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How To Destroy The Priesthood (As Much As You Can)

It will take some time, but it can be done. However, it will require such amount of arrogance and impiousness that I doubt any of my readers would be able to even imagine such a plan.

First, you need to emasculate the priesthood. Make hell a thing of the past, duty and courage old-fashioned habits. Your priests must be peace and love betaboys unwilling to displease anyone, much less accept conflict. The ridicule they will attract will deter many a manly young man from even seeking the priesthood. If any still do, disqualify them as psychologically unfit and keep them out. If many do, repeat hundreds of thousands of times. At some point they will get it.

The new pansy priest will, naturally, attract the fairies. Slowly, they will become more and more, and they will start coopting each other in the seminaries; with the pansies seeing everything but, being pansies, doing nothing.

In time, you will have a huge “paedophile priest scandal” in your hands, as a number of the fairies will either assault pre-puberty boys or sleep with homo boys (statutory rape, and who cares that Tyrone was a 17 1/2, 180 pounds, very horny homo: for the law it is still “child abuse”). This will cause more damage as the priest is now seen as a triple threat: weak, pervert, and dangerous.

After a couple of decades of this multiple attack, the numbers will really start to dwindle and the average age to rise. At this point it will be very useful to have an extremely arrogant, completely shameless and unimpeachably godless heathen as a Pope. He will, as he always does, insult his very own as a bunch of old people, and who cares that he is not a spring chicken himself.

After the humiliation and the insults, and thanks to the help of said godless Pope, it will be the right time to start a new demolition phase: a massive influx of married priests. This will ensure even more decadence as the married pansies now hired will fear their masculine wives way more than a God in Whom they never believed, causing even more disgust among the terrified pewsitter; who then will, in great number, decide that it can’t be a sin to avoid going to a Mass presided by Mr Cuck Francisidiot, basically a bad replica of an Anglican SJW, and to pray at home waiting for sanity to show up again. They will, in fact, sit out the worst phase: the one with Pope Georgina, another Jesuit; the one famous for canonising Liberace, Elton John, and Judas.

The plan will succeed. To a point. Sadly for them, what the godless pansies and fairies don’t know is that the Church is Indefectible, and will survive all of them; triumphing in his heavenly and earthly glory when they are all rotting in hell, and considering the worst of the V II disease a horrible, horrible trial like the Arian heresy, and certainly a worse one, but one out of which the Church emerged triumphant in the end ; and vowing to never forget that the unprecedented crisis was the deserved fruit of unprecedented rebellion.

Still, one must say that the demolition of the priesthood is marching on with great energy and the enemy of the Church will continue to ravage it.

At least, as much as they can.


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