Generation Reprobation: How The West Nuked Itself.

No, seriously: this is what the majority nowadays considers good...

If you read my several posts about Predestination and Reprobation you will see that God, Who is omnipotent and omniscient, has decreed from all eternity that certain people – the Reprobates – will willingly merit hell for themselves, whilst others – the Elect – will willingly cooperate with His grace in a way that merits them, normally after the necessary purification in Purgatory, heaven.

In a mysterious, but not incomprehensible way, the system works in both directions. God has decreed, and I willingly do what he has decreed I would be doing.

How does this apply to the dark times in which we are living? In my eyes, it applies to it in a very simple way: that when the clergy and the laymen betray God, He punishes not only the generation in question, but also sends them an awful lot of Reprobates, so that the sins of the fathers shall be visited upon the sons. I am, obviously, talking of great numbers here; not of your aunt Dahlia who, I am sure, is quite all right.

The generation who willingly decided that abortion is not only fine, but a right to be protected will be punished – inter alia – from knowing, in hell, that their children rot in hell with them forever. The sin of the fathers are – collectively speaking – visited upon the sons. Those who treat “luv” (not a real love, of course; a perverted, monstrous caricature of it) as if it were God will pay a price for their blasphemy commensurate to the rank of the One they have offended.

More in general it is, in my eyes, very fair to say that even among the baptised Catholics not all generations have the same amount of Reprobates. How can anyone with some logic think that Satan will have the same harvest from the baptised Catholics born in, say, 1910, 1950 and 1990? If this were the case, it would make no difference – and it would make, in the end, utterly irrelevant – if a generation has good priests and strong faith, or not. No. In the average, is stands to reason that the one born in 1910 is much more likely to have a healthy fear of the Lord than the one born in 1940, and the one born in 1940 is more likely to be at least disgusted by sexual perversion, and possibly fully aware of how sodomy offends God, than the one born in 1970 by people who, even if they still had their children baptised, did not care a straw for anything else than their own, extremely convenient moral compass. Following the same logic, it is not surprising at all that many of the children born in 2010 are not baptised at all.

We live, very clearly, in a generation of Reprobates; now arrived at the adult stage of their existence and thinking and acting like perfect heathens, feeling – probably, more than the heathens of pre-Christian times did – perfectly fine with themselves in the process.

No generation of evil people was so sanctimoniously persuaded of their own saintliness than this one; very probably, not even the Sodomites themselves. This, if nothing else, gives you the scale of the horrible tragedy that is unraveling under our very eyes.

A reckless generation chose abortion and mass contraception. In time, God sent them what their abortion and contraception were calling for: an enormous mass of reprobates as children, who then paved the way for even worse evil, and even worse suffering in hell, for the generation after them. This vicious circle will go on until the Lord, in His Mercy and Justice, decides that the wicked have been punished enough and, from another point of view, enough wicked have been punished. At that point, sanity will be restored and the newly sent Elect will take care that things are put right.

No generation was, of course, exempt from sin. But I fail to detect in history another example of such a mass abandonment of a Christian Truth already revealed. What we are living is, compared to the French or the October Revolution, less cruent in blood shed, but so much vaster in scale. It is as if the Lord had decided that if the Christian West wants to nuke itself, it should be allowed to do so and enjoy the nuclear fallout to the end.

We have to live in the age of the nuclear self-destruction of the very soul of the Western world, and will have to go through the fallout as long as the Lord in His Mercy decides we should do do. But at some point, we will be called, and sorted among the many Reprobates or the, most certainly, much smaller number of the Elect.

Let us work every day, in the middle of this nuclear wasteland, so that, when our day comes, we are called among the second.

Confutatis maledictis, flammis acribus addictis, voca me cum benedictis.








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  1. My hope is that many people we would deem as reprobate are really just utterly clueless sheep following along blindly after the other stupid sheep. The people who were supposed to form them i.e. the clergy, Church leaders etc. betrayed, abandoned and abused them. We do live in incredible times: poison is in everything i.e. the Church, the media, the schools, government, even our food, medicine and water here in the US. The onslaught is ubiquitous. The enemy is in full attack as in no other time in history. God bless~

    • I think this is more than a tad too easy.
      Jesus did not put it that way.
      Whilst we can hope that the Holy Ghost will work to move many to repentance, it must be clear that at this level of depravation there can be no excuse.

      The people of Sodom had exactly 0 Catholic priests to teach them.
      They were barbecued like it’s the Fourth of July.


  2. Excellent post, sir, and a challenge on which to reflect constantly. Writing of “going through the fallout” and “nuclear wastelands”, you will probably have noted Cardinal Dolan’s Facebook post to his faithful last Friday. Jane

  3. Well said. Awesome. You make a lot senses. Seems like it goes like this:
    Our previous generation of reprobates built the A bomb and our present generation of reprobates detonates it. The nuclear fallout of the Sodom explosion, I’m afraid will be a “Aids plaque” darken the whole universe. Satan, “father of lie” will betray and push them, all sodomites to the verge of self-destruction. Better ask Holy Spirit for the gift of “Fear of the Lord” so we can strongly desire not to commit sins offending Him. Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi, miserere nobis.

    • The point, though, is that this will involve many, many more than the limited number of sodomites. I think it was clear enough from your comment, but just to be sure…

  4. I don’t think anyone gets off any hook here. Each and every person on the earth gets up each morning and makes the choice to follow what God has revealed to him, or not to follow it. He, in His mercy, gives each one the means for salvation – not the same means for everyone, but enough for each. We make the choice. No excuses.

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