Beware Of The Wrong People


I am always wary of the people who seem to support us from the wrong perspective or, worse, from a perversion.

I have seen many times that great, multi-channel TV show that is the 2016 Election Night, and I distinctly remember a chap dressed – and with his face painted – in an extremely disquieting way in the ballroom of the Hilton, Trump’s Headquarters. The guy attracted the attention of the liberal cameras, which was very obviously why he was there in the first place. I can’t say that I can admire Trump’s work in the matter of sexual perversion – besides eliminating some of the worst excesses from the Military, which isn’t enough – . Trump just does not want to go there, which shows you that Jaranka’s influence (and his own New York upbringing) have left their evil mark on him.

Even more wary I am of people like Milo Yannopoulos; a guy who now lives with his “husband” and who has abundantly shown that, apart from the occasional brilliancy of his words (a brilliancy which is, in part, made more evident by the contrast with his being, actually, a homo), he is a creepy drama queen, in the game purely for his own self-aggrandizement.

Like many of these people, Yiannopoulos seeks a scene; or, rather, a gaudy, Liberace-style pulpit like the one Archbishop Paglia dreams he could have. I don’t mind if anyone praises something smart that he says (I have done it myself, because I think that everything that helps, helps…), but we must pay attention that the support for the single statement does not become support for the man. The man is, simply stated, not one of ours, and for reasons so obvious that if you need to be told them, it is useless to do even that.

The same happens for people like Bill Maher, who seems to get a lot of what is happening. Maher is like a man blinded by decades of leftism, who is now slowing seeing glimpses of where the ideology he has supported leads in the end. But he is not in any way, shape or form understanding the underlying issue: that leftism is a poison that ends up trying to destroy not only everything that is good and holy, but democracy itself. Instead, the man seems to think that the problem is not being a leftist, it is being a  cancel culture leftist. This is like complaining that milk goes off when you leave it out of the fridge.

Given time, leftist thinking leads to BLM, talk of equality leads to talk of forced redistribution, the encouragement of victimhood leads to looting, talk of “hate speech” leads to cancel culture and Big TechBrother dictatorship.

We should give some space to people from the wrong side who support Trump, or fight against a common enemy, or oppose cancel culture (Michael Moore is another example I have quoted more than once). But in all that, we should never forget that Milo Yiannopoulos (and all those “homos for Trump” groups, however named) will never, ever be standard bearers for us, because they live under the banner of Satan.   

He who has the Cross does not need Yiannopoulos.






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  1. Well said Mundabor and good insights. Agree 100%. Occasionally saying conservative Catholic things does not a Conservative Catholic make. We risk giving them more credibility than they deserve.

  2. Regarding Mr. Maher. When he first came to prominence he was staunchly conservative, mocking leftwing arguments and pronouncements. He was centered in New York and (how he found them I don’t know) was surrounded with like-minded people.When he shifted to celbrity-laden los-anti-angeles he began catering to his new coterie of friends and became the sad sack he is today.
    This is a man who threw his moral compass overboard when he set sail in the entertainment industry.
    “Entertainers” opinions are created to ‘entertain’ but primarily to build public relations for the entertainer alone. These opinions are expressed as another source of personal publicity and as a rule (there must always be exceptions) should be seen as ‘press releases’ for the individuals blathering them and nothing more. They “virtue signals” that are meant to build personal “box office” value. Actors especially are pretenders who do their best work when there is a “director” guiding their efforts. When left on their own they fall into failed fantasies of fame, drugs and drink as we see on a regular basis.

  3. Mary Ann Kreitzer

    Well said. It reminds me of St. Ignatius’ exercise on the two standards. Whatever we can do to help these people be drawn more into the light let’s do, but be careful not have our own values perverted by their errors!

  4. You may have noticed a couple of traddies interview Milo. To their credit, they did bring up the elephant in the room, so we can’t say we haven’t tried. He is a baptized Catholic and I have prayed for him. It was clear that he was not sold on his own vices. As far as Trump goes, I don’t think as President he can do other than be accepting of his constituency, at least publicly.

  5. Or as Ann Barnhardt noted “there is no such thing as an ‘on-side’ sodomite.” Well said. Even a broken clock can be right twice a day:+) God bless~

  6. Very true. There are many of these types celebrated on the Right. Ann Coulter celebrates, and actually dated, the likes of Maher. Pocket social Leftists like Benson and Shapiro are daily undermining the conservative remnant. They are all about the $$$. Sean Hannity idiotically took the side of transgender disorder because Biden once made a non Leftist comment about it. Pollak at Breitbart, and Hannity, constantly slam Biden for taking an opportunistic anti forced school busing position in the 70s. They are blissfully unaware that forced busing was an egregious Leftist, social engineering project, opposed by all right of center public figures. We have many moles, and not bright types on the Right. That is why John Stuart Mill called it the “stupid party”.

    • Pollak and Nolte at Breitbart have some good days and some days you wonder whose side they are on.
      As you say, I think it’s mainly sheer ignorance.

  7. Exactly! Conservatives are so willing to welcome anyone to the fold! I disagree with that policy. Refusing, or disregarding the odd, fringe ‘conservatives’ may also help those odd conservatives think about straightening out their lives. Being ‘welcoming’ certainly hasn’t helped.

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