The Evil Clown Explained

“I hate you so much…!”


Follow the link to the Mass of the Evil Clown, held in the House of Sodomy. 

The money quote is, as recognised by the outlet itself, this one:

“In recent days many people have lost their jobs; they have not been re-employed, they are working illegally … We pray for these brothers and sisters of ours who suffer from this lack of work “.

In one phrase, one can isolate everything that is wrong with this guy. Let us go in order:

  1. Francis’ preoccupations are never spiritual, they are worldly. When he pretends to be interested in soul, it is just an excuse to push his worldly agenda. So he can say that the poor are exploited, or he can say that those who exploit the poor will go to hell (notabene: the God of Mercy does not help the class enemy…). In the end, though, it is always the same message of social justice warrior in white.
  2. Francis complains about circumstances he has contributed to create. A Pope reminding the faithful that no one does, but God has decreed so, would encourage quite a different climate than the present inordinate panic. But hey, Francis is the enemy of capitalism, as is a sustained lockdown. Still, he never misses an occasion to whine.
  3. Francis is confused, because he does not think straight. As long as the lockdown is not consigned to the dustbin of history, it will not be possible to say that anyone is not re-employed. People can’t be re-employed when it is not legal for their employers to actually make them work. But hey, these subtleties are too much for Karl Francis.
  4. Francis conflates several issues, in order to subtly helps two causes of his at the price of one. In this case, he puts together the unemployed and those who work illegally. That illegal work is something that takes away jobs from honest people, he does not stop to reflect. In Francis’ world, you as a law abiding citizen have no rights.

He does do all the time. It really is all he knows. And why does he do this? Firstly, out of social hatred and social envy, as befits a Commie. Secondly, because his social grievances help him to look good, which he clearly craves above all else in his old age. Thirdly, because having lost the faith decades ago (if he ever had it, of which I doubt) the constant pounding about social issues helps him feel good. Pretty much everybody wants to feel he is doing some good. Every Stalin can look, in some moment of lucidity, at his cruelty and say to himself “I am changing the world, I am making it a better place”.  Exculpation and excuse at the same time, social issues are what allows Francis to feed his ego whilst he thinks well of himself.

You will notice this pattern at work all the time. Think of this blog post the next time you read about a homily of his.

More likely than not, you will be able to make exactly the same considerations.




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  1. Andreas Wieduwilt

    You are absolutely right when you say that Francis does what he does out of social hatred and social envy but it’s a form of envy very linked to his origins, having worked in Argentina for 3 years (I am German) I realized that Bergoglio suffers from an inferiority complex very endemic to Argentina, Argentines love and hate europe and ricochet between those feelings all the time,a mix of hatred, envy and admiration I never thought possible , it’s like many argentines of european or partial european descent consider themselves unfairly exiled europeans and whine and cry about their greatgranparents who left Europe behind, a catastrophic mistake whose consequences , they resent their ancestors leaving war torn Europe to move to a poor land that never developed whereas Europe recovered from war. I think Bergoglio harbours that very argentine grudge within his dark heart.

  2. Then too, there’s the constant pounding on “development of doctrine” a concept which he throws wildly about. The spirit WILL move you to accept new ways of thinking, new ways of doing! You WILL NOT remain cloistered wearing your “holy card face”. You WILL NOT build that wall, you WILL revere Earth, our mother, and on and on…

  3. There is an even more fundamental flaw in Francis’ thinking, one that shows he is essentially clueless about Christianity. Everyone is not, in fact, our “brother and sister”. Our fellow Christians are our brothers and sisters, and no one else. There is no “brotherhood of Man” in Christianity.

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