In Terra Caecorum Monoculus Rex

When the NGOs of the West criticise your behaviour, representative of the leftist party call your new law “monstrous”, and the UN condemns you openly, you must be doing something right  

Italy continues in its struggle to defend itself from those who want to undermine its Christina culture, and use it as a bridge head to push the Islamisation of our continent and the destruction of our traditional values and way of life.

Salvini has recognised the enemy and he says so openly. This is not difficult from the perspective of the solid, hard working man on the street. But it is absolutely remarkable in a politician. This is why Salvini’s party is now estimated to have the support of 38% of the population, an unbelievably high figure in a Country with a multi-party system in which the traditionally passionate Italians can fine tune their political allegiance.

This man really gets the people, because he has the no-nonsense, intelligent approach that the non-nonsense people in Italy have.

Interestingly enough, neither of the two (Salvini or the people) are particularly religious; but both recognise that the threat of a foreign invasion is the threat to our Christian roots, which is what makes of us what we are now. It was enough for one to see, imperfect as he is, to clean up in the Italian political scene. In Terra Caecorum Monoculus Rex

Salvini is one of the few who see it. He is surrounded, in Italy and elsewhere, by a circle of conformist, weak, incompetent cretins who think – because it has worked for them until now – that trite common places and easy slogans are the way forward for their careers, and the people will swallow whatever rubbish they dish to them, provided it sounds tolerant or otherwise “do-good”-ing. Not anymore, apparently.

Salvini thanked the Blessed Virgin again after the approval of the Law yesterday. Stop here and reflect when it was that such a think happened, before Salvini, in Italian politics. Granted, he is a very imperfect Catholic. But he gets it, and the Italian people finally have a guy who understands the simple facts of life and draws the consequences from them.

May the Blessed Virgin help you and us always, Mr Salvini. And may she help us to get on the long road leading, one day, to the recovery of our Christian roots and, actually, sanity.

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  1. Salvini is doing the will of God, whether he knows it or not, participating in the salvation of mankind.. “Pope” Francis is doing his own will and leading souls to hell.

  2. My mom lived to be 95 and 1 day. She said it would be far better to just take a regular guy off the street and put him in political office than an actual politician. The people can only get the highest caliber of the people who run. Perhaps the really intelligent or principled people want nothing to do with political office. Salvini (his name is incredible) is one in a million or more. The comparison to Trump is obvious, both are men with that special something that makes them able to withstand the slings and arrows of the sick culture in which they live. They see the problem and articulate it. I don’t know what it’s like for Salvini in Italy but in the US we are observing a complete breakdown of civil decorum, led by the Leftists who rightly fear he will be elected AGAIN. Anarchy, violence, the most violent civil discourse, threats, these are all coming from the Left, including the politicians in office, who would do exactly the same as your communists and throw open the border to Islam and everyone else, and there would be no moral standard at all except “do as thou wilt”. This is a battle for all the marbles. If they are successful, it is the end of Western civilization and anything remotely resembling Christendom. This is no time for the Benedict option, this is a time we must stay engaged.
    Please God, help us.

    • In Italy the situation is much better than in the US as it is far less polarised. However, people like Salvini can very well see the difference with the world in which they grew up. He who has experienced a good, regulated Catholic society and has a good heart will unavoidably fear the destruction through unregulated immigration.

  3. The ideal politician is one who is motivated by the best interests of the people, instead of by financial gain and power. And if they hold Christian beliefs, all the better. In many countries, the majority have spoken with their votes to retain their national sovereignty and identity against the tyrannical forces of globalism. I thank God that the US and Italy now have populist leaders. Now if only the UK can exit the EU, other European countries will surely follow.

  4. Agree that Italian is much more polarized than American. Had lived and functioned in the “City of God” for many centuries until rejecting out to stay in “City of world” for the last 100 years which has been indoctrinated, materially, spiritually corrupted by NWO/Socialism and is rescuing recently by God who has sent Salvini, while US is blessed in different way – chosen nation and being the leader to free the world. Trump’s wave has affected many world nations that struggle to be free from the chain of slavering of evil NWO. Divine Justice is here already.

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