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The Silence Of The Ass

Today Ireland decides whether to change its Constitution to allow a mother to legally kill her unwanted baby in the womb.

You would think the Pope makes his voice heard.

As I write this, I have not read anything. Certainly nothing that would make real headlines, that would force millions of people to think that even such a Pope is against abortion.

But as we all know, Francis does not want to “obsess” about abortion.

Mind: a couple of days after this referendum is concluded, he will make a low-volume statement against abortion; this will be promptly picked up by all the Pollyannas out there in order to berate us and tell us how evil we are for our unspeakable calumnies of The Spirit’s Chosen One.

Francis will always say what is convenient on the moment, and will always shut up when it’s convenient on the moment. Trifles like integrity, behaving like a Catholic, or even saving face do not interest him. He is the perfect Teflon Jesuit, ready to hate you with a passion for criticising him, but never thinking for a moment of the coming criticism before he behaves like the ass he is. He is like the child constantly provoking the cut and then complaining when he gets scratched.

This shameless duplicity, exhibited day in and day out for everyone to see, used to blind an awful lot of people only three or four years ago, when many refused to believe that a Pope could be such a moral vacuum, and tried to create a halfway decent pope out of casual statements uttering something Catholic here and there. The game has become much more difficult now, and more and more people can see that the Emperor not only has no clothes, but he has little brains and quite the evil mind, too.

And no, you don’t need to be very intelligent in order to be very evil. Stupidity is quite sufficient for the purpose.

Pray for the poor Irish babies.

Not even the Pope, nowadays, defends them.


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