Alfie Is In Heaven, Or: Killing The Sick, The British Way To Health Care.

I was cut off from blogging a few days, and as I am now in a position to do it again I am informed that Alfie Evans has died and is now, a child baptised in the Catholic Faith who died before the age of reason, most assuredly in heaven.

The consolation for the eternal destiny of the little boy must not distract us from the astonishing example of Nazi behaviour we have witnessed in his case: a hospital going to court to fight their way to kill a child entrusted to their care, and a judge siding with them and not allowing the child to be taken care of by other people.

The most creepy episode was – as a knew when cut off from blogging – the extremely creepy announcement of the father to , basically, put an end to the pressure and give up the fight. I initially thought this was a way for the hospital to save face: protesters discamp and Alfie is quietly sent to Italy. But this was obviously not the case, and it chills my blood to think what kind of threats have very probably been directed at the family to force them to give up. I am pretty sure I am not the only one to think that a state where children are killed by their own hospitals has no lack of secret services and investigators ready and willing to find, or amplify, or invent dirt to get rid of an obnoxious father now becoming a nuisance to the NHS killing machine.

As little Alfie enjoys heaven, let us reflect on what kind of “health service” is one that wants you dead. And let us also reflect of how many actors have, in this matter, merited hell.

Listen and learn, America.

This is what socialised “health care” will unavoidably become.


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  1. Our little captain is gone, gone to paradise. How many things will we take away from watching it be done, and watching his father courageously fight for him, only to be beaten into submission by the evil regime and being forced to thank the men murdering his precious boy.
    And now we know just how evil the regime is.
    And now we know even the sight of a baby struggling to live, a father and mother defending their helpless baby, with a slight chance of survival if given modicum care, even the sight of that was insufficient to bring out a full-throated defense of the right of that child to live, the right of his parents to decide his care, and a declaration that the child must be released immediately! NO churchmen said these words, not our horrible “pope” with his half-hearted “defense”, nor any of the other thousands of churchmen who are on the payroll, supposed to be our defenders and spokesmen, but look no longer! If they won’t defend a sweet baby who is being offed by the state ghouls, they certainly will not defend you or me in any way, shape or form! It seems laughable now, that we hoped for it until today.

  2. Does anyone think that if Alfie were a baby born to Royalty, we would even be here talking about this atrocity? Not a single WORD from the Royal Family about the murder of this baby, while at the same time, they have the AUDACITY to flaunt their new little prince to the world. I will never look at them the same way again.

  3. The bastards took him to Room 101

  4. First of all, we know that innocent, sinless Alfie is past any suffering he may have endured from the end of life “care” plan, and is experiencing pure happiness now in Heaven. Secondly, his parents are to be commended for advocating for his life right up to the end. At their young ages, they showed tremendous courage in fighting Britain’s medical and judicial establishments for the right to seek treatment elsewhere for their son.
    IMO the hospital officials gave the parents an ultimatum: either cooperate with us so you can be with Alfie when he dies, or we will kick you out and he will die alone. Then the heartless “doctors” removed the oxygen and hydration of a defenseless little boy. I wonder if they are proud of themselves now.
    Because of the massive publicity in this case, the hospital/state authorities were never going to allow Alfie to travel to Italy and let another country discover their misdiagnosis and maltreatment. This could lead to exposing all the unsavory and unethical practices that go along with socialized medicine. It was never about the best interests of the child. If I write what I feel about the bad actors and their supporters, this already long comment would be longer and probably unprintable.

  5. We escaped ObamaCare which is Socialism on Steroids. Line 40 Government will decide what treatment you will have at end of life” There will be ‘end of life’ counsellors’,,,,,
    well, not trying to sell my website but it’s all there under ‘Obama Care Socialism on Steroids’ It’s what Nancy Pelos wanted us to “:pass and then read” We’d have it if it were not for Trump. It’s not hard to read:

  6. I wrote the following about the health-insurance debate in the United States six years ago. The NHS plays a prominent role in this piece. Not surprisingly, U.S. government officials admire the NHS:

  7. sixlittlerabbits

    Mundabor, there is now “stealth euthanasia” in the United States. Hospice sometimes engages in this practice, overmedicating patients to hasten their demise. It’s a very bad situation.
    The mother of a dying 31-year-old son will never forget how the acting nursing director at the self-declared “compassionate” United Hospice of Rockland residence would not allow her to stay overnight with him.
    The whole “dying” industry is a problem.

  8. Correspondent Christine (above) hits the nail on the head in her second paragraph: only the threat of eviction could have forced Alfie’s father into reading out such a humiliating public statement. In a way, this is more sinister than the euthanasia aspect, since it’s chillingly reminiscent of the ‘confessions’ of guilty in Stalin’s show trials.

    As to the royal new born, perhaps we also might conclude that the class system is alive and well in the old country, and that a couple of the ‘lower orders’ were being punished for their insolence and lack of subservience.

    God save England; we can do no more than pray.

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