“Maybe Even A Little Stupid”: The Mainstream Press Wakes Up To The Reality Of Francis

After Fox News asked the Evil Clown to resign, another brilliant article was published by “The Week”. Title: “Forgive Pope Francis for his sins against reason”.

Oh dear, oh dear…

I remember only two/three years ago, when Francis said pretty much the same stupid things (the Angry Blessed Virgin, the Non-multiplication of the fish and loaves, God who can only slap us on the wrist, the non-Catholic God, proselytism is nonsense… the list is endless….) and he was considered a great communicator. Other considered him, even, an Evil Genius, cunningly subverting the Church in subtle ways.

Only a few bloggers, among which yours truly was perhaps one of the most vocal, dared to say what appeared evident already: the man has nothing genial in him, though he certainly has a lot of evil in him. He is just plain stupid, and just plain ignorant. He is embarrassing to everyone but himself, because he is too stupid and too ignorant to even see how embarrassing he is. His talking and thinking never showed more depth than your average semi-illiterate peasant who thinks himself smart, wants to remake the world and is the joke of the village. Only, this particular semi-illiterate peasant saw himself propelled – by a mixture of circumstances, certainly driven by God’s desire to allow us to be punished for our lack of faith and obedience – to a position light years above his legitimate pay grade.

I am sure many journalists saw this all right, and quite fast. But it was difficult, then, to say that the Great Wheelchair Hugger truly walks, swims and quacks like a very stupid duck. It would also have disturbed the narrative of “novelty” and “tolerance” and “reform”, which surely helped to sell.

Today it’s different, though. Why is that? If you ask me, largely because the faithful Catholics have shouted their criticism for very long, and the world has started to notice. At some point the narrative of the “oh so popular Pontiff” was untenable: too many were noticing the Pope was popular only among the wrong crowds, and the Catholic world was completely dominated by critics of various kind. When it’s clear enough that the Pope is very unpopular among his own people, the narrative has to crumble. As, by the way, yours truly consistently predicted it would happen.

“Maybe even a little stupid”.

How many mainstream outlet would have expressed themselves in this way about Francis in 2013 or 2014? Is the “red nose Pope”, the “selfie Pope”, the “thumb up Pope”, the “who am I to judge” Pope much less stupid? Not really. The cretin was there pretty much from the start, for everyone to see.

It wasn’t fashionable to say it then. It is becoming pretty fashionable to say it now.



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  1. I’ve been impressed by how well Bp Fellay’s interview in April of 2013 has held up over the next three years. He does not quite come out and say that the Pope is stupid. Rather he says he is a man of action, that his statements are confusing and apparently contradictory, etc. Instead of calling him stupid and ignorant, he describes what the sayings of stupid and ignorant people are like: incoherent, hazy, and apparently at odds with reality.

  2. You are to be commended for your courage of being one of the first (maybe the first) to say it like it is. Now that the mainstream press is gets it we have to wonder how long before the embarrassment of it all (not his evil doings) finally gets to the Cardinals.

    • Yep.
      All those who were accusing me of being “inflammatory” must now see how my language is becoming mainstream, and published for the mass readership.
      Nor has Francis done much worse in 2016 than in 2013. It’s rather that more people wake up.
      Remember, folks: you read it here first! 😉

  3. yes, mr. mundabor!

    You were on to him from the very beginning!!

    Kudos to you.

  4. The beach ball Pope, the hammer and sickle caressing Pope, the pry apart altar boy’s praying hands Pope, the transvestite/transsexual entertaining Pope, the “just a little bread and wine” Pope, the “I was tricked”, said Mary, Pope, the “Jesus had to apologise” for being about His Father’s Business Pope, the former student sodomite and his boyfriend hugging and kissing Pope, the Kim Davis visit denying Pope, the prying the rosary from a dead priest’s hand Pope, the refuse to kneel in front of the Blessed Sacrament, but will bow before a Jordanian (?) queen Pope, the lied to his mother Pope, the Ricca shielding Pope, the Tradtionalist persecuting Pope…

  5. I started reading traditional Catholic blogs two years ago in an effort to figure out what was wrong with Francis. In that time, the tone of the bloggers and commenters has gone from polite questioning, to being dazed and confused by his words and actions, to full-out anger and feelings of betrayal over his daily attacks to the Church and his insults to the faithful. It’s causing some people to unleash their inner Mundabor! I’m hearing that the neo-Catholic blogs are still toeing the party line. It makes me wonder if they are in reality paid propaganda operations through an intermediary by the Vatican. But it’s heartening to know that even some mainstream media writers are becoming aware of the dire situation in the Church.

    These are abnormal times because we have an abnormal pope, and I think you have to use strong language to get people to wake up. I believe God has given you the gifts of discernment and the ability to communicate it in your writing. It must be time-consuming, but your efforts are very much appreciated by us readers!

    • I am an emotional Italian. I have seen all my life how emotions allow people to change their minds faster than polite reasoning. Polite reasoning does not lead you anywhere, if there is an emotional barrier to be overcome first. Polite reasoning is good for discussions of technical nature. But in order to get through the wall of fluff erected by the V II nuChurch and force your average chap to really look at reality a more robust tone is required.

  6. Your just indignation throwing at evil clown finally triggered the evil media which has started to disclose or exposed this Machiavellian. You get credit for that M. Keep attacking with full power until he resigns. Thanks for not being a “pussy cat.”

    • Oh, I am certainly not nearly as important or influential as that. But those among us who say it like it is end up, all together and in time, being noticed…

  7. He is just plain stupid, and just plain ignorant. He is embarrassing to everyone but himself, because he is too stupid and too ignorant to even see how embarrassing he is. His talking and thinking never showed more depth than your average semi-illiterate peasant who thinks himself smart, wants to remake the world and is the joke of the village.

    And what of the people who elected him, the College of Cardinals? If any other of their number had been elected, would anything be any different — even factoring in the Jesuit Order’s spiritual and intellectual decrepancy?

    People can talk about Daneels and “Team Bergoglio” all they want. But Francis is not sui generis, and we would be lying to ourselves if we thought so. Remember, the head of any organization reflects the fundamental attitudes and values of that organization’s leadership cadre. That is truly scary when one considers that in the Catholic Church, the College of Cardinals is that cadre.

    • Personally I keep thinking that Francis is exceptionally bad, and many other candidates would have given us a Ratzinger 2.0, but never a Bergoglio.
      People aren’t all equal. Some are much worse than others.

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