life eternal; but that they will go into the “eternal fire which was prepared for the devil and his angels” (Matthew 25:41), unless before death they are joined with Her; and that so important is the unity of this ecclesiastical body that only those remaining within this unity can profit by the sacraments of the Church unto salvation, and they alone can receive an eternal recompense for their fasts, their almsgivings, their other works of Christian piety and the duties of a Christian soldier. No one, let his almsgiving be as great as it may, no one, even if he pour out his blood for the Name of Christ, can be saved, unless he remain within the bosom and the unity of the Catholic Church.”

This is as clear as the sun. Note the usage of the passive: unless one is joined with the Church, when he dies he will separated from God forever.

Every theological book that does not originate from Vatican II, or perhaps, in the other direction, from the Feneeyites, will tell you that, certainly, many Protestants are saved, and some Heathens are saved, too. Those to whom God has given the grace to merit to be with Him in Paradise are joined with the Church before death. They are joined, that is, by the One who can do everything, and can instill in the heart of the Protestant, and in some cases even of the Heathen, a desire and love for Truth that allows him to collaborate with God’s Grace in such a way that he will be joined to the Church before death, the Lord mercifully overcoming their lack of knowledge of the actual, factual Truth. Everybody who is saved dies a Catholic, irrespective of what his official belonging is. Conversely, in Paradise there are only Catholics. 

Let us read Pope Pius IX in Quanto conficiamur moerore (emphasis mine) :

“And here, beloved Sons and Venerable Brothers, We should mention again and censure a very grave error in which some Catholics are unhappily engaged, who believe that men living in error, and separated from the true faith and from Catholic unity, can attain eternal life. Indeed, this is certainly quite contrary to Catholic teaching. It is known to Us and to you that they who labor in invincible ignorance of our most holy religion and who, zealously keeping the natural law and its precepts engraved in the hearts of all by God, and being ready to obey God, live an honest and upright life, can, by the operating power of divine light and grace, attain eternal life, since God who clearly beholds, searches, and knows the minds, souls, thoughts, and habits of all men, because of His great goodness and mercy, will by no means suffer anyone to be punished with eternal torment who has not the guilt of deliberate sin. But, the Catholic dogma that no one can be saved outside the Catholic Church is well-known; and also that those who are obstinate toward the authority and definitions of the same Church, and who persistently separate themselves from the unity of the Church, and from the Roman Pontiff, the successor of Peter, to whom ‘the guardianship of the vine has been entrusted by the Savior,’ (Council of Chalcedon, Letter to Pope Leo I) cannot obtain eternal salvation. The words of Christ are clear enough: ‘And if he will not hear the Church, let him be to thee as the heathen and publican’ (Matthew 18:17); ‘He that heareth you, heareth Me; and he that dispeth you, despiseth Me; and he that dispiseth Me, despiseth Him that sent Me’ (Luke 10:16); ‘He that believeth not shall be condemned’ (Mark 16:16); ‘He that doth not believe, is already judged’ (John 3:18); ‘He that is not with Me, is against Me; and he that gathereth not with Me, scattereth’ (Luke 11:23). The Apostle Paul says that such persons are ‘perverted and self-condemned’ (Titus 3:11); the Prince of the Apostles calls the ‘false prophets… who shall bring in sects of perdition, and deny the Lord who bought them: bringing upon themselves swift destruction’ (2 Peter 2:1).”

From the same encyclical letter:

 “God forbid that the children of the Catholic Church should even in any way be unfriendly to those who are not at all united to us by the same bonds of faith and love. On the contrary, let them be eager always to attend to their needs with all the kind services of Christian charity, whether they are poor or sick or suffering any other kind of visitation. First of all, let them rescue them from the darkness of the errors into which they have unhappily fallen and strive to guide them back to Catholic truth and to their most loving Mother who is ever holding out her maternal arms to receive them lovingly back into her fold. Thus, firmly founded in faith, hope, and charity and fruitful in every good work, they will gain eternal salvation.”15]

Again, very clear.

Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus is a saying that reflects Catholic dogma. It needs to be preached and defended by every Catholic. Obviously, it also needs to be properly understood, and those who give of it a wrong interpretation need to be gently thought about its true meaning; but I honestly do not think that the problem of modern times is that the dogma is misinterpreted because it taken too literally. Rather, the climate in which we live is one is which the dogma is ignored because lurv.

Really, we are living in strange and disturbing times. And at the root of them is not father Martin, or Pope Francis.

It is the Second Vatican Council; the greatest rebellion against God, from the very core of the Church, in two thousand years.






The Only Person Ever Pre-Announced

I was browsing in my library yesterday, and spent some time in the company of that excellent book, Fulton Sheen’s “Life of Christ”.

The first chapter is titled, apparently predictably but actually not so, “the only person ever pre-announced”. It has a long list of testimonies not only from the Judaic, but from the non-Jewish world (from the Romans to the Greek, to the Chinese and the Japanese; and we can add the Druids), of the Saviour that was to come.

I think we tend to lose sight of some aspects of Christianity at times. To us, Christ’s divinity is a given. We were (most of the readers of this blog, very probably) given it almost together with the maternal milk. It was, and is, part of the landscape like the sun and the moon. Also, some of us grew up in an environment in which Christianity was the omnipresent norm, only interrupted by the strange presence of the occasional Jew here and there, and with even atheists fully embedded in – and many times, fully approving of – the moral system of Christianity.

Still, as adults, and in a changed landscape, we need to recover, or to nurture, a more logical approach to Christianity; one that will help us, when the occasion arises, to actually explain Christianity in a logical way to the staggering number of non-Christians around us.

Christ is, in fact, the only person ever pre-announced. No one, ever, predicted the advent of a paedophile, blood-thirsty bedouin who would suddenly create a religion that is, in fact, nothing more than a monstrous deformation of the true one. And these announcements are the more impressive, because they were spread outside of the Jewish world eagerly awaiting for the Messiah. Among others, think of Cicero, who dies 43 years before Our Lord’s earthly birth, and knew about him already.

The argument for Christianity – a superfluous one in my youth, but an urgent one in these disgraceful times – should rest on a robust logical basis instead of relying on the “Jesus loves you” and “share the joy” platitudes one hears all the time in church and outside.

I suggest to all those who have not done it already to read this book. Fulton Sheen’s writing style is extremely easy to digest and at the same time exact and compelling. This is not your typical theology book. This is Christianity for the masses.

God knows we need something like this in these disgraceful times.


Meet Pope Creepy Commie Schizo

evil clown

“Stay out of the church, please!”

Monsignor Bux (whom we know as a friend of the SSPX and reasonable guy all around) has leveled his cannon at the Evil Clown after his latest stunt, when he said or implied (the man is always so confused) that he prefers an atheist to a faithful who “hates” (whatever that means: we all need to hate evil and condemn its manifestations).

This is, in fact, another show of blatant, shameless contradiction in an already extremely contradictory Pope:  merciful to those who officially offend God as unrepentant sinners and official enemies of His, but inviting to get out of the Church those who actually love him (though they might do something wrong, too).

Francis’ ideal Church is made of atheists who only care about social justice and hate the Church. The “field hospital” applies to them alone. Catholics need not apply.

Monsignor Bux calls this thinking “schizofrenic”, which is fitting. More to the point, this is the thinking of a creepy Commie who needs to let you know every day how much he really, really, really hates you.

Bux goes on to say that “certain statements, if they fall on weak or unaware groups, are dangerous and have deleterious effects. We risk emptying the churches even more”. Oh yes, we agree. But you see, this is exactly what Francis wants. He wants all the Catholics to stay out of the church, and all the faithless and unrepentant public adulterers to come in and receive communion. He has said as much in very plain words. 

At this point, I am not even so angry anymore. I rather welcome every time this satanic cretin shoots himself in the foot. Every single time, someone decides to finally open his big, blue eyes and see reality for what it is:

Your Pope hates you.

He would prefer you were an atheist.


Pope Francis Causes Theological Advancement

I have often read in the past that it was an open theological matter whether canonisations are infallible or not. The prevalent opinion stated they are, and I followed it at the beginning of Francis’ strange canonisation habits. However, as the canonisations became more and more outlandish, and increasingly more clearly politically motivated, it became more and more difficult to reconcile the prevalent opinion with the reality on the ground. One could have swallowed the canonisation of JP II as an isolated episode, and concluded that the man must be in heaven because the Church has canonised him. But several additional years of savage canonisations and beatifications have, in my eyes, settled the question: the minority position appears the correct one.

Obviously, this extraordinary events must be looked at in the light of this extraordinary period: an age of insanity that could, if God so allows, go on for a long time and bury us all.

At some point – and be it only when we are all six feet under – sanity will come back and the dust will settle. When the dust is settled, I think that the prevalent opinion will be corrected to adjust for the facts. I can easily imagine that, in the Year of the Lord 2933, and hopefully again in an age of sanity, theologians will teach that canonisations are generally considered to be extremely valuable indicators of a person being in paradise, but without no absolute guarantee, particularly in times of high corruption within the Church; as seen in the string of canonisations proclaimed by the horrible Popes of the XXI Century, many of them revoked in stages in the years 2167, 2274 and 2488 by subsequent councils.

We need to see the Church not merely as a worldly organisation, but also as a divinely ordained process. The Church is the sum total of the Catholics of the last two thousand years and of all the years after us until Judgment Day. Francis’ abuses are, whilst enraging, merely Satan’s tantrums against powers he cannot control. We see in the disorder of the present age the consequence of our rebellion as Catholics starting from the Sixties. But we also see all ages of the Church as a process of progressive refinement of all aspects of truths, a real evolution that is never, as Francis is so fond to say, a revolution.

It seems to me that even in the midst of this mess, Providence is helping us to grow in theological and every day matters.

Think of this: when this insanity has ended, we will be cured of clericalism and papolatry for a very, very long time.

Out of the evil, God always makes something good.



The Economics Of Poverty, or: Robbing the Poor to Give to the Illegal

The Mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, has just announced he will give guaranteed health care to, among others, illegals. 

Last time I looked, New York was not some wealthy enclave like, say, the Principality of Monaco. It was, and his, a city with extremely high costs of living, where an awful lot of people struggle even to live in conditions that we in Italy call “dignified poverty”. A place with, and I am sorry to say that, an awful lot of hard working losers who keep voting for the Democrats, who then force them to become even harder working and even more losers.

This latest initiative is just an extreme example of what the Democrats do, all over the Country, all the time: they rob the poor and give to the scroungers and the illegals. 

The Democrats pursue an economics of poverty: they will first import illegals, hoping to make of them regular voters one day (certainly already happening in some measure, by the way, in all those State in which electoral fraud is positively encourage, like the “motor voter” ones). They will then proceed to tax the working poor in order to give substantial freebies to their protected classes and hard sock of their power base: those who don’t work – and often have neither intention nor incentive to do so – and those who depress the wage of those who work legally. As the Democrats encourage the abortion of more and more of their future voters, they must import more and more illegals to compensate for the literal killing of their power basis. The game has gone on for decades now, and you would think that those who work hard to maintain politicians without scruple in power and an army of good-for-nothing and illegals protected and well fed would get the dynamics. Alas, they don’t.

You can bet that New York will keep voting Democrat at staggering percentages – percentages which make it clear that the oppressed feed the very system that oppresses them – as the multitude of people working hard to live in conditions that would be considered poverty most everywhere else in the West keep feeding the system that oppresses them.

Last time I looked, more than 400,000 people out of around 8 million lived in the New York Council House system, once a preserve of the working poor and now a preserve of the single mothers and the chronically unemployed; a natural development considering the economic value of what they would, in time, lose if they were to start working hard in some manual, non professional job. You would think those who work hard to live in shared accommodation well into their working careers would look around themselves and start to get it. I am afraid they don’t, and they won’t.

This is why Bill de Blasio has announced the initiative. He will position himself for further political glory when his time as Mayor ends, with the approval of the very people he exploits to finance his political ascent.

Why this is so is difficult to tell, but my best bet is that the Democrats are good at exploiting social envy, telling the working poor that they are on their side whilst sucking the marrow out of their bones.

Start spreading the news: in old New York, you can work hard all day and come home to live with cockroaches, knowing that your tax money has financed scroungers and illegals.

All, of course, in the name of social justice.





“Brazil First And God Above All”: Jair Bolsonaro Shows The Ways of the Lord.




This guy just made my day.

Let us pick a handful of selected quotes first:

“My electoral campaign listened to the call of the streets and forged a commitment to place Brazil first and God above all.”

“Thank you, my God”

“I place myself before the whole nation, on this day, as the day in which the people began to liberate itself from socialism, from the inversion of values, from big government, and from political correctness,”

If this is not enough, how about the new Minister for Families?

“When I talk about life, I’m talking about life from conception,”

“In this government, a girl will be a princess and a boy will be a prince”

“the government is secular, but this minister is terribly Christian”.

This is quite shocking, in a good way. You can barely believe this is today, in the XXI Century. This is like fresh air finally entering a room full of (liberal) stench. This is – at least as far as values are concerned – Trump on steroids.

This man shows once again that God works in mysterious ways. When He intervenes, He does it in a generally unexpected way, because the world is unable to understand the workings of God. He sends us unexpected people, with unexpected characters and inclinations, who cause an entirely unexpected upheaval of the worldly status quo. He does not send (most of the times at least) great saints and powerful angels. He sends fallible, flawed people like us. They have common names; names like Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, Viktor Orban, Matteo Salvini; but also, looking at the past, Benito Mussolini, Napoleone Bonaparte, Flavius Valerius Aurelius Constantinus. They have normally not led, nor in many cases they continue to live, an exemplary life; but at some point, they start – more or less willingly, and at times merely out of political convenience – to do God’s work for their Country.

We look at these sudden changes of landscape, and wonder at the greatness of God, at work under our eyes, for those who have eyes to see.

We get these breaks again and again; whether we use them properly and profit from them in a permanent way is a different matter altogether. It is for us, the common people, to do the most we can as individual to continue in the small scale what God has set in motion in the great one. This is also another aspect of Bolsonaro’s message: the invitation to change one’s Country not only in its deformed legal structures, but in the hearts and minds of his inhabitants.

If the Pope were Catholic, and the clergy straight, Bolsonaro’s work would be much easier. But again, we do not need to be worried about that: have we not seen, and do we not keep seeing, that God works in mysterious ways and always runs to our help in some unexpected manner?

Do not spend sleepless nights thinking about the Evil Clown. Use your sadness and anger to pray more. Try to help in the restoration of sanity as much as you can, and let Providence do the rest.

The government may be depraved, but let the readers of this blog be terribly Christian.



Comical Francis

Bergoglio does at times really remind one of Comical Ali, the PR guy of Saddam Hussein claiming victory against the US even as the incoming US tanks were visible by Western journalists with their own eyes. The level of absurdity of this Pontificate might soon even surpass the apparent lack of shame – and obvious terror of Saddam – of that guy.

Bergoglio dares to scold his own bishops for their lack of credibility at the same time as one if his cronies, Bishop Zanchetta, is accused of the usual sodomitical predatory behaviour.

This Zanchetta guy is a FrancisCreature through and through: protected and promoted by Bergoglio in his time in Buenos Aires, and made a Bishop not much after Bergoglio was elected Pope.

You need to be very naive to believe that Bergoglio would work closely with this guy without ever noticing anything, or have him vetted certainly on more than one occasion without Zanchetta’s behaviour being brought to his attention. There is absolutely no realistic chance that Bergoglio did not know.

What appears extremely likely to me is that Bergoglio not only knew about the perverted proclivities of the bishops and cardinals in his entourage, but actually chose to use it in order to have – even to promote – around him people he could use, and of whose loyalty he could be assured.

This is an extremely dark, evil, disgusting individual. His strategy has always been to lie first, and to lie even more when his lies are exposed. His hypocrisy evidently knows no bounds.

If Comical Ali had been made Pope, I doubt he would have made himself as ridiculous as this disgusting old clown.

Oh well, it’s the beginning of the year. One can hope that 2019 will bury this man six feet deep, to be despised until the end of time.


McCarrick Cover-Up: Francis Is Being Francis Again

Church Militant has it from reliable sources that, in the matter of the investigation against Cardinal McCarrick, a massive cover-up effort is ongoing.

Whilst this would be an extremely stupid thing to do, I must say this is 100% Francis. A sane person would think that Francis would put himself  “at the head of the movement” and lead a serious, concerted effort to show that the Church is not dominated by an inverted mafia. However, Francis is afflicted by massive problems like his stupidity, his arrogance, his incompetence and his total disconnection from reality; this makes it difficult for him to act in a sane way even if – as it might be the case – McCarrick & Co. have nothing substantial against him.

As a whole, I am not “worried” about the predictable whitewashing of this internal investigation. Like most of my readers, I have lost every faith in the ability of the Church to reform herself, and think that real change will come from divine intervention in some way or other, for example through a massive series of arrests of Cardinals and Bishops.

Herein lies the fundamental weakness of Francis’ evil, deeply Clericalist thinking: he can cover up as much as he wants, but in the end the issue is now out of his hands. The investigations will go on and it will be factually impossible to manipulate and control a dozen or more of Attorney Generals, a number of them hungry for red and scarlet trophies, some of them likely atheist or fiercely anticlerical and with a substantial interest in presenting themselves to the voters – when they seek higher office – as fearless enforcers and no respecters of clerical habits.

The Vatican investigation is, apart perhaps as an exercise in good faith, as relevant as an Iraqi commission to investigate corruption whilst the American tanks are advancing towards Baghdad.

Francis was never credible as an ally against church perversion in the first place. His alleged – and very credible – cover-up attempts are, in the end, just Francis being Francis.

I trust that the civilian justice will take its course and cause great damage to this cabal of sodomites. I also trust the pewsitters to be smarter than thinking that Pope Francis is really engaged in a fight against his friends and protectors of a lifetime.

We are here in front of a deeply evil, corrupted individual, with no shred of conscience and no trace of Catholicism in his being. His efforts to cover up or minimise McCarrick’s deeds are widely expected and no surprise at all.

Pray for a Conclave in 2019. The outcome will be uncertain, but at least we will be given a new chance.


In Praise Of Fat Shaming

To begin the year, your truly would like to give you some wisdom from the old world in which he had the blessing and privilege to grow up. A world in which words like “political correctness” were unknown. A world full of beautiful women and manly men, each sex doing their own to keep the proper order of society.

That was a world in which, if you were fat (or drug addict, or alcoholic, or lazy, or a lot of other things besides) it was your fault. There was no worship of bogus “science” trying to explain away and rationalise the absurdity and monstrous deformity of mass obesity. As a result, very few people (astonishingly few compared to today’s Anglo-Saxon world, particularly among the young) were obese, and what was considered “fat” would, today, be considered “normal”.

In the same vein, if you were fat, it was your responsibility to put an end to it. Those people did not have much knowledge of modern nutrition science, you know (the “science” that justifies obesity in practice even as it decries it in abstract). They did not invent excuses for people with “slow metabolism”. They did not blame pizza shops for the fatness of people. They did not blame “inequality” and call for the working class to be able to afford caviar so that potatoes don’t make them fat anymore. They knew that if one was fat, he had made himself so. They knew that no one can say he has not noticed that he carries around 500,000 calories in excess fat. They knew that whatever rubbish food poor people ate, they would be thinner if they would eat less of that very rubbish. A degree of fatness (however, nothing comparable to the monstrous deformity I see around every day now) was observed only in two categories of people: the old and, but only among the working classes, those young women who thought that, as they were not beautiful, a degree of fatness would help them to acquire some feminine attraction to the other sex.

Similarly, the social control was so strong that feminazis and their soyboys would, today, call it against the human rights of the Gluttonous People. Think of this: fat children were scolded in front of the entire school class, and told to be ashamed of themselves.  Overweight girls were publicly chastised by older women with words like “you will never find a decent husband!!”. Overweight boys were considered lazy and gluttonous. And you know what was the result of all this “oppression”? Thinness was the norm, and Italians enforced the norm with their usual, so refreshing, utterly non-PC brutality.

Today I read all that rubbish about Facebook, fashion magazines, scales and obviously bad, bad humans being responsible for the obesity of women. Women, mind my words, apparently so stupid that they are unable to see a beautiful thin woman in a magazine without going home and stuffing themselves with whipped cream and a can of ice cream because… they are not as thin as them.

Thanks for sharing, Ms Zeppelin. And do you have a guardian?

Then you have all the fake “science”, which fails to explain why Italians should be so genetically different from Brits, much less why the Brits of today should be so genetically different from the Brits of two generations ago.

“Ah, but there was no Instagram then!”.

Forget Instagram. I can assure you that 30 or 40 years ago a young girl could walk everywhere in Italy and see a number of young girls ranging from sexy to stunning, live and in 3D; which, actually, should have been a much bigger shock than a fake beauty in a photoshopped image. Guess what: those girls did not take the beauty of the stunners as an excuse to stuff themselves with donuts.

Modern society are rapidly becoming grotesquely deformed on the outside, a fitting reflection of their disgusting deformity inside. The 300 pound girl with zero impulse control is extremely likely to consider homosexuality normal, her own disgusting obesity “body positivity” and everyone who points out to them strangely resembling those old photos of a Zeppelin “oppressive” and “fat phobic”. Their deformity has begun inside way before it translated into half a million calories carried around.

Think rubbish, eat rubbish, look rubbish.

No, don’t give me any “science”. I prefer reality. I prefer a world in which people learn  discipline, and to discipline themselves, from a young age, and in which correct behaviour is brutally enforced, because life is brutal.

And now go on, fat feminist stumbling upon this page: stuff yourself with your two best friends, Ben and Jerry, until you want to vomit, and then blame me.





The Faithless Pope

Father Davide Pagliarani, the Superior General of the SSPX, has given an interesting interview a few days before Christmas.  

I think there are some elements of this interview that merit our attention.

Firstly, Father Pagliarani politely, but openly calls the Pope faithless. Faithless in the real, literal sense, of one who is called to faithfully transmit the faith and does exactly the contrary. Note that the figure and role of the Pope qua Pope is respected and upheld at the same time as the current occupier of the Throne of Peter is politely, but still very obviously thrashed.

Secondly, Father Pagliarani has a very practical and, if you allow me, “Italian” approach to the current problems within the Church. The Pope does not do his job, and actually undermines the faith. Very bad. However, this does not change anything in his being Pope, or in his being wrong. Father Pagliarani works with the situation he has.

Thirdly, Father Pagliarani does not give any answer about when the chaos in the Church is going to end. He merely states that, one day, a Pope will correct all the mistakes caused by the madness seen in the last almost sixty years. He does not promise that this will happen in his lifetime, or in yours, or in the one of your nephew. This basic consideration, that a Pope can be very bad, is something every Italian absorbs since childhood, as natural to him as the sun and the stars. The fact that this Pope is particularly bad does not change anything in this fundamental consideration. Actually, there is no Vatican II Pope that deserves not to be called particularly bad if measured with the standard of orthodox Popes before V II; Francis merely went off-the-chart-bad.

A faithless Pope undermines the faith and there is no seeing when this will end. However, the truths of the faith remain exactly the same. We leave it to God’s Providence to decide when this chaos ends and to providentially adjust things, which will happen in ways we probably cannot foresee now. In my eyes, however, it appears to be in the Providence’s plan that the faithful (or, rather, the unfaithful) are forced to confront the disaster they have put themselves in and realise that at its root is the fundamental betrayal of Catholic orthodoxy set in motion by the Second Vatican Council.

In other words, my impression is that we will have to eat a huge quantity of the shit that two generations of fake Catholics have produced, until the desire for “improvements” and “updates” goes away for a very, very long time, leaving place for the restoration of sound orthodoxy. How much shit-eating will be enough? I have frankly no idea, and  prepare myself to live and die in this sad age of confusion; but safe in the knowledge that the immutable truths transmitted to Catholicism will remain forever, and that it is not my job to decide when this punishment will end.




Easy-To-Keep 2019 Resolutions

As we leave 2018 behind us, I would suggest to my readers some easy actions that will make 2019 better both for them and for Catholicism as a whole.

  • Change the browser setting to DuckDuckGo as search engine. Ditch Google, whose aim is to manipulate you and use you as as a stupid serf doing their bidding even as you enrich them. Google is poison for democracy and freedom. It will take some years before this becomes a more widely accepted fact, but we must start from a minority position and do the best we can to spread our ideas around us.
  • Start weaning yourself out of Facebook. Realise that nobody is really interested in where you have drunk your last latte, or where you are now. Unless you are very attractive, most people will also be rather fed up with seeing you posting pictures of yourself with s silly smile everywhere. Facebook is an exercise in futility and banality. I have never had a personal Facebook account, but what I have seen of other people’s accounts (the self-centredness, the endless banalities, the stunning amount of triviality and hot air) is enough to make me question the sanity of the human race.
  • Get yourself out of Twitter as an active user, but keep using it to follow President Donald John Trump and a few, very carefully selected others. Your quality of life will greatly benefit from the newly acquired free time, and you will have done your best to castrate another enemy of Western freedoms.

Realise than now more than ever, 


all your social media postings are carefully vetted by any potential employer of yours, which opens a very wide door to discrimination against you by any number of feminist bitches or acidic soyboys in the HR departments or by decisions about pay rises, bonuses, promotions etc. 

These are only four easy-to-remember, feasible actions you can start carrying out today. Whilst it sounds cheesy to say that you can change the world one browser setting at a time, the reality on the ground is that individual actions are the most we can do that really has a consequence, however small.

I wish all my readers a happy 2019.


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