Quite The Boor

If you need further proof Pope Humble hates to be in the middle of good Catholics and avoids them whenever he can, you only need to google a bit, and look at the last events in Caserta.

Firstly there was the blunder with the programme. Francis just wanted to spend the day with his Proddie friends, so he gave instructions to do just that.

Predictably, the local Catholics wondered what was going on, and how it can be that, of all people, a Pope goes out of town to meet the heretics and does not care one bit for his local sheep. It is because he does not give a fig for Catholics, of course; but they found it difficult to accept, and complained. The programme was then suitably amended, with some activities in favour of the local joyless rosary-counters.

And then Francis does go to Caserta, and regales us with the usual heresies about extra ecclesiam omnia salus, according to his utterly heretical, now twenty times repeated ideology. But this post is not about that.

Francis is then eating and drinking with the Proddies, and he enjoys both activities so much – presumably, the second one more – that he decides to continue to eat, drink and be merry and simply cancel his next appointment, where he was supposed to meet some nuns and, I have read, children and other faithful.

Now, the nuns were probably orthodox ones, which would explain Francis' dislike for them. What is truly indicative of the man, though, is Francis' decision to just ignore his next appointment, whatever it may be, because he is amusing himself so much where he is now. If you remember the episode of the Beethoven concert and the empty chair, you realise that for this man not showing up is always an option; only, this time he does not even have the boorish excuse of not being a “Renaissance Prince”. This time, he is truly being a 2014 Francis.

If timeliness is the courtesy of the Kings, not showing up because one does not feel like it, or is enjoying himself too much, or perhaps has even drunk too much, is the behaviour of spoiled models and rock stars. It is, certainly, not fit for a prelate, and is utterly disgraceful for a Pope. And note that this chap here is so brazen in his behaviour that he never ever looks for other people to cover his own boorishness with a veil of convenience (a headache; a light indisposition; fatigue due to the heat), but simply has no problem to let it be known he preferred to stay with the heretics and, no doubt, enjoy their wine.

Now, in case you still have not got the message, let me state it very clear in two languages: questo Papa e' un grandissimo cafone.

This Pope is quite the boor.



Francis Über Alles

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The young man isn't sold. We neither.

Francis does not care for rules of proper behaviour – liturgical, or otherwise – because he is, literally, below caring.

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Francis’ Own Humble Abode, And A Couple Of Considerations

'Umble. Very 'umble...

‘Umble. Very ‘umble…



I wonder if this Marco Tosatti article would have made for a good inspiration for a show in the style of MTV “Cribs” where, instead of the ear-ringed rap singer impossible to understand (no’ wha’ I’m say’? yo!) you get the somewhat more stylish, humble abode of His Humbleness himself.

I have already written about the fact that with Francis’ occupation of vast space (one entire floor, it seems; it makes sense, for security reasons) within the Domus Sanctae Marthae, rooms are taken away from the usual hotel guests, whilst the papal apartments are obviously (and let us hope no one gives Francis the idea) not given to illegal immigrants trying to introduce themselves into Italy through some shitty boat. But this here is different, because it exposes the hypocrisy of the “humble man” thinking in its minutest details.

Firstly: I have thought – like, I am sure, all of us – that the Domus Sanctae Marthae was a decorous, nice hotel for visiting prelates like many, shall we say, honest three star hotels you find in Italy. Something in the range of the 80-100 euro a room per night; undoubtedly nice, but no luxury.


Creepy. Very creepy...

Creepy. Very creepy…



Well, if you look at the photos you will see that this appears rather different, with the atrium revealing a more upscale concept (say: four stars, comfortably), which in turn lets one assume the rooms are equipped and sized accordingly. Yes, it’s not as splendid as the Papal Apartments certainly are; but then again this one is such a boor that in the middle of unspeakable beauty he would merely find himself uncomfortable.  So much for the humble living, then.

But what about the “living among the people?” Haven’t we been delighted with the idea of the Pope happily walking among busy Monsignori (some of them not perverts, presumably), greeting them here and there, shaking hands in a friendly atmosphere, and eating together with all the others whilst discussing the news of the day, and asking what is there for lunch today? “!Ola, Paco! Que pasa?”

Well, not… quite.

It appears His Humbleness eats not only suitably detached from the clerical proletariat, but he does not want to be seen by them, either, with plants humbly but effectively screening him from the sight of the more or less adoring fans.

“Ah, but this has to be so, Mundabor!”, you will say, “otherwise everyone would want to shake hands, greet him, and co!” 

Quite. Which is why you have the Papal Apartments, conveniently away from hotel rooms.

An apartment is there to keep you apart. If you want to live in community, well clearly you will have a community around you. Not difficult, really.

So: Pope Humble wants you to believe he lives in some humble abode, but it turns out the abode is quite the luxury establishment. He wants you to believe he lives in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the Monsignori, but he keeps himself away from them.  And he takes away from them an entire floor of hotel rooms, or a number of hotel rooms, because to use the office in the Vatican is too much of a Renaissance Prince thing.

Congratulations. This wins the Uriah Heep Prize 2014 every day.


Now, let us say a couple of harsh things here: why, then, does Pope Francis the Humble Hotel Dweller live in the Domus Sanctae Marthae? And why does he accept to live under the supervision and the management of a scandalous homosexual priest?

Can it be only for the “image”? Yes, it can. It certainly can. For this man, Francis is everything.

But stop and think, for once, as you would if this were not the Pope, then this is very much a sui generis Pope. Could it be… worse?

Why on earth would one keep as gatekeeper a person obviously depending on his grace to even keep his clerical habit? Could it be, because he needs someone who shuts three eyes concerning who gets in and out, perhaps at night? Could it be that in such a way he has much more freedom of movement for himself and others – perhaps, movements the people better not be informed of – than he would in the papal apartments, with the endless corridors and the inability to move without all the planet knowing it, besides the distances to be covered to get out of the Leonine Walls?

From the Domus, one hop and you are out, in Rome, in the middle of the sheep. Which, at night, tend to be the most smelling ones. or, conversely, you can have all sort of sheep visiting you; with just a handful of people knowing, and they conveniently chosen. But to do this, you need someone who covers you and whom you can trust, because he has so much to lose if you only snap your finger; one who, says, hires and keeps in the strategic places other people who are as vulnerable as he is; then, you can have the people get in and out at ease, Pope included.

No, don’t look at me in that way (I know you are; I can see your face right now): one who openly lives in a hotel run by a well-known pervert at the margin of the Vatican City has deserved that questions are posed.

This isn’t Padre Pio, you see.

And let us leave it at that.






The Thing With The Poverty

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Too much luxury. Let’s look good and spend more money instead.

Let us imagine that the Italian Prime Minister, Enrico Letta, were to decide that the wonderful offices in the spectacularly beautiful Palazzo Chigi in Rome (see photo above) were not befitting the modern times of austerity and economic crisis.

Let us further imagine that he would decide to give an example, and move the offices of the Prime Minister in more modest quarters in some conveniently located, but cheaper and far less spectacular office space in, say, the EUR neighbourhood, seat of several Ministries already.

Let us also imagine that, for obvious security and prestige reasons, the Chigi palace were to be left empty.

Finally, let us imagine that the total space occupied by Mr Letta in the new EUR quarters were actually bigger than the space occupied by his former offices.

If all this were to happen, would…

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Bishops Unworthy Of The Habit

A joke of a priest. Like many true Bishops.

“Harvesting the Fruits” has an excellent post about modern “evangelisation” thinking, with… added surprise

I suggest that you follow the link to enjoy the post and discover the surprise.

I will, as always in this case, only add a couple of further personal reflections:

1.The idea of “proximity and meakness” as non-existent “reconciliation” can only come from a mind that has grown so far away from even a basic concept of Catholicism that it confuses every vague feeling of devotion to the Blessed Virgin with the end of a state of obvious heresy. This Bishop clearly has no idea of what he is talking about, and the only question is whether he never had any whatsoever, or just forgot the basics in the course of the years.

2.The priest isn't much better. Instead of encouraging the woman to pray for good priest, he proceeds to be exactly the kind of bad priest that causes the scarcity of priests in the first place. More than meek, he seems effeminate to me. He arrives among his flock and the first two things he does is apologise and whine. I have never been a priest, but I can think of another option or two, both including the words “shut up” and “repent” to anyone who has left the Church.

These people stil think that you can gain souls for the Church by being a eunuch in black. Sheesh. Where have they been these last 50 years?

3. For this very confused bishop, “to pray” seems to be the only requirement, and it seems rather clear if one prays “he faces Lord Jesus”. With this reasoning Luther was a saintly man, Muslims face Lord Jesus, and one should be very optimistic for Wiccans, Sikh and Hindus too. You see, if prayer is the passepartout to heaven only the atheists are going to stay out; which, by definition, makes every religion equally good; which, by definition, makes Christianity superfluous; which, by definition, makes Christ's sacrifice useless.

Pray for this bishop, for his effeminate priest, and for all those like them.

Unless they change their mind, something tells me their punishment will be absolutely terrifying.



Forgetting Who We Are

Dum Romae consulitur, Mosul expugnatur.

Dum Romae consulitur, Mosul expugnatur.


The usual Rorate caeli has a translation of an excellent article from Ernesto Galli della Loggia on the indifference with which the West faces the persecution of Christians not only in the Middle East. As always, I invite you to follow the link and read the article in its entirety there.

I would, for myself, only add one or three observations which, I think, should be made.

1. I do  not think fear of the Muslim world plays the role that the author of the article ascribes to it. It is a component, certainly; but I have never experienced that whenever the West has seen Islamist fundamentalism as a threat to our own security, it has failed to react. The crackdown on Muslim hotheads after the bombs of 2005 here in England was so strong that nothing of the sort (I mean nothing even remotely comparable; it is difficult to prevent two madmen from butchering a soldier in the middle of the road, in broad daylight) has happened again in the intervening nine years, and the invasion of Iraq notwithstanding the whining liberal cry of what horrible things would happen to us if Bush had provoked a “worldwide jihad” have been listened to only by the irredeemable professional wussies. No, I would say that whilst many in the West find it un-PC to attack Islamist fanaticism, when they  see that the public opinion demand that they act they crack down on the menace all right.

2. Which leads us elegantly to the second point. The Western politicians do not act on the Christian persecution in the Middle east because they see that their electors care much more about who is the last prick literally introducing himself into some third-class “celebrity”. It’s not a case of raison d’etat which leads our leaders not to do what the people will. It is a case, rather, of now two generations raised in abysmal ignorance, without moral compass, without a spine, and without the ability to care anything that does not titillate their worst instincts.

3. Interestingly, the internet site of the newspaper that published the article, the Corriere della Sera, is a prime example of this involution. The internet site looks like a gossip site and a purveyor of soft porn for housewives and acceptable office use (Italians are far more tolerant in these things than many in Britain). It is shameless crap comparable to the internet presence of the “Daily Mail”. Again: housewife porn.

Nor is the “serious” part of the newspaper (and its print version) much better: you may not have the topless or almost-topless photos and the continuous sexual innuendos and gossip, but you have a completely rotten mentality, which fully espouses the heathenish thinking of our times and therefore creates the very same indifference Galli della Loggia laments in the column of the very newspaper. They can’t ever write “homosexual” anymore, “gay” is the only word. “Gay” is only seen in terms of “gay rights”, and every “novelty” in the matter is clearly presented as an “advancement”. They are, in a word, completely sold to faggotry, and one shudders at thinking how many of them are faggots themselves.

In a word, the Corriere is a very powerful vehicle of the same indifference to Christian values it decries from its own columns.

This used to be, a long time ago, at least a reputable newspaper. The advent of the Internet and the desire to create an established, mass Internet present obviously led them to an involution of their online content, adapted to the taste of the proles they wanted to attract. From there, I think, the utter ruin of the printed content has followed, as the stupidity now prevalent among the masses is reflected in the content of a newspaper that does not have, as it was for decades, the ambition to educate the people to right thinking, but rather feels itself compelled to follow it in every vice. 

Yes, every now and then you get the brilliant article, written for the minority of well-educated readers out there. But the main thinking of the newspaper, the editorial line, the collective mind preparing the newspaper, is 100% the crap that is causing the problems. We have forgotten who we are. Our newspaper follow us in our madness. Our politician are happy to go with whatever we think, or rather do not think.

Democracy at work. Which should lead every thinking person to a more sober judgment about this deity of our times. 

The clergy must wake up. When the clergy wakes up, slowly the masses will start demanding a different content from the media they buy. The medial will duly follow, and start to adequate their content to the mood of the masses out there. Before long, the politics will react. Give it some more time, and persecution in the Middle East on this scale will not be unpunished anymore, because the democracies of the West will not accept it.

Of course, in times in which the Pope sends slimy and slavishly praising greetings to Muslims for the start of Ramadan we are very far from even the first step. 



Ten Profound And Serene Sermon Suggestions For Busy Popes

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1) Environment

The planet is the greatest gift God gave us. No, forget Christ’s Sacrifice on the Cross. I mean the planet. Why would Christ be so important? Salvation, you say? Ah, eh, but if we follow our conscience we are all saved, no?

Now, little children, pay attention: God forgives everything, no? Adultery, fornication, apostasy, heathenism, everything! But Creation, Creation will not forgive you! Ha! Think of it, when you pluck a flower, no?

2) Goodness.

We must be good. Because to be good is better than to be bad, no? And we are all bad at times, eh? But then we meet some profound and serene theologian, and then we can all go to communion, no?

3) Holy Ghost

The Holy Ghost is holy. Very holy. He is holy and He is a ghost, I think, which is why we call Him the Holy Ghost, no? We must…

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Life Insurance Needed

Francis has just said something very stupid. Gaenswein looks in horror as he gesticulated wildly.

The Unholy Father is soon to meet with another proddy pastor.

I suggest to Mr (Mister, Signor, Herr, Señor) Giovanni Traettino that he is well insured. Particularly so, if Francis should call him “brother bishop”.

I know, this is a thorny issue.

But I thought it should not remain unsaid.



Who Will Be Beatified Next?

Phew! For a moment I thought they would forget him...

I am informed the way is paved for the beatification of JP I.

I am almost relieved, because I was already worried Francis might, between a tango and a selfie, have forgotten the man.

One is reminded of the Asterix cartoons: “it is 2014 and all VII Popes have been at least beatified…

Wait…. All?….”

One wonders what will happen when (wishing Benedict a long life, and assuming he would be considered worthy of the honour) the list of “eligible” popes end. Who will be next? Bugnini perhaps? Tyrrell perhaps? Hey, he did a lot of lío, so Francis should like him much? Von Balthasar? What about Rahner? And if Hans Kueng euthanasises himself fast, could one not think of him? Yes, he wants to commit suicide, but remember: if one has good will and seeks the Lord, who are we to judge?

I am so old that I remember when a beatified Pope was a seldom occurrence indeed. Now, an entire generation of Catholics will grow up believing if you are Pope, of course you are going to be beatified. At least if you have become Pope in the New Springtime, when empty churches and anti-Christian legislation elevate the spirit so much.

I bet my pint on Bugnini.

Küng is still very much alive, and may well bury Francis before he disposes of himself. But Bugnini or Rahner or Tyrrell, they do appear safe bets.



Stupid Worries

Mundabor's way. And Blessed Pope Pius IX's, by the way...

The emotional, feel-good society of the twilight of the Western world is obsessed with things that would have made our ancestors laugh. One of them is the absolute necessity to know that people who are executed avoid any suffering.

Expensive new ways are developed, from the electric chair to ever new chemicals. It shall never be said we don't do our best to treat murderers in the most considerate way, up to the end.

Our ancestors made a noose, looked for a very robust tree – or prepared a very robust scaffold – and let the condemned fall down until the rope comes to the end of its length, and breaks his neck. It must have worked most of the times, because when a body starts falling down at 9.8 meters per second the strain on the neck at the end of the fall is simply massive.

Still, at times it doesn't. Then the end follows rather fast, anyway. Which is a treatment no, say, convicted murderer has the right to deem too harsh.

But no. Common sense has no place anymore in our societies. In the last case, the convicted murderer needed, oh, almost, oh, two, oh, hours to die as the new cocktail of poison did not work as expected. Mind: the man was unconscious and did not suffer in the least, but headlines of “botched execution” are going around the world anyway. Someone must feel very good at being just stupid.

Did the Popes of the XVIII or XIX century worry about such problems? Not really.

A rope, a scaffold, a priest, and an executioner. A public too, so that everyone could see what happens to, say, murderers.

Blessed times of innocence and common sense, now sadly gone.



Never Waver

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What would he have thought of the Pope remarks? Yes, exactly that…

My dear reader, the new season of madness that is coming upon us will see our faith attacked from all sides; from the media and from our friends, from the environment (at work, etc.) that will isolate us, to the worst treason of all, the one of the clergy suddenly “embracing” those things for which their grand-grandmothers would have slapped them in the face.

We must now expect many of the “how cool it is to be a conservative” camp to make a volte-face, and decide that yeah, the Church got that with homosexuality wrong these last two thousand years; hey, it happens in the best families; but look at how many people go to see the Pope as if it were the Cannon Man or the Bearded Woman! Hey, he must be doing something right! Can’t you…

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Masaniello, The Pope, And The Devil

Today he would have good chances as a priest: Masaniello.

I would like to write two lines about the ways I see this man, Jorge Bergoglio, disgracefully elected to guide the Bride of Christ.

The amount of heretical statements, the arrogance, the persecution of a good Catholic order, the enmity with all kind of devout Catholicism, the continuous propaganda against Catholicism, the commingling with perverts and the assorted scandals persuade any sensible thinking Catholic that this is not a decent person, and not worthy of the habit. A good man, he ain't.

There remain, then, only three possibilities:

1. A blithering idiot

2. An evil man, willingly siding with the devil.

3. An opportunistic, faithless, self-serving scoundrel.

Hypothesis 1 seems untenable to me. Whilst it can happen that a perfect idiot makes a brilliant career (former Italian President Pertini comes to mind; a man who in his shameless and senseless populism had many traits in common with Francis, and a whining socialist with an extremely comfortable life like him), I would say that this generally happens when a useful idiot is required. Pertini fulfilled his role beautifully, being a former partisan without the embarrassment of a functioning brain, and being thus apt to be used as “symbolic” but harmless figure. But I doubt this was the case for Bergoglio, because barring extreme luck you don't get at the head of a seminary, and then bishop and archbishop and Cardinal, without being an expert in moving along the corridors of Church powers; not unless you are, perhaps, a very saintly man, which in this case does clearly not apply.

Hypothesis 2 also seems, to me, not very realistic. The way I see things, a truly evil man would go at his work in a smarter way. He would, in other words, be very attentive to present a credible facade, and to make it difficult to see the self-serving and the deception. He would do so, because he knew he has a mission, to which he must sacrifice short-term advantage. I cannot imagine any evil, but thinking man behaving in any other way.

Another element is Francis' cowardice. A truly evil Pope would attack his Enemy in his most orthodox troops: the SSPX. Francis accurately avoids the conflict, and is content with kicking those he can kick without fear of retaliation: the FFI. This is not the thinking of one devoted to evil. This is the thinking of one devoted to himself.

I tend strongly for hypothesis 3, because I see the very careless way with which Bergoglio proceeds in his work of destruction; the perfect lack of interest today for what he has said yesterday; the senseless way in which he embarrasses the Vatican PR machine, forced to expose his own childishness and mediocrity for all who have eyes to see; his ability to say everything and its contrary according to whom he has in front of him; his utter defiance of everything that stays in the way of his own self-aggrandisement, from liturgical rules to sexual moral.

Francis is like a child never able to resist the cake offered to him, even if he knows there will be stomach ache to pay for that. As long as he gets a constant supply of cake and the stomach ache is manageable, he will be fine.

But again, in doing so he reveals his game, and alienates a number of people big enough to, so much is clear, utterly stain his own pontificate after him. The number of people who do not swallow the lie of the humble pope is already far too big to call the policy authentically successful. An evil Pope would be desperate at the ridicule, and would do his outmost to win or confuse the prize souls, the true believers. This one is content with the mediocre: the homosexuals, the adulterers, the infidels, the conformists, and the outright stupid.

For a willingly evil Pope, this one is an outright disaster. But for one who has lost the faith and only thinks in terms of masses applauding him, the strategy is the right one.

Who cares for the Church. Who cares for a judgment he does not think will ever come. Who cares for the approval of the smartest and most respected six or even ten percent. The mob is with him. There's fame in quantity. That's good enough.

Someone might, at this point, make an exercise in reverse thinking: “But you see, Mundabor: Bergoglio's evil genius is proved by his cunning plan to appear a self-absorbed simpleton!”

Hhhmmm. I don't think it works. No evil genius ever consistently behaved like an idiot, though an evil genius may have an interest in looking weak or inoffensive as long as he is not in power. But this one can do pretty much as he pleases, and he can't manage to fool anyone with an alert brain.

Also please think of this: an evil man would go at his work of destruction slowly, carefully, methodically; avoiding the obvious conflict with Catholicism as he slowly gnaws at it; confusing the most alert minds with a very careful steering of the Barque towards rocks very far in the distance whilst he gives numerous and solid examples of true orthodoxy. He would not, methink, behave like a drunken sailor all the time, and happily relying on the mediocrity or stupidity of his own sailors.

This Pope is too bad, too obvious, too self-absorbed, too vulgar, even too stupid to be given the rank of evil genius faking mediocrity. What you see is what you have: a man who sought in the habit a life of economic security in a respected profession, deprived of any class or manners or intellectual refinement; whose theological education can only be described as a joke; and who cannot express a deep thought to save his life, heck, cannot even say three phrases in a row that truly make sense. A deeply boorish, arrogant man, who has discovered that a show of “humility” dupes enough idiots to serve him well in life, and has followed this line of conduct for many decades now. A man whose only love and interest in life is himself, and therefore finds it entirely natural to, say, board a bus or be driven in a Ford Focus, if this promises the much greater personal satisfaction of self-aggrandisement.

Think of him in this way, and you have a photograph of his man that is, in my view, very accurate. This is consistent with the off-the-cuff rubbish he finds so difficult to avoid, the continuous contradictions, the constant desire to please, the utter lack of care for what even his press secretary thinks of him, the utter disinterest for Truth, the defiance of scandal, the doubling of the scandal whenever this promises a clapping audience, the apparent sacrifices – one entire summer in Rome occupying an entire floor of a hotel! The humbleness of that! -, the anti-Catholic rubbish like the offence to the Blessed Virgin, told to the masses just because it sounded good on the day, and all the rest.

The brutal truth is, if you ask me, that a kind of less gifted Cola Di Rienzo, or – far better said – a kind of better educated and better situated Masaniello was made Pope; but a Pope can't be disposed of as easily as the other two. A Pope will stay there and afflict us for as long as the Lord, in His wisdom, decides that we should be punished. Pray God that no further Masaniellos follow this one.

We are talking of evil geniuses here. At times, someone from the mob, with some cunning ability to sniff the wind and to move among deciders, and with a good nose for what people want to hear, can reach positions of preeminence.

Bergoglio is, clearly, ecclesiastical mob. Pope Masaniello, if you like. A boor in white.

But authentically, willfully, evil? A man planning the destruction of the Church, and seeing in it the aim of his Papacy? I don't think so.



Pope Solemn Nonsense

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Flying out to the outskirts: Copeland's jet.

Flying out to the outskirts: Copeland’s jet.

Eugenio Scalfari asks Francis if he wants to convert him. Francis answers “Proselytism is solemn nonsense”. The Pollyannas run to explain to us that Proselytism doesn’t mean Proselytism, it means being a nasty guy.

Wannabe Anglican Bishop asks Francis, probably after one grappa too much, to make a video for his Proddie confreres at the great Proddie convention. Francis readily complies. Not one word seeking conversion to the Only Church ( = Proselytism). A lot of fluffy “I am OK, you are OK” instead. The Pollyannas run to explain to us this is all part of a cunning plan, by which you are nice to people, and the Holy Ghost converts them: no unpleasant words necessary.

Francis then proceeds to receive a couple of extremely un-Franciscan Proddie grandees: among them, the ever-smiling Joel Osteen, privately called “this is my Bible”, and…

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The Age Of Noise

Ubi headline, ibi Francis...

I was, like everyone else, glad to read this morning of the arrival in Rome of Meriam Yahia Ibrahim Ishag, the woman condemned to die by the usual stupid Islamic tribunal after having apostatised and converted to Christianity.

I was not worried for her destiny, as we all know that once these episodes of persecution reach the headlines it is only a matter of time before some face-saving solution for all parties involved is found. I was, nevertheless, relieved, because you can never know which headline-causing case will be used by the powers that be to, say, show a change of attitude.

The reality is, I think, that in the East you are at high risk of death and persecution and violence only as long as your story does not make it to the West, and you become a face with a name. Once you do (and lucky you) people in the West react to the “individual destiny” story sufficiently strongly to motivate the Western governments to deliver; and they generally do, discreetly and efficiently. But as long as you are one of the many women savagely beaten, or a part of the anonymous, faceless mass of people chased from Mosul, you are in deep trouble and high risk of being insulted, persecuted, forced to flee, raped, or beaten to death.

We all know this is how it works, and we all know the more stupid society becomes, the more it will become so. The proles reading their dirty, semi-pornographic “Metro” or “Evening Standard” newspaper on the underground do not get a concept like “Christians are persecuted on an unprecedented scale”. Not only it is too complicated for their simple minds; most importantly, it does not provide them with the cheap shot of intravenous feel-good fix they need to feel they have some “values”. When, though, the mob sees a face and a name and a story, its dim brain starts to work, and this is exactly the moment the politics start to move.

Matteo Renzi, the Italian Prime Minister, doesn't give a fig for Christianity. He even openly supports sodomy, which makes pretty much every Muslim more Christian than him. But like every smart politician he understands when it's the time to show the face of the protector of the oppressed. The mob likes these gestures, every now and then. Therefore, Renzi enters stage left, and has on his face the smile of a podgy Ivanhoe.

Today, Matteo Renzi got his well-calculated moment of glory, only partially shadowed by the fact that Francis did what he could to steal him the show.

But this is, in the end, only an episode in a huge noise and headline industry that lives of occasional trees, and stubbornly refuses to see the forest.

Everyone knew political necessity dictated that Meriam be (definitely) freed one day. Now that she has, countless others will be beaten, raped, or killed, without the West even noticing. Until the next poor woman manages to make headlines, that is; and Renzi & Co. (Pope always in the first line) run to the rescue in front of the cameras, whilst singing to us the beauties of the “religion of peace”.

It is very, very good that “Meriam”'s (note also here: the first name. The press makes of the individual person your own very friend. “Diana”, people say as if she had known them, or would have ever cared a shit for them if she had) ordeal is going to an end. But it is a drop in the ocean if episodes like this one do not wake up the West to the cruel reality of Islam. A reality which not even the events in Iraq are going to awaken and put in front of the consciousness of the lazy, torpid, fat, atheist, emasculated West. But they will wait for the next episodes the soft-porn train magazines put in front of them, and get another fix of feel-goodism.

The Western mobs crave instant satisfaction and easily digestible feel-good feelings. Their elected rulers know it, and throw them a headline-rich morsel every now and then to show the mob how very much they care.

After which, the persecution of Christians will continue unabated.

And now excuse me, I must prepare a blog post greeting my Muslim readers, and congratulating them for the start of Ramadan. This, though, only after I receive “Meriam” in front of the press.

It will be a hoot.



Worthy Shepherds





In the terrible situation the Christians in Iraq and elsewhere are living, it is of great consolation to know their prelates seem to be authentic shepherds.

Rorate Caeli has an appeal from the Chaldean Patriarch, whose beauty and Christian spirit is such that I think it fit – albeit the text will soon be everywhere in the Catholic blogosphere – to copy it here in its entirety.

Pray every day for the poor persecuted Christians in Iraq and elsewhere.

If we had a decent Pope, the appeals to end the suffering of the Christians would be frequent, passionate, and harsh.

But we have an indecent Pope, who talks of persecuted Christians very much in general, and never ever points the finger to those who persecute them.

Which is why most Western government allow themselves to ignore the events: there’s no political price to pay.

Again: pray for the poor persecuted Christians.



I’ll start my speech by the Word of Christ as His Word is the source of strength and salvation of us, the poor of this lost world: “There is no need to be afraid, little flock” (Luke 12:32).

Our present pain is associated with our Christianity and with the mystery of our Passover (i.e., Easter). Our suffering if joined to the suffering of our Savior Jesus, “Man of Sorrows”, will turn out to be a blessing and salvation to us and to others. And the current challenges are faced with more faith, hope and prayer and solidarity and wisdom. Be brave in front of what you are facing, do not be afraid, you have deep roots in Iraq, do not give up for frustration and despair, confident that “for all who draw the sword will die by the sword” (Matthew 26:52) and evil does not last! You are the small mustard seed, the Lord will not let you fall. He is with you today, tomorrow and after tomorrow and forever.

We are your shepherds, and with our full responsibility towards you we will stay with you to the end, will not leave you, whatever the sacrifices. I repeat, do not be afraid; stay strong as you are with your faith and your hope and love. We thank God for your safety, as no matter what, your life has no price.

God’s blessing be upon you.

Patriarch Louis Raphael I Sako
[Chaldean Catholic Church]
July 20, 2014


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