The Biggest Loser Of Italy’s Elections

The election in Italy have been, if not a real earthquake, a rehearsal for the real thing. The leftist coalition that gave us perversion and euthanasia legislation has been defeated in a humiliating way, and only 3% separates the right coalition from the 40% giving right to an absolute majority. This will not fail to make them bold, as the implicit threat of new elections must be now very scary to everyone else.

Not for many years has the Country been so intolerant of the lies and politically correct madness of the ruling oligarchies. The EU and the Euro are officially in trouble, if not dead yet. Things are going better, slowly.

But it would be wrong to believe that this is the turning of the tide for our Catholic values, and it remains to be seen whether there will be the numbers and the political will to reverse at least the latest stupid legislative measures. I honestly will not hold my breath.

Still, something is changing. One step at a time, a sane desire for old values and the “old religion” might well follow the rejection of the mantras of modern PC thinking (= more Muslims, more globalisation, more Brussels).

In all this, however, an element is impossible to ignore: the Italian voters have shown Pope Francis the longest middle finger he could imagine, the coalition obviously supported by him trounced big time, and voted by non Catholics only.

Matteo Renzi may well be the biggest political loser of this election.

But the biggest loser of them all is a Pope told to take a hike, by Catholic voters, in Italy.


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  1. Italy and the rest of Europe should kick out all the Muslims, the way the Catholic Kings of Spain did 500 years ago. Europe is a Christian continent where Muslims don’t belong. They already have North Africa and the Middle East, which used to be Christian. Now they are taking over Europe through rampant migration. It must end now.

  2. Expect a lot of lashing out at pelagian, gnostic, misanthropic, xenophobic hypocrites in the pews who cant endure the smell of the clandestine sheep!

  3. The news of the Italian election has been rather spotty. Are you saying that Pope Francis actually came out in support of one the parties running??? I missed that.

    • A Pope would not officially do this. What Francis did was to push, in thousand little and less little ways, the left coalition, clearly the ones to whom he felt closest. The U.S. Bishops were also not allowed to officially endorse Hillary, but if was clear enough with whom most of them sided.

  4. M, I realize this is off the subject but could you please post this article I wrote for “The Remnant”? It’s about Mark Shea and his shrill, despicable, abusive rhetoric. Thanks in advance:

  5. johnfkennedy63

    You have a gift in choosing the best photo for a post!

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