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Mundabor Pro Domo Sua


Many a site I visit on the Internet (Catholic or not) has one of those pop-up windows who suddenly get, literally, in your face and ask for money.

I wish I had the possibility of installing such a pop-up window.

It would not ask for money, at least not directly.

It would ask for a “Hail Mary” for the salvation of the author’s soul. Perhaps once a year (during Advent, or Holy Week) it would also ask for Masses being offered for the salvation of the same.

I do not have (that I know of) the ability of having such a window installed. But I still have a blog, so there:

I ask my readers, if they like my posts, to say, before or after reading one, a “Hail Mary” for the salvation of this wretched sinner.

I also wonder whether the one or other would, if they liked the blog posts I have written during the year, offer a Mass for me. This can be done easily online at sites like Aid to the Church in Need, also helping some poor priest living in financial straits, and often in danger, in the Third World.

I do not request or demand anything. I write my blog primarily so that the Blessed Virgin may look on me with favour, and help me in the hour of my death. No-one owes me anything, and I promise you that you will never read, on this blog, “appeals” on the lines of “unless you give me money this site might close”.

This little effort is for you to enjoy and perhaps profit from, and it is written, literally, gratis et amore Dei. It is written so that one day, when the call comes, I may say, together with all of us, “Presente!”.

Still, I cannot help thinking that Masses offered for me from people I do not even know will please heaven, both for myself and for the donor of the Mass, more than the Masses I offer for myself (I do that, too); and it is a consolation to think that one day, perhaps on my death bed, I will be comforted by the idea that many Masses have been offered for my salvation, perhaps more than I could have reasonably offered for myself.

And this is why today I dare to ask my readers – even without the pop-up window – to try to take the habit of saying a Hail Mary for me either before or after reading my blog post; and, (but only if they are assiduous readers and have enjoyed reading my blog during 2019), to consider offering a Mass for me, a wretched sinner, as a “thank you” for some 250 yearly blog posts.

It is not often that I ask something strictly for myself.

Today is one of those times.

I leave the matter to your good heart; and may we all, one day, rejoice together in a place of perfect joy, without the Francises and all the abominations of our days.

“Knock it Off! We Are Not Stupid!”” Francis Exposed Even By Jesuits

Miserere nobis, Domine




I had never heard, until yesterday, of Father Mitch Pacwa, SJ. He has a show on EWTN. Whilst a Jesuit, he appears to, actually, be a Catholic.

Father Pacwa went strongly against Pachamama, and did not not mince words. If you copy and paste the link, you will get the show itself. I have not listened to the entire show, but our part starts at around 31:30, when Father speaks of his experiences in Peru. What he refers is an astonishing mixture of Paganism as the main actor and a pseudo Christianity with, so to speak, a walking part.

Make no mistake, this mixture must be known to Francis, as more and more testimonies from South America are emerging that confirms that the cult of pachamama is spread over there. It can, certainly, be that the idolatry takes different forms regionally. But there can be no doubt that something that is adored as an idol in some parts will be adored as the same idol in other parts, and that Francis very well knows that.

So there we have it: we have a pope that openly, publicly, unashamedly promotes pagan idols, and apologises to its followers when good Christians actually remove the idols from a church. 

If this does not deserve the stake, I don’t know what does. 

Also, please reflect on this: Father Pacwa describes a hierarchy composed of “gods of the mountains” first, “pachamama” (goddess of the earth) below them, and Jesus, Mary and the Saints below Pachamama. Is such a hierarchy not perfectly consistent with the beliefs of a man who refuses to genuflect in front of the Blessed Sacrament, denies the Divine nature of Our Lord whilst on earth, and – most recently – denies His bodily Resurrection? Actually, it seems to me that the behaviour is in line with this idolatry, and the only thing that speaks against it is that this man appears to have no faith at all, and the Pachamama stuff might just be the way he chooses to anger you like the stupid child he is.

It is an unreal time, in which the pope himself encourages and practices the adoration of pagan idols, and must be told to “knock it off” by, of all people, a Jesuit.

Father Pacwa makes another observation: the prayer to Pachamama appeared on the internet site of an Italian mission organisation (imagine that!) was very probably there without the knowing of the Italian Bishops, and was the work of some, as he himself says, apparatchik trying to smuggle pagan idolatry in the middle of Catholicism. I thought the same when I read the prayer some time ago. Still, it now behooves the Italian Bishops to apologise, remove every trace of the idolatrous prayer and very public state that this will not be allowed to happen again.  

We are talking of open idolatry here, not of some prelates saying something which, on a bad day, might be interpreted in the wrong way.



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