Evil Clown, Privilege, And Poverty

“Catholics, I hate you all!”


“Dear brothers and sisters, ‘All who believed were together and had all things in common;they would sell their property and possessions and divide them among all according to each one’s need (Acts 2:44-45).”

“Remember always,” Pope Francis urged, “that this is the way that a Christian community lives: harmony, witness, poverty, and taking care of the poor.”

This is straight from the horse’s mouth, though here it is clear an ass, not a horse, speaking.

This little game is played very often by our very stupid Heretic In Chief: poverty is bad, but it is also good. It is unjust that the are rich people whilst other live in poverty, but people should, actually, live in poverty.

The reason for all this senseless blathering is simple: Francis is

a) stupid,

b) envious and

c) a Communist.

He is stupid, and therefore does not notice that his constant contradictions destroy every credibility he may have hoped to obtain.

He is envious, which is why he constantly attacks those who had – by virtue of birth, or life circumstances, or their own personal effort – more than he had.

He is a Communist (a common consequence of being envious) and therefore preaches the communion of wealth, presenting it as an ideal of living in the modern times.

It has been a constant teaching of the Church that God inspired the very first community of Christians to put all they had in common in order to be specially equipped for the difficult task at hand and strengthen them for the challenges and martyrdom to come. This is not very dissimilar to what, say, a friars’ community would do now. But never has the Church taught that this socioeconomic model should be exported to common people, and I note here that Francis is not speaking to friars.

Francis encourages lay people to have all things in common and become poor in the process. He peddles an ideology that has taken leave of Christianity and has become a boring repetition of the mantras of the egalitarian utopia of the lazy, the mediocre and, most of all, the envious. And in fact, if six and a half years of toxic Pontificate have shown anything, is that this man is eaten alive by social envy: the resentment at being born in a humble family, with no easy ways to make a path for himself in life, whilst the privileged lived in comfort and shared most of the opportunities.

Faced with obstacles in his life (obstacles which are providentially given to us by Our Lord, and infallibly decreed by His Divine Wisdom so that we may develop our faith, our strength, our resolve and, importantly, our Christian acceptance of God-willed inequalities), the man reacted in the way that is most pleasing to Satan: rejecting God and converting himself to a lay religion that would give him a pretext for his ungodly envy of, and hatred for, the rich and privileged.

This is why in Francis you have poverty as evil and ideal. Communist Francis constantly short-circuits Envious Francis, whilst Stupid Francis barely notices it.

This is just the way the brain of a stupid, lazy, envious person works.




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  1. Francis seems to be saying that poverty is the ideal yet wishes us to help the poor. How can this be? Makes no sense.

  2. Thou shall not covet…seems to not matter to the Holy one. A most horrible shepherd…

  3. You have nailed him, I believe. Don’t forget Angry Francis, he seethes. And Vindictive Francis makes sure all enemies are humiliated and pay dearly.

  4. So we have a Pope who flaunts communist ideology at us every opportunity he has. We truly have lived through “six years of a toxic pontificate” We have been slowly brainwashed … like the frog.

    Here is one example of how we have been brainwashed by his TV antics: It was given by Prof. Mattei to John Henry Westen in an interview available on You Tube: The Pope kissing the feet of the politicians was more powerful than any written or spoken words for we get the idea implanted in our brain by the TV:

    That idea is that “the Church submits to the state”

    He is stupid. Yes, for he has turned his back on the pearl of great price, the one true religion.

    Viva Cristo Rey! Thank you for your post.

  5. Andrew Nelson

    Excellent post, and it gave me a few laughs as well after a busy day at work.

  6. You nailed the essence of Francis – a stupid, jealous Commie. Add to that heretic and apostate and that pretty much sums him up. Anyone still trying to make a real pope out of him might as well try to pound a square peg into a round hole. But if one views him through the lens of Communism, then everything he says and does fits into place. His preaching and writing all have the same intended goal as the NWO agenda of the atheist globalists. Many prophecies have foretold the persecution of the Church and of Catholics. Whether we are actually in end times yet is unknown, but we sure have hit rock bottom with Bergoglio.

  7. I live in a country which had a Communist regime for several decades. When we got rid of them, we thought Western capitalism will solve all problems. I can hardly believe but EU is now on the way to a totalitarian world. And now I see many features of our old Stalinist climate in the doings of the Vatican. Seen from an East European angle, it is a nightmare.

  8. The Acts of the Apostles also wrote “if a man does not work, he does not eat.” They seem to forget that bit. And yes, religious communities to this day live in accordance to the community contribution of wealth. God bless~

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