Meet Father Lombardi, The Plate Licker


This Lombard will not go to any crusade.

“I remember him with esteem and in friendship.  I think he has left a human and spiritual legacy of some significance;  candid relations, free expression and generous civic and political commitment towards others, especially for the weak in need of solidarity” said the Pope’s spokesman, Father Federico Lombardi. “Pannella was a person with whom, in the past, we were often in disagreement. However, his complete, disinterested commitment to noble causes cannot but be appreciated.” 

These are the words Father Lombardi, not coincidentally a Jesuit, found for the man responsible for all kind of abominations, from the killing of countless unborn babies to public adultery to legalisation of drug use to, even, sexual perversion.

One polite way to call such a man in Italy is leccapiatti (plate licker). This is complete, abject submission to the world’s false values.

Note the inversion of logical thinking here. Pannella’s satanic thinking and decades-long acting is downgraded to “disagreement”; what really counts in appraising the man is the fact he wanting to do something for jail inmates. Unsurprisingly, he loved Pope Francis. Well, this is certainly not news, but rather to be expected. The two are, clearly, birds of a feather. Father Lombardi licks the world’s plates as he licks his boss’ ones. Complete, abject surrender to the world. Disgusting. 

One does not demand that Father Lombardi uses his press conference for a strong tirade against the perverted man. His diplomatic role probably prevents him from this. But once he expresses (of his own volition, or because asked) his own opinion about the dead bastard, as a Catholic and a darn priest he should feel the need to express words of warning for the fact that such a man has now met his Maker, and the encounter must have been a frightful one. 

This isn’t simple dereliction of duty. This is praise of the satanic enemy, and therefore indirect but very clear help given to the Enemy. 

“For the zeal of thine house hath eaten me up; and the reproaches of them that reproached thee are fallen upon me”, stays in Psalm 69. Exactly the contrary is the case for Father Lombardi. Pannella insults the Church all his life in deed and words, and Lombardi is so appreciative of him. He, Lombardi, will get no reproaches. 


I am sure the Angels in heaven looked on Father Lombardi. It is enough to keep my adrenaline below danger level. 

I suspect Father Lombardi and Marco Pannella will (how shall I put it…) meet again one day.





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  1. Hans Kissinger, another example of a “diplomat”, admires Chairman Mao, Barry Soetoro – Che Guevara, and Jorge Bergoglio the Bishop of Rome, when talking about respect for China, makes sure the interlocutor knows, that when he spoke the word “respect”, it was with a capital R (no matter Cardinal Zen is whining about persecution). Sodomites love opera. Hitler loved flowers and dogs, and paedophiles are connoisseurs of children.

    We always stress the the positives first, so teaches modern psychology. Not that abortion or sodomy are not sure accomplishments of human progress.

    Am I exaggerating, Mundabor? – I wish I were! I know you are not offended by truth. A diplomat such as “Father” Lombardi (or his bos) would not hesitate to stress the excellent qualities of Judas or of those good brave public servants, who crucified a judgemental simpleton – Jesus of Nazareth.

  2. I forgot to add – is there any thinking person out there, who still doesn’t see that good has now been deconstructed (in enlightened correspondence to realities of modernity) to mean evil, and evil has been elevated to the status of good? Old virtue has been “evolved” to mean depravity and hate, and depravity has become – love!
    Take in this much celebrated “language event” in all its glory, Ladies and Gentlemen.

  3. Wikipedia says: “Henry Alfred Kissinger born Heinz Alfred Kissinger”. I used Hans for Heinz.

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