SSPX Statement On The Campaign Against Them

I normally don’t like to intervene in inter-Catholic squabbling. My reflection on this is that the anticlerical element will use everything it can to smear Catholicism as a whole, claiming that we are a bunch of sectarian fanatics.

In the case of the (new) attack of Church Slandering against the SSPX, I have not intervened for the additional reason that doing so would make it look like the accusations of Church Slandering have some merit and deserve to be discussed; which they haven’t, and don’t.

However, once the SSPX issues a statement on the issue, I think it proper to call your attention on it. The statement can be found here. There is nothing to add.

As a last observation, I would like to inform my esteemed readers of a policy I have: whenever one slanders the Society, he is banned either immediately, or after a warning shot. For the future, I think I will dispense with the warning shot.

The use of the word “schism” in connection with the SSPX will also likely get one banned, then life is too short for people with little understanding and a big mouth.


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  1. Thank you Mundabor.

  2. Pegon Zellschmidt

    It has always been my concern for the mere 20 years that I have been aware of the SSPX that they remain vigilant in their seminaries, schools and chapels, in realizing that they are under attack every waking day from within, eg, Vatican, diocesan, et al, and without, eg, communist, homosexual, et al., (or at this point there’s no difference). I won’t comment on the 2nd letter that I rec’d from SSPX dated 4/24, one day after the first that you link to, other than to say that they speak of “an absence of a robust reporting infrastructure within the U.S. District at that time.” Let’s hope that the robust reporting system is now in place, even if it’s just a phone call.
    As Bella Dodd, a former communist agent and eventual “revert” to Catholicism wrote: “In the 1930s, we put eleven hundred men into the priesthood [in the United States] in order to destroy the Church from within.” Another former communist, Manning Johnson, testified to Congress: “In the earliest stages it was determined that with only small forces available to them, it would be necessary to concentrate Communist agents in the seminaries…. This policy of infiltrating seminaries was successful beyond even our communist expectations.”

  3. Thank you. I am refusing to read or address the foolish, sophomoric articles that attack the SSPX.

  4. Mundy,
    I’m very grateful new generations are coming to know Traditional Catholic Worship and the Faith that keeps me continually growing in appreciation of its greatness. I thank God for every priest that has ever dedicated his life to holy service to Him, and daily pray for all of them to work with His Grace towards perfection.

    Knowing most have not yet reached that, when a conflict arises and there aren’t enough facts available to judge both sides of it fairly, it seems best to leave it to God to let the full truth come out while making sure we don’t let personal bias interfere with whatever means He uses to make that happen. It’s too easy to fool ourselves into believing we’re doing that when we actually aren’t, so constant vigilance, and humble self examination are required, especially for popular, non-schizmatic Italian Catholic bloggers with massive influence over public opinion.

    On the lighter side, I caught this spirited video on Fr. Z’s blog today – a reminder that Catholics are all in this together, and it’s still okay to smile in between the battles, while we stay in condition to fight:

    • Oh, I assure you those who accuse the SPPX don’t do it out of lack of full facts, but out of full-scale animosity against the organisation.

  5. vermontcrank1

    If you head on over to twitter, you can read the excitement bubbling up in the tweets of Voris whose ecstatic epicaricacy is as rebarbative as it is spiritually sick.

    Digging its own grave is what Catholic Militant TV is doing.

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