Mr Hawking Meets His Maker

I have never been interested in atheists ‘ speculations and researches about the beginning of the world, as all I need to know that is really important concerning this I have been taught as a child. Some others might find the subject interesting. However, as Christians they are also aware that if science wants to persuade you of something contrary to Church teaching it is bogus science.

What I am more concerned for is how Christian the world is and thinks. There is no doubt that Mr Hawking was an enemy of God, and this is what concerns me today.

One’s more or less permanent merits in the field of research utterly pale and disappear completely in comparison to the Last Four Things. It is extremely probable that Mr Hawking carried his enmity with God straight to his grave. If he did so, his life was an utter failure and an infinite tragedy. If he repented in His last moments, his repentance has more value that an entire life collecting scientific prizes and accolades. In both cases, a peasant’s simple faith is infinitely more worthy than the scientific hypotheses of an atheist. The modern world struggles to understand this, because the modern world has lost contact with the ultimate Reality, God, and goes around chasing ghosts.

I have said my eternal rest for the poor bugger; but – bar an exceptional Grace for which there is no sign up to now – there is very little doubt that he is now in hell, surrounded by angry demons as angry at him as he I angry at everyone.

Stephen Hawking’s death should be a cautionary tale. Today, it will become an atheist fest.

I invite all Christian bloggers to consider writing, on this day, about the Four Last Things Mr Hawking has just faced, so that some words of wisdom may counteract the atheist cacophony we will hear today.

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  1. All the more so, since Hawking’s very life and ability to work at all was a miracle in itself. People with his condition almost always die in the their mid-20s.

    The tiny little man
    In the tiny little chair
    With a great big mind
    Created who knows where
    He wrote a little book
    Called The Grand Design
    Which means “to plan” out
    In a human being’s mind
    But if there was no mind
    Or human being around
    Where came the law of gravity
    That keeps us near the ground
    Yes, he is of science
    Will interpret and apply
    “I think therefore…I AM”
    And Yahweh winks His eye!

  3. How many Catholics nowadays can even tell you what the Last Four Things are?

  4. “I have said my eternal rest for the poor bugger…” So have I. Regardless of the damage he has done, one can always hope for the Grace of final repentance. Having said that, I will rejoice in God’s justice.

  5. Marco Pernechele

    Mundabor at his best . Great article . Moving,too ( I’m italian ,so I’m a bit emotional ). Memorable ‘ A peasant’s simple faith…. ‘ and ‘ cautionary tale ‘. Congratulations .

  6. The Lord said the first commandment was the greatest (Luke 12:48). All of the intellectual abilities this man had were given to him by God. However many IQ points he had over the average person only means that he will face a higher standard of judgement. To whom much is given, much shall be required (Matt. 22:38). Additionally, a famous person who avows atheism will cause many more brothers to stumble than an unknown atheist will. But we hope and pray those souls will believe and repent in their last moments of consciousness.

  7. What a waste, all that suffering and none of it apparently offered up.
    May God have mercy on him, especially for the ones he led into atheism who were fooled by someone wise in cosmology and little else.

  8. I forgot to mention, Rosica managed a new low, in his memorial tweet to Hawking. He said “God is surely eager to meet him”, as if God would be enthusiastic about meeting the man who didn’t understand that God Himself created all. As if God would be impressed by Hawking’s personage. I think this underscores in such a vivid way the mentally and spiritually deficient attitude of the men who currently run the church. Have they any faith at all? It does not appear they do.
    And I believe he even said “rest in peace” or some such thing, no mention that as an avowed atheist, Hawking has probably thrust himself into the hell of his choosing, although of course I hope that isn’t so. No mention at all that there is no hope for salvation without repentance of the denial of God. To these destroyers, salvation comes to all, there is no reason they provide to have even the slightest belief in God. As they sing “All are welcome”, this is what they actually believe. No wonder they dismiss the virtues. Who needs virtues? How many will go to hell because these men are diabolical demons who have no faith!

  9. Why is there something instead of nothing? This is the question that Dr. Paul Williams (Emeritus Professor of Indian and Tibetan Philosophy at the University of Bristol in England) posed to himself. Until his retirement in 2011 he was also director for the University’s Centre for Buddhist Studies, and is a former President of the UK Association for Buddhist Studies.
    Dr. Williams was a Buddhist, but he entered the Catholic Church precisely because Buddhism failed to answer this question for him. He wrote a book called “The Unexpected Way” (published in 2002) which details his arguments in favour of becoming a Catholic.
    Buddhists don’t believe in God. It’s irrelevant to the attainment of Nibbana (Nirvana). Why there is something instead of nothing is also irrelevant to a Buddhist. But to a person who is very curious, and certainly to a scientist, this is such a burning question. The more scientists look into the origins of the universe, the more they look into sub-atomic particles, the more baffled and humbled they become (if they are real scientists). Many of them, I suspect, are closet Christians. They won’t admit it to their colleagues for fear of being ostracised.

  10. One of your best, Mundabor. God bless you.

  11. I will enroll Mr Hawkings in the Rorate Caeli purgatorial society. I wonder if he was baptized? The Masses will benefit another soul if Mr Hawking’s is lost.

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