SSPX: Curb Your Enthusiasm

There is a lot of talk about the “recognition” of the SSPX as a Catholic organisation from the Argentinian Government, and with the obvious help of the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires. Personally, everything seems very straightforward to me, and nothing to get anyone excited.

Bring a Catholic, non-profit organisation obviously gives a legal status in Argentina. Whether it is about tax treatment, or the issuing of visas, or who knows how many other things, being recognised as Catholic has a bearing on your legal status as seen by the Argentinian Government.

The SSPX would obviously never say “we aren't Catholic”. Just as obviously, no archdiocese which does not want to cause a huge uproar – and big trouble with the Vatican, very possibly – would say to the Argentinian Government “they aren't Catholic”. Besides, I imagine that rules of Catholic decency and common courtesy do not allow for this kind of under-the-beltline bickering.

Result? The Archdiocese says to the Argentinian Government “why, we have internal disagreements; but of course, of course they're Catholics”.

Again, I would not want to be the Archbishop who has to explain to the Catholic Press why the SSPX are allegedly “not Catholic”. He would lose face before he loses the argument.

Therefore, the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires has done the only thing it could reasonably expected to do: confirm the reality on the ground.

Of course this is no canonical recognition, something that is nothing to do with how a Government sees you. Of course the SSPX is not now the obedient subject of the Archbishop of Buenos Aires. What has simply happened is that the Archdiocese has had the common sense of recognising the reality on the ground: the SSPX is a Catholic organisation, and not less so because of unresolved issues.

There's nothing more than this, I think. It all seems very straightforward. Nothing very exciting has happened.

Unless it be this: that those outlets – not the Vatican – who described the SSPX as schismatic might have some explaining to do. But the latter weren't much fazed by facts beforehand, and will not be swayed by this further occasion for a reality check now.

The SSPX is Catholic. Dogs bark. The sun goes up on the East.


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  1. Yes indeed, Mundabor. In fact, the SSPX issued a clarification (, probably because so many were going overboard about this. It’s just an administrative state thing, period.

    When Fr. Z posted about this a few days ago and went off into la-la land about how this reflects extremely positively on the Pope (!), I knew it couldn’t be what he was insinuating.

  2. God Bless the SSPX.Dont trust Rome!

  3. +Archbishop Lefebvre: Santo Subito!

  4. My only hope here is that some sort of a coup de rat has been blissfully enacted in Rome and Francis is either bereft of power and/or is being impersonated by someone of Catholic leanings. As you say no one outside of a few zombie-like papalators, and weasel-like seekers after respectability and courtly favor could possibly really believe, or pretend to believe, that what happened in Argentina to the SSPX is a precedent for anything that will for a single moment lift from us the veil of gloom we have accepted as our inheritance as we stumble along in the ruins, hated and reviled.

  5. Actually it started out as a typo but it looked so nice I just left it that way.

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