Drunk Or Commie? You Be The Judge.

Francis’ little helper?

Is there no limit, no limit at all to the stupid revolutionary propaganda of this evil tool of Satan?

I am told that Francis likes Fernet ( I do it, too; it might well be the only taste we have in common), and when I read his new apology of looting and race baiting my first impulse was to think “he was tipsy, or drunk, and said too much”. However, if the statement about the “Samaritans” (yes: race baiting, Marxist propaganda and looting now make you a “Samaritan”) was prepared, then there is something more sinister at work.

With advancing age (or disease; we will know which is which in due time) Francis seems to become, if possible, more aggressive in his denunciation of Catholicism and in his promotion of the Marxist agenda. Apart from alcohol abuse (which, in case of off-the-cuff comment, we certainly do not want to exclude), this seems to be due either to his becoming more petty and more unhinged as the years pass or, if we are lucky, to his becoming more venomous and more desirous to punch some fists to the Catholic wall as he has been told he is approaching the time for the check out.

In both cases, what changes is the immediate motivation, not the spirit or the mentality behind this man’s actions. The mentality is the one of an old, bitter, lewd old man who, after scrounging from the Church he hates all his life, is now indulging in his childish desires to damage her as much as he can before he goes into what he thinks will be annihilation and nothingness; something we know because, if he believed in God, he would be absolutely and completely terrified and would, as a result, most certainly behave differently.

It is difficult, from the point of view of a sane Catholic, to accurately gauge what is going on inside the already not very smart mind of this individual. His hatred of us is not of the systematic, lucid, intelligent kind. He says and does what he feels like saying and doing on the day. Seeing an intellectual pygmy trying to kick a skyscraper does make you wonder about the sobriety of the pygmy, but the pygmy could be – besides being full of hatred – just very, very stupid.

Francis kicks the skyscraper all the time. He certainly angers us. The skyscraper does not notice it at all.

He might have been drunk. He might have been… Francis.

You be the judge.

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  1. I can hardly wait for the meeting between Frankie-the-Snake and jojothemonkeyboy on October 29th.
    Each of these (not quite) men has used his high office to dismantle the institution he is responsible for protecting.
    Frankie has done this with, of course, help from his bureaucracy.
    jojo is just a figurehead of course, the lightning rod if you will, for what his bureaucracies and handlers are doing.
    But both have the same agenda if in somewaht different arenas.
    Chaos and destruction.
    frankie’s franchise is the more important and longlasting but jojo’s is the more immediate here in the material world.

  2. The fakepope does seem to be increasingly incapable of subtlety or finesse, a hamhanded desperate lashing out. His prior ambiguity is being abandoned. He may also believe he has won, achieved the annihilation of the Church, and no longer has to equivocate…..as we are seeing with the globalist deep state openly asserting our future enslavement to their NWO as their GMOs. This mis-interpretation of the parable is incomprehensible. I think he, and other commies, are relying on the dumbed down and ignorant to accept his version as correct based on his ersatz authority, “my pope, right or wrong”. And Vigano is right, we are seeing this same “rewrite” of history mirrored in the US marxist-mao cultural revolution.

  3. PM. I like what you write. You never ask for money which I like. You are doing a good job.
    All I want to do is forward some of your blogs to friends. This I can’t do. I hate facebook. Pintersest is confusing so I email it to myself. So having jumped through the hoops identifying busses or cross walks I still don’t receive my own email. Even though it says it has been sent.
    Can you please correct this problem of mine.
    Best regards
    Paul Hellyer

  4. Fun Facts about Fernet-Branca:

    1. Developed in Italy during the 19th century. Became wildly popular in Argentina where it is commonly mixed with Coke. But many drink it neat. A big factory was built there to keep up with the demand.

    2. It is 35% ABV and is a wild concoction of Chinese rhubarb, chamomile and other botanicals from around the world. It was originally prescribed as a cure for cholera and menstrual cramps. (Wonder if it ever helped corprophagia?).

    3. American consumption increased during prohibition when it was consumed as a medicinal (wink, wink). Today in the USA enjoyment of the elixir prevails in San Francisco, California, so we see it is a gay drink Bergoglio enjoys!

    • Aarrgh!! “Gay” drink!!
      in Italy this is a straight as they come!
      But we love all sorts of herb liquors. I just happen to enjoy Fernet the most..

  5. Private. Hello Mundy again. I have found a way of forwarding your blog. Instead of emailing it to myself which does not work. I now email it to one of my secondary email addresses which does work.
    So all’s well and thank you for the great work you are doing most of the time.
    Best regards.
    Paul Hellyer.

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