Wishing For Pope Donald

It has been asked in the comments whether the Papacy will ever recover from the damage Francis inflicted to it. In my eyes, when we have the right Pope the Papacy will recover very, very fast.

People feel the need for a spiritual guide. Not only Catholics, but many Christians around the world yearn for a reassuring figure guiding the, in the end, most reassuringly permanent institution in the world. Imagine a new Pius, or a new Leo, unapologetically doing what a Pope is supposed to do. We would have a Trump-like reaction: the MSM would insult the man every day, and countless millions – possibly billions – of people would emit a big sigh of relief and think to themselves: “finally!”

Also, the Papacy is not simply another political institution. Its foundation in Christ makes it more resilient to the vagaries of time and troubles of the last occupant. Whilst it undoubtedly is a political office, it is first and foremost a religious one. It is like a big statue made of silver, ready to shine again once a good polishing has been applied.

The recovery of the Papacy has never been my concern and, in fact, if it had been I would have never shot at the disgraceful behaviour of Francis the way I did all these years. My concern is, in fact, another: where is the Pius, or the Leo, we need to get out of this? In a world where a wet kitten like Burke is taken as example of orthodoxy and courage, how can the Papacy recover its attractiveness and prestige? A Pope Burke would, as things stand now, merely slow the decline as he is eaten alive by the enemies of Christ because of his sheer lack of testosterone. Benedict 2.0. If we are lucky.

We don't have any use for a Pope Burke. I can't see, in the natural order of things, any hope around me for a Pope Pius or Pope Leo.

I would gladly set for a Pope Donald, one who is tough and always ready for a fight, whatever his private shortcomings.

He would repair a lot of damage, all right.


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  1. I think we should look outside the College of Cardinals for such a Pope, perhaps a bishop or humble priest somewhere.

  2. If you are looking for a Pope Donald the only one that comes to mind is Bishop Williamson of the SSPX. He would blast them all and not blink an eye about it:+) Liked his historical theory presented in this video. Nothing wonky in it. Don’t have to post it if you don’t want to…know your comment space is precious:+) God bless~

  3. I wonder what the average pewsitter or those who followed the Vatican circles thought of Giuseppe Sarto prior to his election? It was a different world then. The very worst of the Italian clergy then was probably more faithful than the average Cardinal today.

    I find it interesting that Pius X didn’t have a doctorate.

  4. not Wuerl, i pray! 😉

  5. We cannot expect a saint with each pope. At this stage, a decent man (like Trump) would be a major improvement!

  6. In my view, there is only one “manly Bishop” who can do that, and it’s Bishop Williamson.
    Girly -as Arnold use as reference while governor of California- Cardinals, Bishops, or Priests we see around today, wouldn’t make the cut.
    May God help us.

  7. In other words, we need a man. We have all forgotten what men look and sound like, we are so accustomed now to Pajama Boy. Our radar for effeminacy is now broken, and I admit that even as part of me wants to chaff against it and deny it. But our Western culture has propelled so many effeminate men in front of us in so many ways, we are all indoctrinated to a degree. And here comes a man’s man, who doesn’t apologize for thinking, talking, and sounding like one, and to the culture, he’s “a brute”. Only he’s not a brute, he’s a man, and he can’t be anything else. Blessedly, he’s a good man, who has a proper sense of goodwill and priorities. He can run the Free World with one hand while he fights off his many, many detractors with the other. The world hates a good man.
    We don’t need a perfect man, we don’t need a saint, although it would be nice. We need a man who loves Jesus Christ and Catholicism. That’s all we need. If we ever got a man who loved Jesus Christ and Catholicism, we’d be all set.
    May God provide one, after He removes the person we have.

  8. Praying that God will use Trump as an infantry for the job of purging the Church. DJT has been starting to drain the Washington swamp which is controlled by Illuminati of NWO. Very soon sodomite network in RCC will be exposed and removed. Deo Gratias.

  9. It is a very important and little-discussed point you make. After Francis, what then? Is there a single cardinal which would do what is needed and declare Francis a heretic? Chilling to think about.

  10. What the Church needs isn’t Pope Donald but Pope George (either as in Patton or as the dragon slayer), or Pope Douglas (as in MacArthur).

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