Daily Archives: May 1, 2018

Dumb And Actually Dumber

I have written several times that Pope Francis is dumb. I mean, really stupid. His recent tweet about “banning all weapons” is the latest example of what happens when you make a stupid man Pope.

The man feels unsafe because there are weapons. The idea that he might feel unsafe because there are unsafe people around does not occur to him. No, it is weapons who, magically, cause the problem.

The irony of this is that this extremely dumb tweet, stupid at any time, looks, if possible, even dumber after the announcement of North Korea’s nuclear disarmament, an event clearly made possible by the massive threat of massive use of a massive, massive, massive amount of weapons.

But really, this is dumb on so many level a kindergarten child sees the stupidity of it. How is the man, or the U.N., or anyone else, react to the fact that some people have arms? Will they send tweets reminding North Korea of how unsure weapons make them?

This man is stupid. And I mean, embarrassingly stupid.

A great grace God has given us in

the middle of our deserved punishment for the rebellion of Vatican II.


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