The Quest For Irrelevance

The ridiculous Mickey Mouse outfit calling itself the Church of Englang has now decided their Mickey Mouse priests can celebrate their Mickey Mouse services wearing appropriate casual dress. This is, obviously, to make the Mickey Mouse outfit “relevant”.

I will leave aside the irrelevance of the Anglican liturgy in itself as this is not what interests me. What is important here is that this senseless chase for “relevance” makes the Mickey Mouse outfit even more irrelevant. The desire of these people to be like the world is the best indication that the world does not need them. They are like a chameleon wishing not to be perceived as in contrast with his environment, and then surprised that he is not seen at all.

The Mickey Mouse sect is, basically, proclaiming she is surplus to requirement in the very wordly, earthly society she wants to be part of. A special role has always be denoted and underlined by a special dress. Ditching the latter is renouncing the former.

The Mickey Mouse personnel is probably not fazed by this at all. Their churches are shockingly empty anyway, and as long as they get paid by the extensive patrimony of the organisation they do not feel they should have any concern. Most of them clearly see themselves as no more than social justice and motivational speakers, hoping to keep the dozen or two people they see every week entertained.

You can do that in jeans and trainers, too.

Die soon, Mickey Mouse so-called Church of England. Your death will not even be noticed as your Mickey Mouse pastors have long become unrecognisable as such.

You will not be missed.


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  1. The C of E has done some good in the country. They are maintaining the churches which they obtained from us owing to the work of Henry VIII and his daughter Elizabeth I. Those churches and cathedrals are a very lovely memento of the days when England was The Dowry of Mary.

  2. And one day, John, unless some drastic corrective measures are taken, all those lovely churches will be mosques. Lord, save us!

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