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69 Judases

69 US Bishops have voted against considering abortion a “preeminent” issue in the US society.

Let that sink in.

After you have recovered from the shock, consider whether you agree with me on the following:

1. A Bishop who does not consider the issue of abortion “preeminent” is not worthy not only of being a Bishop, but of being a priest. He (or she…) should be defrocked at once. Who knows, it might help him to avoid hell one day.

2. One would really like to know what are, then, the issues that our 69 Judases consider preeminent. Methinks, they would be modern mantras like state-paid health care, social justice, or even the environment. Sorry, my dear baby. You will have to die, because carbon emissions are such a hot issue right now….

3. One would also like to know, firstly, who these Judases are; and secondly, who the heck appointed them. I would not be surprised in discovering that Francis’ appointments are overrepresented. But really, in the world of V II Bishops – to use an Italian expression – “the cleanest has scabies”.

Alas, such is the scale of the trouble in the Pachamama church Francis is trying to impose on us; poor, godless, stupid, apostate scoundrel that he is.

But remember this: we live in the age of Twitter and Facebook, an age in which statements that seem fashionable today stay in the ether forever.

The 69 atheist Judases had better be old, and hope that they kick the bucket before sanity comes back and their comfortable, cushioned existence gives way to public ignominy, defrocking and discovery of who knows what scandals (talking to you, Mr “nighty-night”….).

An eternity in hell will not be pleasant, for sure; but the small satisfaction of knowing that they have feasted and scrounged at the expense of Holy Mother Church will stay with them forever.

Die soon, Judases.

Unless you repent, which is highly doubtful, you belong in the pits of hell, in the company of your eponymous hero; the one, I mean, for whom Christ was not “social” enough.

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