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As I write this, WordPress states that my site has in excess of 1,800 email subscribers.


Until a couple of days ago, the followers were a bit above 250, and as always they went up and down with beautiful regularity. A couple of days ago they suddenly “became” more than 1,800, literally overnight.

The number of pageviews has remained remarkably constant, so the inflow of new “fans”, which would have been absurd anyway, is not there just looking at the statistics.

I feel the need to write a word of clarification because new readers might think this is an aircraft carrier of a blog, which is simply not the case. This is a small, one-man blog; rather successful in its own little ways, but little ways they still are.

WordPress will certainly correct the mistake soon, but I felt ill at ease with the indication as soon as I saw it.

End of the clarification. Normal service will be resumed at once.


Francis Is MTV Man Of The Year

Mundabor's "Buffoon of the Year" award goes to Pope Francis.

No, he is struly that.



This was also the year when Pope Francis spoke out about a range of contentious topics including: homosexuality, wealth accumulation, abortion and birth control, challenging the church to become more compassionate, inclusive and accepting of love over dogma, while also pushing the church to serve a broader purpose in the lives of its followers. He simultaneously questioned his own absolute authority, asking “Who am I to judge?” in reference to a person’s sexual preference, showcasing a radical sense of humility for a figure of his prominent stature.

This is, I think, not a spoof and comes courtesy of the reader Trof4st.

Words fail me.

Now, you might say that this is not exactly what the Pope said; but by the umpteenth liberal outlet who understands him so without any will of the man – who actually basks in his popularity – to correct his public image, even my cat understands this is the way he wants to be understood.

We are now eagerly awaiting for Francis to correct his consolidated image of buffoon of the liberal society. After all, he is supposed to be the Pope, and someone should tell him a word or two about the job description.

Don’t hold your breath.


Reblog – Magisterium And Infallibility: A Take

Magisterium and Infallibility: A Take. 

In Defence Of Father Robert Mann

I found on my comment box the following post: 

[…]. Fr. Robert Mann, who has sometimes commented on this blog is in a great deal of trouble for asking a teacher to remind pupils attending a Mass in preparation for their Confirmation that they should not come forward for Holy Communion if they did not attend Mass the Sunday before without having a valid reason. The teacher marched the pupils out of the church back to school. Parents became involved and were outraged at a priest saying this. Protests were organized…and of course guess who the archdiocese sided with…yep the parents. So giving Holy communion to anyone now is fine. Please pray for Fr.Mann, the battle is by no means over.

Seriously, what disgraceful times we live in. This is an exemplary priest who is doing exactly what he has been ordained for, and is attacked by the bigotry of stupid laymen. Unsurprisingly, the Apparatchicks of the Archdiocese then side with the angry (and, I am rather sure, gravely sinning; then those who have a clean conscience do not react in this way upon hearing basic facts of Catholicism) teacher, then in the Church of Francis the only grave sin is to remind the faithful about the very existence of grave sins.

It’s time to put Catholicism back in Catholicism. People like the Protestant teacher in question have no business teaching in a Catholic school, at all. They should pray and, in time, convert. 

The enemy is among us. 

Please pray for the good father, and for the restoration of sanity. 


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