Words Win (Culture) Wars

Self-mutilated, insane Trannie freak show.

The Libtard fights your morals and Christian identity by criminalising the way you express them. From “microaggression” to “hate”, he will dissect every word you say until you learn to either shut your mouth, or only open it in a way that is convenient to him.

The worst of this is: the more you comply, the more you get cornered and silenced; one “microaggression” after the other. And as you express your ideology less and less, every word that expresses it becomes more “extremist”, and Christian morality becomes “hate”.

Conservatives have been very bad at this game. Pathological “nice guys” fighting against the shameless bastards of Sixty-Eighter sluts, they have given away the battleground.

They stopped saying “fag”, and started to say “gay”; because it should not be thought they were unkind. They stopped saying slut, dyke, whore, bastard, pervert, adulterer, because they were told calling things with their name is uncharitable. They modified, watered down, and even adulterated their own language in countless ways to please a far more aggressive enemy.

As it always happens, a changing vocabulary changed the perceptions, and with it the morals, of entire Countries.

If being a bastard isn't a source of shame, why would it be a source of shame to give birth to one?

If being a slut is something we should not “judge”, will there be more or less sluts around?

If being a heretic isn't so terribly bad, how can heresy be so terribly wrong?

If public adultery is not publicly stigmatised, how long will it be before we are told they should be admitted to receive communion?


Words make minds. Language shapes culture. You re-appropriate your traditional heritage by claiming your right to harsh words in order to describe harsh facts.

Let, therefore, your words resound in a very clear manner. Protect your right to be truthful, lest truthfulness be one day outlawed in the name of liberal ideology. Call a fag a fag, a bastard a bastard, a heretic a heretic, and a whore a whore.

Public stigma works. Our forefathers knew it. But then again they were too smart to believe in effeminate “niceness”.




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  1. Mundabor,
    I attempted this argument on progressives – on “progress” from no stigma through no responsibility, no shame, to approval and finally and inevitably – to celebration (including denial of reality, copulation in the streets, deliberate demoralization of children, and criminalization of sanity). just the other day, and to no good effect. Yet it means a lot that you speak about. It is really difficult to live in an idiocracy, when one is not an idiot.
    I told them what they were – but only after they provided proof I would rather not have, and that didn’t go well. How backward, un-Christian like! And who am I to judge anything! – It all seems so hopeless,

    Of course, when you tell idiots to read up on their Critical Theory, to explore the socio-engineering method applied to them, they are all united-busy with some idiocy or other.

    • Oh, but you have tried. They can’t say they weren’t offered the nourishment they have refused.
      However, the most important thing was to *refuse to accept their language*. When we have more un-PC language around, things will start to change.

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