Ora Basta!! Enough Now!!

I have complained several times about the lack of courage of the garden variety elected politicians, and the desire to “play it safe” and follow the advice of the “experts”, and the Country be damned,

Thank God, someone in Italy (and someone or substantial political weight) has now taken a clear position against the current situation. Predictably, it is Matteo Salvini; who is more than a tad late to this party, but at least showed up in the end.

You will note in the article that Salvini says a lot that will resonate with thinking people. The appeal to the use of common sense instead of the asphyxiating micromanagement from above, and the obvious consideration that Italy has a lot of churches (and still a lot of priests) are not the stuff of rocket scientists, but the common sense, normal reaction of normal, no-nonsense people.

It is difficult to say what will happen now, but Italians are an emotional bunch, and they have already showed a measure of restraint that goes beyond the admirable, and is now firmly in the realm of the self-harming.  When they finally wake up to the fact that their beautiful show of solidarity will have an immense cost in economic terms, potentially crippling the Country for years to come, they might get emotional in the other way, and proceed to severely punish those who thought it in their hands to keep them all on house arrest until they thought it fitting, in their superior wisdom, to decide otherwise.

Enough now.

Time to switch the brains on again, and restart the Country.



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  1. Dolly Parton once said she was so confused she didn’t know whether to scratch her watch or wind her butt. We have heard too many dueling experts. Now nobody knows what to do.

  2. As we say in the old west, ‘Yep’. well said.

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