Capitalism And The Vatican Museums

The Vatican Museums have announced they will reopen soon.

Masks, distances, temperature checks, the usual stuff. Nothing really bothersome considering that on the days when you have to pay to get in, the museums are not packed at all and distancing is easy peasy.

A lot can be done, even in the time of madness, to allow for a somewhat normal life. Thermometers are cheap to buy. Masks are extremely cheap and, if it’s the only way to get your structure open, so be it. But even the Vatican recognises that life must go back to some form of normality soon-ish and, actually, now. 

Look, we can discuss a long time about this stuff with the masks. I have been out walking with and without mask. Most people had no mask, and it did not bother me one bit. No one coughed carelessly. Everyone behaved responsibly. It has come to the point (and it is sad to say so) that one now keeps his distance quite automatically.

Even in those Countries where it is fashionable to still be oh so concerned, the powers that be need to recognise that most activities can reopen, with some easy and sensible precaution, now.

The economy cannot stop.

Even those in charge at the Vatican Museums recognise it.



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  1. Common sense will out. Hooray One thumb up.

  2. I am in one of those Pennsylvania counties still under lockdown (despite the fact that we have a disproportionate number of hospitals, none of which were taxed by the outbreak). Yesterday, the majority of our county commission expressed the intention of defying the governor (aptly named “Wolf”) and allowing businesses to reopen with “precautions.” Our neighboring county was even more assertive about its intentions to defy the lockdown. Their sheriff even got involved with a statement that he and his deputies would not enforce the governor’s edicts. I was driving about yesterday and noticed that traffic was normal for the first time in eight weeks. People have had enough with the senseless and arbitrary “public health restrictions.” Bottom line: the petty tyrants have lost the reasonable consent of the people.

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