Old Crooked Dyke Wants To Become A Methodist Preacher. Methodists Very Excited.

I'm still laughing....

Breitbart has the news and I had to make a very fast mental check to be sure this is not an April's Fish: Hillary Clinton is allegedly thinking of becoming a Methodist preacher, which excites some members of the sect.

In favour of abortion and sexual perversion, with huge questions about her personal integrity, a half drunkard and a part time lesbian herself, the woman is, in fact, a very likely Methodist preacher. I am not surprised at all that some would like her for the job. However, she might have been drunk. You never know.

But this story also tells us something more about her: that her desire of an audience and of public approval does not know boundaries, and needs to find an outlet after the brutal end of her presidential dreams, shattered in a night of drunken violence and recrimination as the glass ceiling of the Javits Center remained very firmly in its place.

Poor Hillary: after managing to lose against a candidate most of her friends and supporters considered too weak and ridiculous to even be taken seriously, the only thing left to her would actually be to pray. Only, I doubt Methidists even do such a thing.

In the meantime, Trump does not think of becoming a preacher at all, being too busy with making America great again.

Boy, what a great grace to be allowed to see Hillary in meltdown mode as we witness the return of Sanity.



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  1. Back to feminism. Imagine all the Lefty propaganda she could sling around with a white collar and a pulpit.

  2. “shattered in a night of drunken violence and recrimination as the glass ceiling of the Javits Center remained very firmly in its place.” Bravo Mundy! Spat the coffee out upon reading this.

  3. Degenerate preachers used to hide degeneracy, the hypocrites. Now they preach degeneracy to standing ovations. While before they did not believe in an omnipresent God, they feared the present judgment of the still somewhat rational and honest providers of funding. Now, with proper social engineering in place of the outdated Word of God, there is no evil the funders will not applaud, and the only degeneracy remaining is a sound mind and conscience. When the promise is prosperity now and heaven for ever, it does seem like a sound investment.

    You may be more fortunate, Mundabor, but I – I meet many dumb people. I knock and knock, but there is such emptiness inside, such blank stares, I can not be optimistic.

  4. This will not happen. No church will be able to afford her 400K speaking fee.

  5. Take her in Methodist church will be empty, an exodus to Catholicism like Episcopal church. Only Hell king welcomes her.

  6. Frankly, I don’t believe this to be true. I think Hillary’s public self-speculation about being a preacher is a deliberate misdirection away from her real goal: Attaining the presidency after Trump’s and Pence’s impeachment. In any event, it certainly keeps her in the limelight, which is her short-term goal.

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