Medjugorje And No End Of Deception, Opportunism And Confusion

Regina Caeli, Ora pro nobis



The news is everywhere so I am sure you will be able to find the links yourselves: the Medjugorje commission has given the most ambiguous, non-answering answer to the scam of Medjugorje, and the CDF has countered with its own, far more critical document.

Alas, the Church of V II appears to have only one commandment: Thou Shall Not Offend.

The commission bent over backward in the most extraordinary way, dividing the apparitions in two groups: the first set of “unannounced” alleged apparitions and the industry of the thousand of alleged apparitions afterwards. In the first case, the majority (but not all, as Church Militant tell us it’s necessary) of the members consider the apparitions supernatural. There is no conclusion of constat de supernaturalitate, because – again, according to what CM reports – for that unanimity would be required. Therefore, even the first apparitions do not pass the test.

The second set is destroyed as expected, though even in this case our heroes stop short of issuing a constat de non supernaturalitate. Rather, it seems to me the conclusion is non constat de supernaturalitate, but I will have to read more in detail.

In a third stunning turn of event, it is proposed to examine the possibility of making of the place a sanctuary, under control of the Vatican, because Medjugorje would encourage “spirituality” and blabla. Apart from the obvious rebellion of following a fake Blessed Virgin who says uncatholic things against the open condemnation of two bishops, with this train of thought the Church should establish Lutheran sanctuaries in all important places of Lutheranism (Erfurt, Wartburg, Worms, the lot) as there is no doubt Lutheranism has produced many very pious men and women.

The entire document is an exercise in absurdity: it implies the possibility that people may 1) see the Blessed Virgin and 2) subsequently be deceived by the devil, or by their own stupidity, or by greed, or by vain glory. This is too stupid for words: any real apparition of the Blessed Virgin must be a transformative experience, it being inconceivable that the Blessed Virgin would appear to people of which she must know they will seed heresy and confusion afterwards. “Let’s appear to these people”, this fantasy blessed virgin would think. “They will exploit me for decades afterwards and deceive countless people, but hey, it’s on them…” . Do the bishops not see how insulting and utterly stupid this is?

These obvious truths seem to escape most of the bishops in the commission, but they actually don’t. What is happening here is a shameless attempt to find something good in a scam, because an awful lot of people who deem themselves spiritual happen to believe in it.

Don’t insult your intelligence thinking that these bishops have been deceived. They are, as they always do, going with the flow, and are avoiding to rock a boat that would cause cries of indignation from a multitude of dumb fanatics in great need of a doctor and a reality check. Heck, Medjugorje is too stupid even for Pope Francis, what else do you need to persuade yourself of its absurdity!

What the bishops want to do is, in the best case, to embrace the crap, put it under the church’s umbrella and let it slowly die of neglect and starvation and, in the worst case, to ride this easy wave of “spirituality”. This is wrong and cowardly. Deception must be denounced as such, instead of allowing countless souls to keep deceiving themselves.

A sanctuary for an apparition which is not acknowledged is truly too absurd even for this pontificate.

Then you can just as well made a sanctuary of both the Santiago Bernabeu and the Juventus stadium because millions of football enthusiasts are praying for Real Madrid’s or Juventus’ victory in the Champions League’s final. Really, the level of cowardice in front of every group of organised lunatics has reached levels unthinkable only some years before.

But then again no cardinals and only one bishop have spoken against Amoris Laetitia, so this is par for the course.







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  1. The truth is again concealed at the cost of Church credibility. Fatuity has replaced faith.

  2. Weren’t there four cardinals who submitted dubia on AL ?

    • Yeah, I have heard of them.
      It appears they were preparing to do something about the Pope’s heresies.
      Unfortunately, nothing became of it.

  3. What Micheal said. This is a distraction in a time when the laws are being weaponized against the faithful.

    May theleadership Roman church discover the faith again (I know there are the faithful at the altar and the pew) and remember they have a spine and balls.

    • I doubt they have them in the first place.
      If you ask me, these here were born without either.

      P.s. “may the leadership of the Only Church” .
      There. I have fixed it for you.

  4. Mundabor, I think you have missed the point. That the medjugorje apparition is false but true at the same time in so far as some good has come out of it is perfectly true for the powers that be in the Vatican(who could really care less about medjugorje, except to say true is false and false is true…2 plus 2 equals five right?) What is important here is that a Church approved apparition….say Fatima is still true but maybe false as well…certainly owing to human weakness and sin it must at least be reinterpreted by someone like pope francis so that we may understand it to be really true and ever so false, not withstanding the tremendous good it has done…see 2 plus 2 really does equal 5 or any other total “the god of surprises” proposes to us by way of francis’s mind. All should be clear….right?

  5. Might there be a showdown between the real Fatima and this thing, pretending to be a continuation of Fatima? Medj. is tailor made for the conciliar crowd which Fatima most likely warned of us.

  6. sixlittlerabbits

    The Tenth Crusade blog states that Medjugorje is a “cash cow” and the commission has proposed turning the church there into a Papal basilica, so Rome can see monies from the faithful are correctly received and processed.

    If this is so, then the Vatican Commission is not merely trying not to offend, but wants a cut of the money and does not want to kill the goose that keeps laying the golden egg.

    • I am sure there is money there, but the Church is extremely rich as she can mobilise any amount of money in no time. I doubt the motivation is financial.

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