Anti-Kasper Book Receives Church In Poland’s Official Endorsement

“Remaining in the Truth of Christ”, the “five Cardinals' book” already the object of the famous “raid” at the Vatican (where manipulation, theft, and lies are nowadays called “mercy”) is now available in the Polish version, and carries the endorsement of the Polish Bishop's Conference.

One cannot imagine many warning shots clearer and louder than this one. Instead of expressing themselves in favour of the Sacrament in single statements, the Polish Bishops endorse the entire book, en bloc.

Let us skip the niceties here, and let us say straight who the addressee of the endorsement is: the Unholy Father himself, as he lives and… eats. It is not really thinkable that the Bishops would make such a statement merely to slap a couple of German prelates. Rather, they are putting their very face on the line, and stating clearly that they are compelled to defend Christ's teaching wherever the attack may come from.

It would be beautiful if other Bishops' Conferences would follow the example, but I doubt there will be any other takers. In the chaotic hours after the homosexual Relatio post disceptationem the Poles were exemplary, other Western Bishops' Conferences certainly weren't.

It is good that these warnings are sent. Si vis pacem, para bellum. Those within the Church who are ready to fight and to fight hard – and to fight hard against the Pope, if needs be – can do nothing better than to say it out loud, and let whoever has ears to hear.

The other way – the naive hope that there is no need for such warnings, because they could be interpreted as hostile to the Unholy Father; who, being a nice chap, doesn't want to do anything naughty anyway… – only emboldens the enemy; and yes, I am talking of Francis. I do not think the Polish bishops have many illusions as to who the enemy is. They do not say it openly, of course, but it's clear enough.

Francis understands very well the universal language of a – metaphorical – punch on the nose. Last October he showed how ready he was to backpedal, though not without some bitching to let us know how cross he was. But the bitching was merely the petty revenge of the bad loser: in the end he knew what he had to do, and he caved in to the pressure because he immediately realised he could not afford a massive conflict with his own bishop.

This, my friends, is the way. Those prelates who still care for their own salvation must keep sending warnings, and at the same time put their face on the line: if given the choice between remaining in the truth of Christ and selling out to the lies of Francis, they won't choose Francis.



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  1. Perhaps Jan Sobieskii lives on in small ways. Or big ones, if you like.

  2. “…say it out loud, and let whoever has ears to hear.” We should pray for better hearing! The ‘five Cardinals’. If that’s not a remnant what is? “Those prelates who still care for their own salvation must keep sending warnings, and at the same time put their face on the line.”

  3. Oh, it’s on now.

    All out war coming soon. European true deep Catholicism versus god of surprises.

  4. Not for the first time is Poland coming to the rescue of the Church.

    The Polish bishops in supporting openly the stance of the five Cardinals, Burke, Brandmuller, Caffara, de Paolis and Mueller, are doing something which we must all do as and when we can and when it is appropriate.

    Stand up and declare clearly and without ambiguity the teachings of the One True Church.

  5. Once again Poland takes center stage in the great battle for Europe and the faith against various forms of barbarism just as she did at the battle of Vienna, in both World Wars and, so notably, in the first stages of the toppling of the Soviet empire at the factory gates of Gdansk.The enemies of the faith now so notably of the clerical and Church-like bureaucratic classes and led by a pope will find her a tough nut to crack as she has already faced down such historical dragons as Islam, Hitler-ism and communism. One day they will be dead and Poland will be alive and still Catholic and still a bastion of the true faith.

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