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Pope Fart Blathers About Atomic Weapons

It is well known that at times, even intelligent people need to adjust to new situations and put them in the proper contest.

When the Brits introduced the Longbow, the effects of its proper use were so devastating that voices were raised, asking to have them banned as contrary to the Doctrine of War. Of course, this was tosh, and common sense soon prevailed.

The same happened again when firearms were invented, and cannons introduced a devastation unknown to all previous generations of Christians. Once again, common sense prevailed in the end.

If, therefore, intelligent people can be taken aback by the invention of new weapons, it is not at all surprising that a stupid man like Francis would, almost three quarters of a century after Hiroshima, still think that atomic bombs are something contrary to Catholic doctrine.

The argument might have deceived even honest hearts in the Forties and Fifties, but it does not make any sense nowadays, when it is clear even to my squirrel that it was exactly atomic weapons that gave us the longest period of peace in the history of the West. Plus, even my squirrel’s buddy knows that, once the cat is out of the bag, you cannot put it back in again. If, say, the United States were to disarm and deprive themselves of atomic weapons, we would all be at the mercy of the first rogue regime who manages to get even rudimentary atomic bombs and rudimentary rockets to deliver them to us. The idea of a world without atomic weapons is, in this day and age, too stupid to even discuss it.

Trust, therefore, Francis to try to look good with this rubbish on his way back from Hiroshima. Francis thinks that it is bad to have atomic weapons. “Your government is bad, dear Brits, Americans and French. You need to disarm yourselves. Otherwise, how will North Korea be able to blackmail you all? They are Commies, you know. Quite after my liking!!”

Pope Francis should be nicknamed Pope Fart, as it seems that nothing else comes out of his three neurons when they start working very hard on something to say on the aeroplane.

As to his new idea that the Catechism should be changed to include his newest fart, one wonders why Pope Woke waited the seventh year of his pontificate to introduce Christianity to this novelty. This is pretty basic stuff. One would imagine that, if this is what he thinks, the issue would be a real emergency to him. But you see, this man decides his priorities as he goes along, and has never been interested in being logical or at least not appear stupid in the least. Plus, he was so busy crushing faithful Catholic orders, you see….

Keep farting, Evil Clown.

At this point, nothing you say has any traction.

It only stinks up the plane.



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