Synod: More Gauntlets Are Being Thrown Down

Let's see if it gets picked up...

Let’s see if Francis picks it up…

As the Synod approaches, the signals multiply that the dreamed-of pacific acceptance of the Heresy of Kasper is a fantasy for pot-smoking liberal prelates. 

The last ones are a string of influential religious and Catholic thinkers, clearly drawing a line in the sand. The link is here.  In short, they are four: Father Brian Harrison, O.S.; Joseph Matt of The Wanderer, ( I think this is the cousin of the excellent Michael Matt of the “Remnant”, already well-known to the readers of this effort); Professor Robert Spaemann, a German theologian; and Father José Granados, another theologian who is, interestingly, also well-connected with the Vatican machine. 

I invite you to read the article and follow the four in detail. I notice here that I never noticed the “Wanderer” as a publication fighting for orthodoxy in the muscular way I would love to see around (the “Remnant” is, if you ask me, of a different caliber altogether). Still, the Wanderer not only reminds the Pope of the teaching of the Church, but it – in the message, if not in the words – defy him to come out with a robust defence of the teaching of the Church come October. The letter is here

All of them make very important considerations, but the most brutally frank is, if you ask me, Father Harrison. He goes so far as to state the following words:

I feel I should conclude this talk by going on record as stating that I myself, with the help of God, will never profane the Sacrament of Penance and violate my own conscience by giving a sacrilegious absolution to someone in that situation, no matter what higher authority in the Church might tell me to do so. May God, through the mighty protection and intercession of Saint Joseph, Head of the Holy Family, preserve his Church from endorsing Cardinal Kasper’s iniquitous revisionist proposal.

This, my friends, is a gauntlet all right, and I can hear the “thump” as it falls on the ground.

Let us see who within the Church – be he a priest, a bishop, a cardinal, or a shameless Pope prostituting his office for the sake of popularity – has the nerve to pick it up. They must know, however, that before any eternal punishment – in which they obviously do not believe – they will be confronted with a savage battle on this earth, as they are refused obedience to their heresy and impiousness.

Francis, Kasper & Co. are drunken fools if they think that they can explode a nuclear device in October and see the waters calm down after a week or two of mumblings of dissatisfaction.

He who starts a nuclear war must deal with the nuclear fallout. At the end of which not him, but the Church, will emerge victorious.

We need more of these gauntlets. The more they are, the more improbable the nuclear conflict becomes.

October is going to be our Cuban Missile Crisis.

We must not let the Commies win.



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  1. The fact that Catholics are petitioning the pope to teach the Catholic Faith shows the depth to which we have fallen. DJR

  2. 1. I wish Abp Lefebvre had been given support like this….

    2. I would love to know what Fr. Harrison made of Benedict XVI’s endorsement of the International Theological Commission’s justification for “dropping” the Limbo of Infants.

    3. It’s excellent to see the Wanderer show its hand – maybe, just maybe, this will be the beginning of the end of the uncritical Catholic conservatism the tolerates any rubbish as long as the Pope endorses it.

  3. They are not content with the fact that any ‘Catholic’ can find a priest who will grant them ‘absolution’ for unrepented and grave sin, they now want to force the faithful priests to join in the ‘sinfest’.

  4. mariachristina9

    I read the letters and they make perfect sense to me. As for the Pope, they say he does not read much. No need to read when one already has all the answers! Seriously, I think he will read his “good press” and the rest will hit File 13 after a quick scan, if that. Apparently, he has his mind set about the direction he wants to take the church on certain issues. Even though he will consult with the Bishops at the next Synod, he gets to make the final decision. The papacy is not a democracy. In my opinion Francis has been a rebel with a real dislike for authority and tradition all of his life. At age 78, he has reached the top of his career ladder, and he is unlikely to change now. But we can pray for the Holy Spirit to influence him in the right way and, yes, God CAN do anything! I agree with you, Mr. M, that the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church will emerge victorious!

  5. They’re proud and glamorous to expose and reveal to the world that they have sold their souls to devil and declared they’re the great enemies of the Church by detonating nuclear bomb in October Synod in order to destroy Her. Your anticipation of the nuclear fallout on themselves, I believe is obviously correct because God will let their evil act kicking back to screw them. October Synod could be a final cleansing time for the Church and would be too late for them to repent and realize that Lucifer, their master has been lied and given all empty promises to them – all the world is yours. All betrayers will go down and the Christ Church will be shinning forever and ever.

    • In the end, there can be only one winner: Christ and His Church.
      We must keep this in mind, because no one knows how atrocious things can become in the meantime.

  6. The persecution in the West has escalated by factors since Pope Francis and his constant undermining of the Faith and the moral law. Anyone who is speaking up for the truth is being persecuted.

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