Francis Failed Because He Is Stupid

Pope Francis is here seen having lunch.

Now four and a half years in his Pontificate, Pope Francis has irreparably ruined his reputation and legacy, sinking in a pit of moral relativism, outright assorted heresies and social activism with a strong Communist streak from which he will never be able to emerge. You see this, well, everywhere, with only the usual suspects still cheerleading for a man who is becoming more embarrassing by the day.

The Correction, if seriously made, would have nuked this papacy. But even without it the failure is staggering. If even three years ago you would find a minority of voices criticising Francis, the Catholic Resistance movement has now become so massive that even the notoriously lethargic and disconnected FrancisChurch PR machinery acknowledges, in so many words, that they have lost the war for the hearts and minds of the average Catholic. What they have is the adulterers, the homosexuals, the atheists, the leftists of all sorts, and some Muslims.

On noticing that the message was causing widespread resistance, a smarter guy would have toned down the rhetoric a lot, being content to only disseminate an error here and there amidst many episodes of orthodoxy.

Francis is, sadly for him and luckily for us, not a smart guy. He is stubborn, petty, childish and, most of all, stupid. Therefore, as he saw his Pontificate deflate like a soufflé gone wrong he did not put his foot on the brake, but on the gas pedal, showing the typical attitude of the three-years-old who wants to impose new ball game rules on his companions because he has the ball.

Interview followed interview. Outrage followed outrage. Insult followed insult. Heresy followed heresy. As Francis saw his initial patrimony of good will evaporate he reacted like an idiotic child would: more logorrhoea, more outrage, more insults, more heresy.

Well done, Evil Clown! You have managed to let even the slow-witted understand what an enemy of Christ you are.

I am afraid we might not be so happy with the next V II job holder. But one can always hope that after this unmitigated disaster the Cardinals will be inspired to go with a safer pair of hand; and, by God's grace and a bit of conversion, this one might prove a pleasant surprise in the end.



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  1. When all else fails, they will go with Tradition.

    And all else is not only coming to an end, but it did not age well…

  2. Yes. Yes he is stupid. And venal.

  3. I wish I had your optimism. I also don’t know if he is stupid, he may just be feeling quite confident there is none to oppose him, and he has nothing to fear from us. Whether we attend or do not attend Holy Mass, or think well or ill of him, it is nothing to him. He holds all the earthly cards and he knows it. His machine is obviously huge, they have frightened into cowardly silence any who would confront him, and most are clamoring to assure all who bother to look that they are in his corner entirely.

    • It must be everyone’s aim to succeed and carry others behind him. particularly for Francis, a man extremely sensitive to adulation. The fact that even mainstream Catholics reject him cannot but be a huge fiasco. he knows it by the way, and is very peeved and angry at the world.
      I would not count on hurricanes and other phenomena as indications of great changes to come. Hurricanes come and go, and some are stronger than others.

  4. I think many pew sitters and prelates, slow-witted or otherwise, will be delighted when he “deep sixes” Humanae Vitae.

    I guess I find it a mystery that you believe there are enough faithful Catholic Cardinals to want something different than Francis. I believe we may be a n store for more of the same, maybe even a Bergoglio on steroids. I’m bracing for married and women priests and rainbow bunting on St Peters.

    • I agree, I see little evidence of mainstream Catholicism rejecting Pope Francis, certainly more questions are being raised, but no revolt. And frankly the vast majority of Catholics attending Mass are loving his liberal approach and salivating at the thought of oh so nasty rigid rules falling by the wayside. There would be cheering from the pews if he decided to abolish sin.

    • We must live in different parts. My impression is most people prefer an embarrassed silence and not having to think that the man is pope.m

  5. This heretical pope has mesmerized a lot of Catholics that he’s himself more a Catholic than any body else, yet he’s never even believed in the personal existence of God. If this evil clown was a real Vicar of Christ he wouldn’t confuse and undermine Jesus’ teachings and Church’s doctrines, implant into our souls doubts, trouble, depravity and no hope; make our hearts vicious and encourage us to commit sin. He get to be evil’s incarnate! Praying that God will put him and his minions away.

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