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The Francis I Like


Francis has received a chocolate Francis as a gift.

I like the “Chocolate Francis”.

He doesn’t talk.

Good luck eating all that God’s grace before Lent. I hope some Cardinal, Swiss guard or simple still-existent Monsignor will be willing to help.





Salvation, Predestination, Reprobation, And Free Will.

Mundabor's Blog

I wrote this comment very late at night, reacting to the request of a reader. It being very late, and not wanting to write a complicated piece, I managed to say all that is – I think – important in a way that can be read and digested rather rapidly. The advantages of being tired, and not having time.

I have re-read this, and found it in order. So much so, that I have decided to post it as autonomous post, and put it in my “Vademecum” (see the bar above). 

I hope you’ll find it useful. The text follows below, with little modifications for comprehension. 


Ah, that’s a complicated issue. I have wanted to write very often, but it’s very complex. It’s also very late, so forgive me if I say something stupid.

In three words, Calvinists (and in a way their Catholic fans, the Jansenists) believed that…

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Google in pictures

“The practice of sport is a human right. Every individual must have the possibility of practicing sport, without discrimination of any kind and in the Olympic spirit, which requires mutual understanding with a spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play.” –Olympic Charter

This is the oh so moving statement which appeared this morning on my screen as I happened to use – which I do every time I forget to use duckduckgo – the Google service. The link with the Winter Olympics might, methinks, not be entirely casual.

Now, this statement could make half sense – and we would have to discuss about that, too; very much so – if the Russian Government had declared that any known and openly homosexual athlete will be stopped at the frontier and not allowed to take part to the games. Last time I looked, though, nothing of the sort had happened, and the terrible crime of the Russian government is merely to ban homosexual propaganda to minors; which is still far milder than, say, Christianity all over Europe only two generations ago, where sodomising faggotry was pretty much everywhere a criminal offence.

Now, our little queens at Google do not make an explicit statement concerning this. They avoid directly angering the Russian Government, whilst sending a message pleasing enough to the secular masses in the West. It is as if hundreds of millions of people would wake up every morning with a keen desire to “feel good” in some way or other, and Google – who are every bit as rotten as the UN – were only too happy to oblige with sugary good-ism that doesn't even make a real statement, but allows the popolo bue – ah, you should learn Italian! – to swallow another pill of self-validation.

Obviously, Google will not be alone in this kind of exercise. Expect a real festival of sugary statements from politicians everywhere in the West. They pander not only to the very tiny minority of perverts – be assured they don't care for them; and would let them fall like hot potatoes if it was politically expedient – but to the masses of people who decided to make of this tiny minority their favourite pet, at least for the time being.

I know it's difficult to avoid Google. I lapse myself, as Google is now so omnipresent at home and at work that one forgets to avoid them; particularly considering DuckDuckGo isn't really good at image search, which I need for this blog anyway, so I kept falling back to them as a matter of course. Still, we could do worse than putting an extra effort to avoid Google, or at least to avoid it more often. Difficult, I know; but every little helps, at least as a small signal that, if not noticed at Google's headquarters, will be noticed in Heaven.

May I suggest, for this day, three Hail Marys for Mr Putin. I know he is not Catholic, but it seems to me in many things he is more Catholic than, well, the Bishop of Rome, and the former certainly takes his duty to defend Christian values far more seriously than the latter.

Long live Mr Putin, then, and may the Lord inspire him to a more and more incisive action in defence of Christian values.



Francis: Predictably, The Appeasement Failed

Then the Vatican complains the UN think they are their superior…

It must be rather funny, these days, for the army of people with a very thin varnish of Catholicism – you know the type: the “I am a baptised Catholic, but my theology is so evidently superior” types – who have thought, as many of them must have thought, that it’s so simple really: you stop obsessing with the remnants of an ancient past and embrace modernity , and peace will be declared between the world and the Church. I am rather sure many of these people, tambourine priests among them, were wondering why it had not happened before, and we had to wait the year 2013 for a Pope who just “gets the people” and is “in tune” with the world.

Whilst I never underestimate human blindness or plain stupidity, I dare to hope in the months and years to come some people will open their eyes and recognise a simple truth of life: the Church and the world cannot be more reconciled than the devil and the holy water; not now, not ever.

The recent lecturing of the Vatican – which is, in fact, a lecturing of the Church and Her Truths – from the side of the United Demons is the clearest signal to day of this, again, inescapable fact of life. Appeasement has never worked, does not work, and will never work, because the Church Herself exists because of the fundamentally irreconcilable ways of the Church and of the World.

If the Church could make peace with the world, the Church would simply have no reason to exist, and an impressive demonstration of this is that when vast parts of the earthly Church try to at least get to a truce, or a ceasefire, with the world, the Church herself is gravely wounded and reduced to factual irrelevance in vast territories in the short time of one or two generations; with only the promise of Indefectibility saving her from the self-destruction to which this stupid attitude would otherwise condemn her in another two or three generations at most.

And so there we are: the church – I mean, the people who represent Her as an institution – tries to accommodate the world’s demands; but the world is insatiable, and will never stop posing new demands after the old ones have been appeased.

You “don’t judge” sodomites, and the world will demand that you recognise their inherent goodness; you “don’t obsess” about abortion, and the world will demand that you support it; you want to be “in tune” with the world, and the world will ask you to practice what you preach.

No black shoes, simple cars and other more or less subversive shows of “humbleness” will ever change anything on this, because in this matters the conflicts deals with the very essentials.

If Francis thought his lack of teeth – or worse – in matter of sexual perversion and abortion will persuade the world to leave him alone, now he will be forced to learn his lesson and understand that, much as the world may flatter him, it will require his tribute from him anyway; a tribute so high, in fact, that not even Francis will ever be able to pay it; this, even assuming he would want to, which I sincerely hope is not the case.

If, on the other hand, Francis has no illusion on the inevitability of conflicts, and merely hopes to increase his own popularity in the world as the man who “does what he can, though he can’t do more” (a strategy clearly followed by the German and Austrian clergy with their rebellious sheep), then his chances are vastly better, but I still think at some point the world will get tired with one sitting on the fence, and be him the Pope.

The Church is at war with the world. She must be, because this is why She exists. No Pope will ever be able to get rid of this war as easily as he can get rid of the Mozzetta. Therefore, the only way is the Christian way: to fight against the world frontally and without any desire for truce.

Our side will win in the end. Actually, it has won already. So go on and fight the good fight, good and less good men at the Vatican, instead of trying to appease an enemy that will never be satisfied.


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