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Francis’ Total Trainwreck

Reader Catholic Muscle has alerted me to this, and it really makes for entertaining reading.

We have here the crumbling of an old, stupid man in front of questions that I would not even define “challenging” (I would call challenging questions like “are you homosexual?” “Are you A Socialist?” “Do you believe in the bodily Resurrection of Our Lord?” “Why did you allow Pachamama on the altar?” “What excuse do you have for not answering the Dubia?” and the like), but that go merely as far as, say, mention a certain Archbishop Vigano’.

Francis, who either was not prepared or, more likely, does not care to even prepare, proceeds to a series of self-goals that would be cringe worthy, if we did not already know the nature, attitude and character of the man.

Before I start, note this: the style, the articulation of this man can be defined “childish” at best, and “stupid” more appropriately. He just cannot talk, because he cannot think. Reading Francis is like reading the rant of some twelve years old who believes himself brilliant, but is mocked by his peers.

On the walls, the man is really so stupid that he wants us to equate a wall built to keep one’s own people prisoner, to the many walls (including his own!) that have always been built to keep the enemy out. Perhaps, at five, a child might struggle to understand the difference. But to make the comparison with adults really shows the stupidity of this sad individual.

On the riches, the man can only spout his trite socialist mantras. To him, it is a problem that there are rich people and, actually, rich people are the reason why there are poor people. Effing Commie. Had he an IQ higher than 22, he would understand that rich people make everybody around them better off. But no, he must be envious of those who had more than him when he grew up and became an adult. Because, my dear reader, you are clearly in front of a professional, lifelong scrounger, who obviously joined an order merely to have a solid, respected position in life, hating the hand that fed him for the majority of his remarkably evil existence.

Then we have “wymyn”, when the Holy Farter cannot see the difference between Christianity and Islam. I truly hope he does not accuse us one day for the women who have to endure genital mutilation. Still, in his usually stupid way, Francis goes for the applause here. Look at me. I am a feminist pope. Isn’t it grand?

It goes worse and worse from there, and I invite you to read the article in its entirety and the excellent arguments, and vast examples of past behaviour, that the always excellent Chris Ferrara makes against the man.

We get here into meltdown territory. We have attempts at self-defence that are so stupid, so childish, so arrogant that one really does not know whether the man is so stupid that he cannot do any better, or is so arrogant that he does not want to even make the effort of being better. 

Towards the end, we have the oh so ‘umble comparison of his ‘umble person with Our Lord. The stupidity and arrogance of this man reach their summit, at least for this interview. Once again, one wonders whether this is a pope or a guy still wearing shorts.

Please make the link posted above circulate. It is good that every Catholic you know sees the level of embarrassment this man subjects himself to, very possibly thinking he has been smart in the process.

This papacy has definitely become what I have been predicting for years: the progressive self-denunciation of a man too stupid, too arrogant, just too damn thick to understand the dig he has worked himself to, and unable to get out of it because unable to think any other way, and unable to show even a microscopic amount of that humility for which he praises himself so highly.

I hope he dies today.

I invite you to pray for this outcome, for the good of the Church we love.





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