The Week Long Vodka Party


We have just celebrated the Resurrection of Our Lord. Something which the Italian Prime minister does not seem aware of (you can search the internet at your pleasure; utterly embarrassing…) but Christians actually consider the most important day of the year.

The Easter festivities provide a useful tool to put the days we are living in perspective.

Because we believe that Christ resurrected, we believe in eternal life. Because we believe in eternal life, we put death in a different perspective than the secular minded people. Because we have the proper understanding of death, we can also prevent sad events of life from letting us go mad.

The atheist man (and woman; lots of those nowadays) thinks that when they are dead, they are just as dead as a worm is. They are unable to put their lives in a bigger perspective. Therefore, in many cases their life will become a good to be protected no matter what, and the protection of this good will easily give way to hysteria.

The atheist man, and woman, in Italy, France or Spain is unwilling or unable to think of the immense pain that will come on their nations if they allow the “experts” to dictate national policy and utterly ruin them. The only thing they understand is the fear of death the media keep instilling in them every day. He who is shitting his trousers today has often little thought for his unemployment tomorrow, or in three months time.

The secular minds create a sort of suicidal, lemming-like herd effect. If you dare to say that the Country needs to be reopened, no matter what, you are considered an apprentice grandma killer at best and an apprentice child rapist at worse. You are simply beyond the pale. The day will come when this tiny majority becomes, actually, the majority; but at that point, such a great damage will have been inflicted that it will be too late to avoid years of great economic and social pain.

These days Italy, Spain, and France remind me of a person who can get drunk on vodka every day, for six weeks straight, without getting  a hangover; but who will then, when the hangover comes, suffer forty times the usual pain. The hangover has not come yet, and the drinking continues unabated. When the hangover comes, there will be nothing that makes it go away.

The politicians understand the situation, but they simply have no guts to warn their own voters – unless it be done in the weakest of tones, which are then forgotten in order to follow “the experts” – of the damage they are inflicting to themselves, because the demand for vodka is still too strong, and no one wants to be seen as the one who tells the inconvenient truths and gets stoned as a result.

Therefore, the vodka party is going on almost unabated.

Prime Minister Conte could have spoken a “power word” in the last days, and order at least the Country’s factories to reopen. He failed to do so, because the attributes to stand up to the “experts” were just not there. It is clear enough what the man will do: he will await that the hangover sets in and the pain becomes unbearable, so that the reopening of the Country is made much easier to sell, and much safer for his political future.

As I write this, it pays to show oneself “concerned”, and the Country be damned. What a sad situation.


I have never underestimated this virus.

I have never called it a scam, or a hoax, and rubbish like that.

But for heaven’s sake, we must all die one day, and we have the hope of eternal life.

If three fifths of the Italians had one tenth of the fear of hell (something very concrete for many; millions of Italians live in their atheism, in a concubinage, or in both) than they have of coronavirus (something pretty remote for most), the reaction to this would have been much different: three, four weeks of lockdown to prepare the emergency services as much as one can; and then to war, with the full armour of a Country’s productive machine, rather than this cowering and surrendering, that is not even worthy of a French army.

I pity a Country of people who have so much fear of dying, that they prefer to destroy the economy instead.

I pity even more a Country of people unable to put the tragedy of Coronavirus in the proper perspective of, say, the yearly toll of pneumonia or flu.

I pity the most a Country that is terrified of dying because of its lack of faith.

And so the vodka party goes on.

The hangover will be absolutely atrocious.







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  1. Excellent…as are all of your posts IMO.

    I wrote allegorically of the same fear of death recently. No one wants to die unexpectedly, especially from a man-made cause, and it scares the hell out of people. Which is also why governments can overtly take so much freedom, from so many acquiescing people in such a short amount of time. Everyone wants to live long lives…no matter what it may cost them.

    Might some even re-think their abortion-for-all mantra, then? That would certainly be a greater good outcome for enduring this evil God has permitted.

  2. Yes, and the politicians will be blamed for the economic disaster anyway. So why don’t they realize this and do something a little courageous, like begin to open the economy now. Telling folks that they only followed direction from scientists will be of little help when economic depressive arrives.

    Best advice for cowardly politicians is to resign now or claim they have the virus and are unable to carry-on. If they don’t resign the public should demand it.

  3. Mary Ann Kreitzer

    The trolls will no doubt be telling you what heartless uncaring person you are. That’s what I’m getting on my blog. I’m the granny willing to kill others. But you are right on! It’s refreshing to read some common sense. There’s precious little of that these days.

    • I have purged my blog carefully of trolls in pre-coronavirus times. As a result, it was pretty fine up to now. Mostly I cull conspiracy theorists, end of the world wannabe prophets and the like.

  4. The email forwarding facility does not seem to work. I am not on facebook as I had a bad experience with it.
    Like your work. Time we got to hear Mass again.

  5. Pegon Zellschmidt

    Hopefully Trump will reopen by 5/1 perhaps in conjunction with a few other brave souls around the world. This could ameliorate finger pointing if other countries joined in although we know who would get the bulk of the immediate hysterical media.
    In the state of Kentucky, USA, the governor has had law enforcement record license plates of those that attended Easter service, ticketed their cars, will fine the $1000 and require them to quarantine for 14 days.
    Kentucky flu season thru 4/4/2020 has recorded 132 deaths and no church closings.
    Kentucky Wuhan virus thru 4/14/2020 has recorded 104 deaths and nazi like actions.

  6. Fantastic article, Mundabor! Re: “ Because we believe that Christ resurrected, we believe in eternal life.
    Because we believe in eternal life, we put death in a different perspective…Because we have the proper understanding of death, we can also prevent sad events of life from letting us go mad.
    The atheist…..are unable to put their lives in a bigger perspective”

    Ironic how some Atheists are becoming unhinged as they suddenly face the accelerated prospect of the Eternal Nothingness they proclaim.

    opportunities, then, for us to to prayerfully and diplomatically explain “….the reason for the hope that is in you…”. (1 Peter  3:15).

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