Long Live Inequality

Never, ever, complained about inequality.

I can’t tell you how much it grates me that there should be politicians, actually now in the US more often than in Europe, whining about inequality.

The complaining about inequality is illogical, tyrannical, and Unchristian.

Humans have been made by their Creator with vast differences in, inter alia, intelligence, inventiveness, ability to work hard, ability to overcome difficulties, and many traits more. It is perfectly logical that this, alone, would create vast differences in people’s wealth.

But it is much, much more than that. How do you want to fight inequality? There is only one way: ferocious taxation of both earnings in life and inheritance after death. This is one of the most tyrannical ideas ever devised – which is why Communists specialise in it – as it deprives the human activity of that natural impulse to do better for ourselves and transmit the fruits of our labour to our children. It is difficult to imagine a worse compulsion and limitation of basic freedoms, short of North Korea.

Most of all, inequality is God-given and God-willed. The one is born the son of a penniless peasant. The other is born the son of a King. The social mobility the Church has always encouraged (many Popes of the past had quite humble origins, something that did not happened in secular government) and of which we see Old Testament examples (think of David) does not negate the premise: God wants some to be born rich, or powerful, or intelligent, or strong, or beautiful, and others poor, not powerful at all, dumb, ugly, or weak.

God does so, of course, in order to execute His Providential plan, giving all of us those special graces that are good for us, and asking us after death whether we have used those graces wisely or have squandered them away.

Of course, we need a fair society, which makes it impossible or extremely difficult for someone to enrich himself with devious, criminal, or fraudulent means; something in which, again, Communist Countries excel. And no, corruption and criminality are not given to us by God, they are merely allowed, like any other evil.

If all goes well and you have a well-ordered, corruption-free, efficient society which tries to give opportunities to those who deserve them, what do you get? You get huge inequality, as the emergence of the Rockefellers and Vanderbilts, of the Henry Fordses, of the Jeff Bezoses and of the Elon Musks of the world will be, in fact, encouraged. This is not only legitimate. It is wonderful. It is God-given inventiveness, innovation, resilience, patience, genius, and sheer determination at work. Are these people perfect? Of course not. But neither you nor I are, and still no one asks whether we should be allowed to exist or have money.

Believe me I know what poverty is. Believe me I never had the privileges of the US underprivileged. I never bought $200 training shoes. I went to school with broken shoes. I know what it is not having the money to ask a girl out. I know what it is is to be scared about the future. And you know what? I think it was all God-given and providentially arranged, every bit of it.

Inequality is a toy , or rather a weapon, for people who want to become privileged themselves, profiting from the envy and the mediocrity of the lazy and dumb.

Embrace inequality. Embrace Christ.

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  1. This topic is near and dear to me. Such an important topic for a Catholic. Inequality under God, in service to God our Maker.

    There is much inequality in nature. The broad mountain over here; the ant hill over there; the field of wildflowers here the dandelion patch over there; here a tall thriving pine tree; there a burned out tree infested with grubs; a large river feeding a waterfall here, a tiny little brook over there; grizzly bear predator here, a woodchuck there (etc).

    The point? Everyone knows that this diversity of creation is what makes God’s creation beautiful, compelling. You could say the same about a painting, in which individual strokes and colors are not beautiful in and of themselves, until they are seen at the end in combination with all the others. Or a home in which the concrete foundation, buried in the ground; the beams supporting the roof in the attic are every bit as important to the overall beauty of the structure as the stained glass window in the dining room and the chandelier hanging in the entry. All of it depends on all of it together according to each’s proper role and purpose – separately, none of it is any good.

    It is only in humanity, in which self will asserts itself – given that we are made in the image of God, the painter, sculptor, architect etc – that we have a choice to submit to the will of our Creator in our proper and ordained place and state in life or want something more in accord with selfish desire to be our own god, our own author, designer, architect etc. All else in creation magnifies the glory of God. Only in humanity is there a “competition” in which the created strives against the Creator for pride of place and authorship of reality.

    Such “competition” leads to madness, as we see all around us in our apostate day. It is only when we submit in love to He who created us in love to fulfill a Divine purpose that we are happy and the beauty of the whole in accord with the perfect will and pleasure of God is advanced.

  2. Anyone remember “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s goods”? One of the many downsides of not memorizing anything anymore is that there’s no moral framework in people’s heads to push back against the State confiscating your money to hand out to others in the name of “equality”. That’s basically what’s behind the de-criminalization of crimes. Smash a store window and empty the shelves? Put a gun to a storeowner to get his money? Steal a car; ransack a house? You have; they haven’t. Now they have and you haven’t. Sanctioned in the name of distributive justice. The fact that you and your family may have worked hard over many generations to get to what you have and where you’re at is called unfair and racist.

    The new D.A. in NYC is saying that if you point a gun at me it’s a misdemeanor. It’s only a felony if you shoot me. Which means that if I shoot you before you can shoot me then I’ll be charged with murder, right? That sounds to me like an end-run around the Second Amendment and our right to self-defense. They play chess while we play checkers.

  3. Ah yes, I remember the old USSR, where equality goes like this: high ranking members of the Community Party and their families shopped in special stores (closed off to the public) where they could buy foreign goods and luxuries. Their shelves were always well stocked.

    Meanwhile, the average Russian queued up for basic items like bread. Special privileges like traveling abroad were available to well-connected Party members, but not to the people.

    Does this not sound like champagne socialists and liberals today?

    During Covid, these liberals attended parties without masks (Ex. Calif. governor Gavin Newsom had a large dinner party at the very expensive French Laundry restaurant in California with his rich donors) while he imposed mask mandates and limitations on gatherings for the proletariat.

    What about Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez who, a few weeks ago, was partying in Miami (located in Florida, a red state) with her boyfriend, while Democrats were urging people to stay at home because of Covid? She was not about to give up a nice holiday in the sun just to be a fine example of prudence for Americans. Hypocrites!

    Promising equality is just another emotional trick to gain power. Everyone knows that once they’re in power, they will hog all the privileges for themselves and make sure everyone else has a miserable life. You’re seeing this play out in California and New York, which are suffering outbound migration because many people have had enough.

  4. Aspiring to Heaven

    For more, see this video on the JeremiahAlphonsus channel on Rumble:

    Inequality: The Order of Creation

    This video features the words of Bp. Williamson.

  5. Josemaria Martin Carvalho von-verster

    And Theodicy is the Problem why Atheists do not believe in a Loving God. Inequality is something to be thought of in a contemplative manner.

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