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The Blood Of The Irish Unborn Babies Is On Francis’ And His Clergy’s Hands

The result of the Irish referendum was predictable already, but perhaps it is even more brutal than expected. Only one county against the slaughter of innocent unborn babies, all the others in favour. This Country has already passed so-called same-sex legislation, and it was not realistic to think that if a countries embraces iniquity when it does not alter their personal lives they will do so when it is about having their lives disrupted by, erm, a God-sent human life.

This is, of course, no excuse for the Evil Clown or his clergy. As a whole, and starting from Francis, they have been either silent concerning the Irish referendum, or so tame that it was exactly the same in the end.

Nor am I thinking here only of the pre-ballot day behaviour. The defence of human life must be a constant preoccupation, not an occasional remark. Pope Francis’ pathetic PR stunt about the phone call with the woman thinking of an abortion is not anywhere near actually speaking out clearly and forcefully.

Francis will visit Ireland in a few month. You can bet whatever you want that there will be nothing more than a mild reference to the fact that the Church allows itself to respectfully disagree with the referendum’s outcome, without obviously taking everything from the rights and dignity of women blablah, blah, blah and blah.

Christianity is disappearing from this Continent because the clergy is not interested in keeping it in. This has been happening for 55 years now, and no, the efforts of the likes of John Paul The Not So Great were also way short of the mark, albeit thry appear now gigantic when compared to the deeds of our “no obsesding about abortion” jackass in white.

It is no use keeping the pious illusion that our hierarchy is merely incompetent. It is either cowardly or complicitous. Very often, it is both.

When, in one thousand years, the collapse of Christianity in the XX and XXI Centuries will be examined, there is no chance that anyone will attribute it to a wrong strategy, or to changed external influences. The Church is called to shape external influences and fight them with all her strenght, not simply acquiesce to them and say “hey, it’s the times we live in”. You can win or lose. But you fight the good fight.

Francis has shown once again that, if you asked him, he would tell you that the present times have a major problem:

They are still too Catholic.

I can easily imagine him, one day, as pit neighbour in hell of the Irish Prime Minister, who calls the pro life legislation a shame for the Country. But at least, this evil guy is not the Pope.


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