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Pachamama Logic: Meet The People Francis Likes

I am writing this with almost daily frequency now, but it is really as if we were living in a parallel universe.

In two days Francis managed to meet a so-called “Anglican” dyke who fights to make it a criminal offence to help a homosexual to get back to normal,  and a Muslim leader who wants to kill those who convert to Christianity. 

So, Francis loves dykes and homos, but he also loves those who – whilst the imam did not say this explicitly – throw them from the roofs. He talks of inter religious dialogue, but then he meets those whose dialogue with converts to Christ is limited to killing them unless they deny Him.

What do we make of this? Two things.

The first: Francis lives in a logic-free space, where no shame or decency have ever existed. He probably knows it and, if he does, he certainly enjoys it. It is like being a very powerful child of three, able to throw all the toys you want out of the pram without consequences.

The second: this man hates Christianity in general, and Catholicism in particular. He will like you if, and exactly because, you hate Christianity and Its values. He will promote dialogue with you if you deny Christ. He will meet you if you do all you can to fight against common sense and Christian culture.

This explain the “logic” of this guy. Whether it is the pagan cult of Pachamama, wannabe Convert-killing Imams, atheist journalists like Scalfari, or society-perverting dykes, he will like you if you hate, despise or adverse Christianity, all the while raging against us, “rigid” Catholics, and comparing us to Nazis.

You would think the Bishops and Cardinals aren’t blind, deaf, and stupid? You would think there is still a number of them that is decent enough to react to this, and who are afraid for their own salvation enough to realise that there must be a reaction? You would think the pagan idolatry within the Vatican, and pagan symbols on the altar during mass (this is even worse than Assisi!) caused some of them to finally wake up and condemn Francis? Think again.

It is not enough to condemn the statues of Pachamama. Those statues did not find their way to the Vatican because of some strange magic. They were there because Francis ordered them to be there, in full knowledge of what they are. Similarly, Francis obviously did know that the plant and earth he had put on the altar are alternative symbol of the same pagan deity.

All this is clear enough to our Cardinals and Bishops. I am not sure the Lord will have mercy on them when they die.

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