Wherein M almost agrees with F

Hafez al -Hassad. We need SOB like him.

Pope Francis has given the usual third-worldist interview, criticising the West for trying to “impose” their own model to “different cultures”. Again, third-worldist fluff, and therefore no link. It is also unconscionable that after the West tries to bring a modicum of civilisation to savage Mohammedans, with abundant loss of life and money in the process, this is seen as bad, rather than a good intent almost bordering on philanthropy.

But in the end analysis, M must say he agrees with F.

Enough with trying to civilise the uncivil. Muslims don't “do” democracy. With them, every attempt to create a prosperous democracy ends up producing a bloody, savage fundamentalist regime.

Therefore, M agrees with F that this waste of lives and resources has to stop.

Bomb the hell out of the savages until you get your own son of a bitch in power. Then say to the man that he will have money and power until he complies with the minimum requirements: allow the Christians to live in peace and security, and kill enough savages to keep the others quiet; and tell him also that he will most assuredly die and be replaced by the next SOB – eager to have the money, the power, and the women, and ready to do what it takes to keep all of it – if he doesn't. Very efficient, fairly cheap, and undoubtedly culturally sensitive.

Violence is a language savages understand very well. Saddam remained in power a quarter of a century with it. Hey, he gassed a couple of hundred thousand, I am told; but it wasn't this that put an end to his regime. Actually, the savages got the message loud and clear, then they “do” genocide like no other, and react to it with a meekness unknown when dealing with civilised Europeans. Besides, Francis would not want us to interfere with typical Arab ruler/subject interaction, would he now?

No, F is right here. We have been too good. We have put too much hope in the intrinsic goodness of people, forgetting that their religion is so evil that it does not allow whatever goodness is there to develop. Enough with trying to civilise the savage. Install a bastard able and willing to keep them under his heel. This is the cultural interaction they understand, and to which they respond. Not for us to civilise them. Not for us to have “human rights” problems they do not have themselves. Not for us to tell SOB how to keep his savages in check. He knows better, for sure.

Putin, smart as ever, understands this. He understands the need to support a local bitch, who will know how to deal with the mob. No, he won't be gentle. But hey, different cultures, and all that.

In the end… who are we to judge?



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  1. Are you suggesting Mundabor that kissing Muslim’s feet and treating them in a Christian way is not the way to peace?

    • Ha!
      Yes and no. “Christian way” is converting them. The Evil Clown thinks letting them in is the “Christian way”. Evil idiot.

  2. Yes. Either we leave them to their own misery, firmly supporting strongmen willing to deal, or we make Christendom great again by retaking the ancient Christian strongholds of the East.

    With political will for the latter undertaking obviously lacking in the modern West, we will have to settle for the first.

    But “spreading democracy” is not worth the sacrifice of even one European soldier. It is merely one system among many, not intrinsically evil, but also not intrinsically good.

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