The Religion Of Peace And The Smiling Policeman.



You see them at trains stations, or in shopping malls, or near tourist destinations. Armed policemen. This is historically unusual in a Country like England, where the policeman is often unarmed. But these ones sport not only pistols, but short-ish guns looking like rifles or carbines to me.

The weapons look the part, though the policemen don’t.  They smile at children, make an effort to be extra friendly, and generally endeavour to look non-threatening to the populace. But the message is clear: I want you to feel reassured by my smiling, armed presence.

I wonder.

Your typical UK terrorist would likely not try to go on a shooting spree. Too risky to get the weapons and to provide for the necessary training (whatever they told you in the movies, shooting people ain’t so easy). Rather, they would use devices like trucks, cars, or bomb vests. No training needed, and the results are pretty much assured. Not much a rifle can do against it, either. It will stop the terrorist at some point, but only when said terrorist has mowed down a dozen or three according to the distance of the friendly policeman. As to the self-exploding bastards: when they’re up in the air, that’s it.  

Yours truly observes the smiling, rifle-carrying policemen and cannot avoid two considerations: 

  1. Either it is useful to have a gun or it isn’t. If it is useful I, as a law-abiding citizen, want to be free to carry one. If it isn’t useful, then the police should wear smiles instead of rifles. But you see, they do carry the rifles. It works, then. 
  2. The willed, planned immigration of millions with a different religion from our own has caused this. This immigration was pushed by largely Labour governments, and by weak and stupid Tory Governments, in the Fifties to Seventies. It is clear that the aim was to de-Christianise England. Have an awful lot of Hindus, Sikh and Muslims coming in and at some point Christianity will cease to be the defining moral system of the Country, and the Religion Of Man will take its place. It worked, though I must say the so-called Church of England and our very own priests have helped a lot. But it also means to import the problems always linked to importing Muslims. Then where there are many Muslims you know trouble can’t be far away. 

And this is where we are now, with smiling policemen sporting pistols and rifles I am not allowed to carry; because I cannot save my life on my own, you see, the job being forcibly contracted to a friendly professional who will likely arrive there to protect me after I am dead. 

This Country is braced for a good dose of religion of peace. But it is a strong Country, and it will react at some point.

As to the Germans, God save them; though clearly they don’t deserve it in the least. 




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  1. We should consider Islam more dangerous than Communism and take the necessary measures to eradicate it.

  2. johnfkennedy63

    “But it is a strong Country, and it will react at some point.”

    I don’t think that it will react in a manner we would like. The election of current Mayor of London, a Muslim (and the former one, a Communist) is a prime example of the problem. In the major cities, it is already too late. As you know, the English population in those places are not the majority, the non-Europeans, non-Christians are in control. You saw it in the Brexit vote too. The cities voted to stay in the EU and the country voted to be English.

    The UK is not alone with this problem. ALL of the other continental Capitols and large cities are suffering the same fate. Last year, I read several accounts of American tourists visiting London and Paris and being surprised by the lack of English and French in those cities.

    • Don’t confuse Lindon with Brexit. London is a bastard excrescence in the middle of a Country more Conservative than most think.

  3. ~As to the Germans, God save them; though clearly they don’t deserve it in the least.

    Well aren’t you just peachy.

    • Not wishing, mind.
      Just stating a fact.

      I suggest Germans like you (judging from your Moniker) see where this is going and contribute to the spreading of sanity before Berlin is a heap of ashes again.

  4. How is an armed policeman a deterrent to a suicide bomber ?

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