Frankie The Music Lover? Not So Fast…

Loves Schubert, apparently…

And it came to pass we were informed that the Evil Clown has a 2000 cd strong collection. I don’t post the link, because it comes from a publication that should not be linked to.

It sounded strange to me that the pope of the poor would have a music collection costing, by and large, north of $40000. However, what indicated that something clearly wasn’t right is the other piece of information, that most of the 2000 CDs are of classical music.

2000 CDs of classical music? An atomic boor like this one? Please.

As it turns out, there is a very simple explanation for the unusual fact: the CDs are not the fruit of Francis’ boundless love for beauty, but the result of donations from all over the world.

Now, this makes sense. If Francis loved music, and beauty, he would be enchanted by every sung or musical version of the Traditional Mass, from the usual High Mass to, say, Requiem masses. But Francis does not love Traditional sung masses, most likely because they remind him of Christ.

I am, however, fairly sure Francis feels comfortable with the effeminate, sugary, childish attempts at music of the Novus Ordo; those horrible stuff that makes us try to zone out whenever it is inflicted on us in church. That stuff, I am sure, he calls “music”.

So, what do we learn from all this? We learn that the sycophantic fake Catholic press loves trying to make Francis look educated, sophisticated, lover of the finest expression of the human mind.

The reality is one of an insufferable, vulgar, ignorant boor. One who not only does not care for music, but actively tries to destroy the wonderful musical patrimony of our Sacred Liturgy.

Frankie, the music lover?

Epic fail.

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  1. Pope Francis, the Tango lover!

  2. Gildaswiseman, I don’t remember ever seeing the tango done in a church before the current papacy. Now there are tango-ing priests and plump older ladies shown on videos from every holiday. One recent and horrible example was a priest with a variety of those women. They were cheering for the priest’s exhibition, and gradually joined him. I couldn’t bare to watch all of it, but what I saw was definitely vulgar and inappropriate for a church (or anywhere).

    • When Jorge Maria Bergoglio became Pope, a lot of non-Catholic Argentine “artists” of Italian origin (Palmieri, Lusardi Girelli, etc.) decided to take the opportunity to produce all kinds of pseudo-liturgical noise and inflict it on the world while proclaiming a “Pope Francis connection”. It’s basically a grifting operation. Priests should recognise that this kind of ugly soundtrack and the associated sideshows (dancing, immodestly dressed singers and musicians, etc.) are just a crazy scam and hit the “Reject” button. Also, promote this Italian liturgical music instead:

    • Palestrina was a giant.

  3. sixlittlerabbits

    Poop Fransoros sure loves music; he visited a music store in Rome and photographer snapped him leaving. See He declares that he is missing roaming the streets of Buenos Aires. How I wish he were roaming the streets of B.A. and was not in Rome as Pope!

  4. “Atomic boor!” Another one to add to my collection of laugh-out-loud Mundabor-isms, together with “land whale” and Wichtigtuerei.

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